Monday, September 19, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology
Ola's assistant Ben Singleton pours energy drink and punch into the Sweet 16 Ice sculptor designed by Ola for the party.

Sweet 16 reveler Katie and her mom.

Katie and her parents

Mr Couture 2012 Ryan Mitchell and Ola. Mitchell helped co-host the party.

Ola and Singleton

Ola, Katie, Sweet 16 reveler Isabella and Singleton.

DJ Nune (center) with his hypeman (left) and Mitchell. Nune took care of the sounds.

Close to 100 of Katie and Isabella's family and friends came through to wish the two young ladies' a happy 16th b-day.

Ola was all smiles at the turnout.

Katie's mom and relative.

Assistant Megan Burns fills up the ice sculptor with energy drink punch

The crowd

Mitchell hyping the crowd.

Some of the invitees take a pic with OUTCAM

Some invitees take a pic as Ola looked on

Mitchell hypes the crowd as DJ Nune spins the tunes.

Mitchell, singer Fulani and photographer/model Chris Jay

Teens gettin' their party on!

Some of the teens do a group hug.

SLU Care's Gilad Gross and lady

Partiers gettin their Cupid Shuffle on!

Mitchell poses with the Sweet 16 ladies.

Katie gettin her party on with her friends.

Katie requests a song from DJ Nune.

Katie and her celebrators

Ola announcing that it was time to sing Happy B-day to the young ladies in the den area of the venue.

Some of the attendees gettin their eat on

The presents the Sweet 16ers received

Looks like this attendee is gettin an after effect from the energy drink punch. LOL

Katie and Isabella get hugs from their well wishers

Attendees walking in the hallway to the den

Attendees walking to the den

One of the bday cakes in the den

Both cakes

Attendees in the den

Isabella and Katie smile before the OUTCAM

Isabella wipes off something off Katie's face.

Ola asks for attendees to sing happy b-day

The young ladies are feeling the love.

The attendees singing happy bday

Katie and Isabella in their b-day cutting cake pose.

Ola and her assistant cuts the cakes

Cake time!

Some young ladies take a pic with Mitchell

Mitchell talks with an attendee

NOTE. We were very impressed coming to this MTV styles Sweet 16 party. Very well organized by Ola (especially separating the teens from the adults at the bar area where alcohol was served)and from our understanding several parents have asked her to coordinate a b-day for their teens!

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