Monday, December 7, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology
Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins pointing at the Queen of Promotions Monopoly's Mocha Latte at Karma Nightclub Saturday during the venue's Sutra Saturdays. It was a special edition of the all FREE event (and we will talk aboyt that later on in our notes) with STL rapper/mogul Nelly was hosting. Check out the action below (PHOTOS IN ORDER OF TAKING)

Therre's STL rapper Chungy gettin his party on but check out the sister and the tatts on the sister's legs! (We don't know if theer were actual tatts or a deisgn on her stockings.)

Chingy and his cuz, rapper Spiffy

Mocha in host mode!

Mocha posing with Plush hypeman Big Terrence.

Videographer Mo'b filming the action.

Some of the several hundred who packed the house to see Nelly.

Therre's OUTTOWN photographer Erica Brooks

This sista had a TMP (Too Much Playin) moment with one of the VIPers (You will see later on below).

Mocha with photographer Warren Nichols.

Early on was St. Lunatics member Kyjuan with Mocha.

Also in the house was ST. Lunatics/Derrty ENT prez Ali with Mocha.


Sista girl grabbed Kyjuan's neck for dear life!

Chingy on the mike as his crew gets their party on.

...and on and on

Karma co-owner Wellz Fargo SLim swarmed with some of the sexy young ladies up in VIP.

Comic Lil Roc pose with Ali.

The man of the hour, Nelly came through with his bodyguard Big B following close behind.

Nelly gettin situated up in VIP.

LOVE THIS PIC. Herre's Mocha and Nelly greeting one another.

"We got this for ya fam." Nelly and Slim in convo swag mode.

Nelly gettin his grin on.

Nelly thanked the crowd for coming out to party with him.

Nelly gettin his order of alcohol to the waitress.

Nelly said to the crowd that he wanted to buy bottles of Patron and give the club a sample on a sip.

NOTE: Nelly arrived about 1'oclock and the crowd was hyped when he came through. We hear he rapped a few of his songs played by DJ Sir Thurl and even sang some Michael Jackson's songs. Our only complaint was the front door who was checkin folks on the list like the military and stayed strictly on who was on the Derrty ENT list. OUTTOWN got caught up in that drama of not being on the Derrty list, for about 30 minutes and left cuz it was too cold to be waiting for YES.
So after regrouping in the car and texting Mocha about the situation, we were able to get in after being able to get a response text from Mocha (we showed the front people the text from, her for entrance) . We also got up on the lower VIP area to take pics, but one of the security guards brought us down from there when Nelly arrived (some sistas were even literally picked up and lifted out of the area!) which we couldnt understand after being in VIP for most of the nite, but we followed orders and we stayed near the front of the VIP.
Then, suddenly we felt a sudden push forward from the crowd as a mild stampede was brewing. That was a sign for us to start vacating. As we were leaving out, we saw that security were charging folk $20 general admission and $40 VIP to cut the line. It was soooo many people still trying to get in, that the FREE event turned quicky to UNFREE.

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