Monday, June 13, 2011


Photos by Ma'atologySoulition was one of the co-sponsors of deejays Nappy Needles and Alejan's Funkin Right. The two mood makers spun a mix of 90s hip hop soul, house music and African rhythms.

Needles on the two wheels of steel.

Attorney/bodybuilder Mike Walton takes a pic with fitness guru Robin Cason who was celebrating his bday that weekend.

DJ Alejan gettin his mix together. The well traveled dee-jay returned to the STL as a resident dee-jay.

This color coordinated sista was checkin out the scene.

An abstract pic of the crowd

Meanwhile on the other side of Lolas at the Absinthe Bar. DJ Enoch was spinnin old school R&B.

A long shot of the Absinthe Bar

A long shot of the crowd gettin into the groove of Needles and Alejan.

NOTE: The dee-jays were maintaining hard that nite and we celebrated Robin Cason's bday with him as he partied the nite away (as well as fending off ladies from patting his arse in the packed crowd. LOL) drinking his Resling. LOL Spotted there were singer CJ Conrod(who was cuttin a serious rug on the dance floor), poet Starlite, artist manager Reno, and SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier.

Meanwhile we we left to try and hit the debut of The Best Damned Ladies Night Period/Red Light Special at ClubAmnesia a few doors east of Lola's we ran into a TOO MUCH PLAYIN PIC shown below

This guy is piss drunk and passed out and his buddies egged me on to take pic of him as they wait for a taxi for him. LOL

We stopped by Club Amnesia but only got to the front of the door as we saw photography Lawrence Bryant and he told us that he was recently hired with the St. Louis American to do entertainment event pics fro the paper an an ongoing basis as opposed to being a fill in. He also told us he is doing photography full time. Congrats, brotha.

We also spotted a very tall "female" coming out of the club with her girlfriends and we said at ear level;, "Wow she's tall." Well, it dawned on us that she was not a she--biologically and she gave us a strange look as she and her girlfriends walked on by. Oh well. LOL


We checked out some of the return of the weekly music showcase Loop Live which had a special feature , a going away celebration of Rockhouse Entertainment artist/producer Vega.

Below are some of the pics we had taken:

The crowd.

NOTE: We stepped soon after we got there because we had an emergency at the J.O.B. but the Man of the Hour, Vega had yet to show (and it was near 11p) but the energy in the small space was mad crazy. We spotted rapper RCB MC while walking out. We assume he was one of the performers that nite. Big ups to Orlando Watson of Rockhouse for the free entry.

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