Monday, September 12, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology

Sports announcer and former Rams player and champ Roland Williams goes over last minute preparations with KFNS radio personality Ashlee Feldmann for the weekly Big Ro Post Game Show radio/podcast on KFNS The Fan Radio and IwatchRadio.

Two of the scheduled guests that day were St Louis native boxing champ/reality show star Ryan The Irish Outlaw Coyne and Moses of Moses Keeps it 100 from IWatch Radio

Some of hundreds who came to the free show

Feldmann directs the crowd on the cue card moments during the show.

At the beginning of the show one of the chefs at The Stadium Club brought out one of Williams' favorite dishes with turkey legs as the main course and talked about it.

Williams was about to dig in! LOL

Meanwhile main guest NFL legend Eric Dickerson (guy with band head) arrived.

To talk about the offensive plays during the Rams v Eagles game (that was held at Edward Jones Dome) with Williams were former Rams player and St Louis native/current resident Brandon Williams and KFNS personality Sarah Bruce.

The Ram Man asks the commentators a question

A long shot of the Q and A moment

During one of the breaks, an Eagles fan asks for a picture with Williams as The Ram Man looks on

For talk on the defensive plays, joining Williams was Moses of Keep it 100 and Coyne.

Next up was a food eating competition and these two guys volunteered to participate. We didnt get what they won but...

Here is what they were about to eat: slabs of roast beef!

This guy was an Eagles fan to the death! LOL

Dickerson prepping to go on air.

Williams, Dickerson and B. Williams take a quick snap shot before returning on air

Dickerson said on air that he was a bit concerend of his attire. He said he didnt get the memo that it was a dressy affair and he came in his pajamas (but he was cool with it). Big Ro then gave him the name"hobo"throughout the interview. Dickerson said the game started well defensively with The Rams , but with the turnovers and mistakes, they couldnt afford to do that with the Eagles. He aslo mentioned that Steven Jackson should have known not to try and do 50 yards at the start which caused his hamstring injury. He also talked about his first game in the NFL playing with the then L.A. Rams (1983) with the New York Giants against Lawrence Taylor and how nervous he was: "I had a good game," he said. " I had 91 yards and it was a good time because we won 13-6). He also talked about the adaptation college players must go through to play in the NFL.

Williams responds to a caller calling in to the show.

STL sports agent Rocky Arceneaux looks on during the show.

The guys eating up the beef and fries. Looks like No 62 has had enough! LOL

Another angle of the crowd

Crowd members looking on during the show

Big Ro, Dickerson and Williams commentating.

Another angle of the show

There's Delux Magazine's Keith Griffin (arms folded) looking on. He was one of the promoters.

The house band Turf Sauce.

NOTE: The Big Ro Show is cast every Sunday after the Rams games at the Stadium Club (except for Sept 18).

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