Monday, June 13, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology
The Over/Under Bar sign

The flier of the event on the bar

There's the lovely Sineta, who hosts and performs at the monthly upscale networking event and attorney/bodybuilder Michael Walton, who created the event.

There's Roker modeling her unique outfit

Elitism E-Magazine editor Joe Jennings, Roker and Walton

Nupes Tres. Keith Harris, Walton and the guy's name slips me who is on the right

Roker and Miss Alisha

Roker and Elson Williams Jr.

Socialite Anthony Beasley and attendee

A booth with a double TV view.

A longshot of some of the after 5 p.m. crowd.

Folks chillin outside on the patio.

Patio scene

More patio

The bar had a very huge picture window.

Folk near the bar area.

Folk minglin and socilaizin

Derrty ENT employee Blu Bolden (left) talking with a friend.

Some of the STL's movers and shakers pose for a pic: From left: Lia Cleere, Jennings. Valarie Johnson, Question, Daryl Glillepsie, Jameelah E and Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier.

NOTE: This was a very nice upscale event where some of the STL's movers and shakers socialized and enjoyed the atmosphere, food and drinks there was to offer. Besides a little friction between us and one of the bartenders who wasnt feelin our picture taking (Bug ups to Michael Walton who took care of the situation immediately), this can quickly turn into the monthly event to be. Its a rotating event so they will use different venues.

The event starts off with host Sineta Roker performing with a band, then DJ Charlie Chan on the 1s and 2s, the remaining hours is mainly socializing (we got there during the socializing).

Also spotted at this event were TV personality Socialite Sande, entertainment consultant Michael Henderson, and photographer King Tungsten.

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