Monday, June 6, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology
The main area of the showcase took place at the Outside Stage located on 11th and Washington (next to the Flamingo Bowl) . The area was where folk got their wristbands to go to various venue son Washington Avenue to hear various STL based musicians and singers.

During the 7 p.m. hour, on the Outdoor Stage was rapper Indiana Rome and DJ Tech Supreme

A hula hooper near the Outdoor Stage

Some spectators at the Outdoor Stage

Folk enjoying Indiana on stage.

After The Outdoor Stage.....

We checked out who was performing at the Flamingo Bowl. It was a singer/guitarist named Langen Neubacher

Then we walked to Lucas Park and Grille

......and spotted couple STL TVs/fashion designer Christia Parker and musician Kenneth DeShields.

Inside playing was band Rough Shop

A long shop of the band performing.

A shot of Washington Avenue

A loft where Rosalita's was.


A shot of the people sitting listening to the band performing which was...

....The Jumpstarts

Some posters of the event on a storefront window

Then we checked out The Side Bar where they had the metal band, The Conformists.

Some posters of a band performing that day and the RFT Showcase.

Then we went to Rue 13

..There was musician Ra Calium

Some RFT volunteers near the Rue 13 entrance who were all smiles to the OUTCAM

Returning to the Outdoor stage was rapper Tef Poe joining Indiana.

This carriage had an interesting sign on the back.

The Dubliner's sign.

Inside the Dubliner was band Theodore

A long shot of Dubliner

Over and Under also was a featured venue

Some attendees receiving wristbands to enter Over and Under.

Some of the crowd near 11th and Washington.

Meanwhile on the Outdoor Stage was Get Serious

We returned to Lucas Park and Grille where singer Theresa Payne performed with a band and background singers.

Payne performed original tunes from her CD, "Go, Set, Win" and covers inclduing Chrisette Michelle's "Love is You."

Payne dedicated a song to rapper/producer Black Spade

He performed a rap interlude during one of Payne's original songs.

The band included DeShields on keys.

After her set, Payne is joined by her manager Jackie Phillips.

People congregrate to congratualte Payne on her set.

NOTE: This event was an all day affair where close to 80 bands ranging in all feilds of music performed at various venues on Washington Avenue including the ones featured above as well as the following venues: Hair of the Dog, Lola's, Copia's and Amnesia. We spotted some STl mvers and shakers walking up and down the avenue including poet FoFeet, I AM Kim Trigg, promoters Miata Lewis and Brandon Hinkle and fashion consultant Dwight Carter. This showcase would culminate with the winners in the RFT's Poll as picke dby RFt readers on an online poll with in various music categories.

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