Monday, June 20, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology The marquee for the event which doubled as a book signing for radio personality Shirley Strawberry's new book, "Strawberry Letter"

13 Black Katz' Elson Williams Jr poses with Strawberry's book along with editor St Louis native writer Lyah Beth LefLore and Strawberry.

A fan gets her book signed by Strawberry.

Some of the early crowd.

There's Lyah Beth's mother, legendary poet/educator Shirley LeFlore (right) and guest.

Some attendees all smiles while holding up their signed copies of the book.


The VIP area

Folk leaving the Norton Room where folk got their book signed after purchasing it through Left Bank Books vendor (in the background is photographer Maurice Meredith). .

Strawberry poses with fans.

A 13 Black Katz member holds a conversation with an attendee in the VIP area .

Williams poses with photographer Erica Brooks.

A long shot of the crowd with the multicolored Arch ceiling.

Complimentary chocolate covered strawberries.

Crowd members gettin their dance on.

LeFlore thanked the crowd for coming out and 13 Black Katz for presenting for the first time an event that supported the arts.

Strawberry addresses the crowd saying her thanks to 13 Black Katz as well.

Strawberry talked about her book and made sure folk who wanted a copy could still purchase it and get it signed.

Singer Sineta Roker poses with Strawberry .

Attendees entering the event.

Photographer Marvin Glenn (right) talks with an attendee during the event.

Strawberry hands a book to a fan after signing it.


YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins poses with Community Response advoctae Barbara McGhee-Coleman

Five of the 8 Strong organization takes a pic with books they purchased.

Glenn holds up the book while posing with the Bruhs with Hatz crew .

Folk on the floor

Roker gets her copy of Strawberry's book signed.

Two lovely ladies and a book.

Attorney/bodybuilder Michael Walton shares a pic with Roker .

The later crowd gettin their dance on.

NOTE: This was a very nice event. A steady crowd ebbed and flowed for the event which began at 5 p.m. and culminatad around midnite. Shirley Strawberry, who was very stacked in a firey red skin tight dress and pumps to match, was very nice and cordial to everyone as she took pics and signed her book. Leflore was buzzing around as she always does malking sure everything was in order throughout the evening. Alcohol from the main bar and the VIP bar kept a steady flow of traffic and the food consisted of sliders, shrimp-kbobs and chicken (on a paid basis). Complimentary were the chocolate covered strawberries.

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  1. I attended this event and had a great time. The 13 Black Katz always keep it fresh.