Thursday, December 10, 2009


In 2009, OUTCAM has taken all types of pics from events in the STL and STLers who travelled to other cities. Some of those pics made memorable impressions intentionally and unintentionally. We defined those pics as TOO MUCH PLAYIN (TMP) pics.

Here are the Top 10 TMP pics of 2009. HONORABLE MENTION: Panties thrown onstage at Ginuwine concert at Loft in April 2009

10. Poet Mocha and participant at Soul U Solace at Nubia Cafe—April 2009 Sexually explicit poet Mocha got down and dirty with her erotic poetry and took it a step further when she simulated taking her panties off and her victim putting them on his head.

9. Sagging man at Superjam June 2009. There were many sagging brothas at the summer concert, but this one was the most outrageous as his clear underwear were shown as though he wasnt wearing any trousers!

8. One of the Greedy Genius Boyz. King Louie, touching Keri Hilson at Keri Hilson/Keyshia Cole at Lush Jan 2009. King Louie of the St. Louis clothing line Greedy Genus wanted to see if sexy singer Keri Hilson was the real deal as he copped a feel of her arm as well as zooming in on her bosoms.

7. STL model Shena J at Memphis club Level II , April 2009.

Local model Shena J got her party on with her girls Mocha Latte and Maria Maria Wilson out of town and we guess this was how she did the "dame thing" with a bottle!

6. Transvestite at Live on the Levee July 2009,. It was brought to our attention that this he/she had walked away from one of the mental institution to come to the summer concert and giving a show of his/her own for the crowd.

5. A souped up hooptie on 50 plus inch rims getting stopped by the cops near the Loft, June 2009. This pimped out ride was stopped for having rims as tall as a car.

4. Simese Twins Dress at Fashion Fr8 Grandel Square Nov 2009

Since OUTTOWN's beginning, we have never seen a dress made for two women to wear at the same time. This was a first in fashion in the STL area that we can think of and the show was during the Halloween weekend.

3.Derrty DJs Summit's Bottles and Bentley's at Sheratin, May 2009

The STL dee-jays had a summit one weekend where they invited other dee-jays from the Midwest to talk about the music biz. One of the events they had was Bottles and Bentleys with host fashion icon Fornsworth Bentley. But the highlight of the night was when a host of folk from Chi-town had shown the STL how they get down--LITERALLY.

2. Two lesbians at Close To Famous' Chingy mixtape party at City Lounge August 2009.
These two ladies had no shame in their game as they publicly shown the crowd what time it was with them, straight up!


1. Coemdian Matt Collins with a particpant at House of Comedy, March 2009
Comedian Matt Collins' routine was off the chain as always with his stripper guy bit, But this night was quite a "mooning" experience as he prepared to give the participant a lap dance exposing a thong and a "butt" of a joke.

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