Monday, June 20, 2011

OUT 1015--SINGER MARSHA AMBROSIUS visits St. Louis (MAJIC 104.9 and EXO) June 17

Photos by Erica M Brooks (Majic photos) and Ma'atology There's Marsha Ambrosius taking a pic with Majic personality Tammie Holland at a Meet and Greet at the station earlier that day before opening for the R Kelly concert at the Chaifetz later that nite.

Marsha getting interviewed on the Tony Scott Show with namesake host and Holland.

Ambrosius takes a pic with photographer and OUTTOWN contributor Erica M. Brooks.

Majic personality Selena J interviews Ambrosius during the Meet and Greet.

Ambrosius takes a pic with Majic producer Arika Parr.


Ambrosius arrived at Exo Nightclub. She was hosting the debut of Starpower and Close to Famous' new weekly event The Professional. It was also a celebration of artist manager/Starmaker co-creator T Luv's b-day party (pictured in white)

One of the VIPers was Derrty ENT's Brickhouse.

Ambrosius making her presence known in this slinky gray number

Ambrosius shares a conversation with a VIPguest.

On the 1s and 2s was Reminise who played many of the cuts off Ambrosius' Cd., "Late Nights, Early Mornings."

The crowd

Ambrosius enjoyin the atmosphere.

The VIP area (if you look closely you can see music promoter J Ann Smith in the cut).

AI Brown (left) got the crowd hyped until Ambrosius arrived.

T Luv makin sure the VIP area was stocked and set.

Ambrosius got the mic about 30 minutes when she arrived and thanked everyone for having her at Exo and then she sang impromptu "Happy Birthday" to T Luv.

T Luv takes a pic with Ambrosius.

A fan tells Ambrosius her a name for an autograph on her poster.

Ambrosius signing the poster

The fan thanked her for the opportunity.

NOTE: The event was OK. Nothing too fancy. Marsha looked radiant with her wild-out afro and glam dress. She didnt do much hosting the event but she let her presence be known after she broke the ice with the Happy Birthday song she sang for T Luv (and toe it up).

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