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Photos by B Free Paparazzi (first pic), Nelly's Black and White Ball (the B&W pics), Rebecca Rodgers (will credit in pics) and Ma'atology Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins all dapped out on the red carpet in white and blue at the 4th Annual Black and White Ball that was held Sunday at the Khorassan Room inside the Chase Park Plaza in the Central West End. Check out who else was there and the action in pics below.

Herre are a few pics I took at the picture booth (and were projected on two big screens inside the Khorossan Ballroom ). The above pic is YOURS TRULY in the signature pose with the OUTCAM.

YOURS TRULY with his date, Tiffany Blackmore.

YOURS TRULY with my media colleagues: Erica Brooks (left) and model/actress Natashia Grffin in two pics. And all three of us had a TMP moment that we will talk about in the NOTES.

One of the earlier guests on the red carpet was "Rachel Ray Show" magician Justin Kredible.

Kredible showed the media a balloon trick.

Therre's 107.1 personality Curt Copeland and his wife. Copeland emceed the event.

Yolanda Lankford in a nude-colored gown and her date.

This couple in various black ensem.

Therre's Nelly's father, Cornell Haynes and his wife.

Nelly's Publicist Jane Higgins (right) and guest

This lady showed us the back of her dress and VAVOOM!

Therres' Anheuser Busch's Johnny Furr and his wife, Minga

Evening Whirl Editor in chief Anthony Sanders and wife.

New couple Mr. Sylvester and Majic 104.9 personality Tammie Holland.

Ms. Holland in a simple but sleek black number with leopard print boots.

Promoter Mocha Latte in a classy-styled gown and shawl and silver purse.

Nelly's relatives: His uncles and grandmother.

B Free Paparazzi Teddy Blackett and friend.

This couple gave us vintage style.

Nelly's sister Ashely Donahue in a lovely white gown with a black sheer comabond and black necklace.

Many women wore basic black dresses with silver or white as accesories.

This young lady looked ravishing in this elegant gown with a diamond necklace that was to die for!

The Roberts Family: Mike Roberts and wife, Mike Roberts Jr and his fiance, and Jeanne Roberts and her husband.

Two sisters doin it up with a club feel to their dresses.

KMOV personality Larry Conners with his boots and hsi wife in a creative vest top and gown bottom.

Platinum Group's Jacque and Leata Land.

Nelly's relatives inclduing his mother, Rhonda Mack (middle).

Therre's 104.1 personality Staci Static and rapper Chip "Spacegod"Price

Best Dressed Couple of the night: Mr and Mrs Lester Thurman.

Lindenwood College students.

Major Brands' father-son team Elson and Tre Williams (who was sportin pink in the black).

Singer Coco Soul and Post Pop Critic Kevin Johnson

Johnson and Soul with STL TVs Sande Stevenson.

Yani Co. designer Jared Moore.

Nelly's manager T Luv and his wife.

Some attendees in their fun fashions

Members of the Derrty ENT street team

Stevenson gettin some Red Carpet time in her revealing see through dress.

Attendees (The lady on the right's dress was the big NO NO of the nite).

Therre were many guys wearing tuxes with sneaks.

East ST. Louis native/ Olympic champ and newly honored St. Louis Spoerst Hall of fame recipient Jackie Joyner Kersee was a delight at the event.

Kersee gettin interviewed from by STL-TV.

Koncepts' Keith Harris with two dates.

Karma workers who attended included the sista on the left who wore a female styled tux with high heel sneakers.

Dapper singer Mario in a plush velvet suit coat on the red carpet. He was the featured entertainer during the event.

Stevenson interviews mario for STL-TV.

...and takes pics with the media.

St. Lunatics member City Spud in classy tux

St. Lunatics member/Derry ENT prez Ali with his fiancee Ashley Nichols.

St. Lunatics member Kyjuan gave some ganster chic to his tux with the fedora and green tie.

Kyjuan with his wife, Asia

The Man of the Hour, Nelly, in classic tux with silk charcoal tie and rock shades.

Nelly with his 15 year old daughter, Chanell, who looked stunning in her gown.

Mother and son--Rhonda Mack and Nelly

Nelly gets interviwed by STL TV

Derrty ENT's Blu Bolden in white and silver.

Liquid Asset's Chelsea Dawn was in a rock-styled black and white dress with stilettos.

Hit producer Jermaine Dupri stopped by the Red carpet for a minute (more like seconds) for the flashes before he went inside for the event.

Inside, entertainment was going on with magician Justin Kredible as dee-jay Charlie Chan looks on and hypeman A.I. looks out into the crowd.

Nelly volunteered for one of the magic tricks.

Kersee volunteered for one of the tricks which involved shooting the magician.

The guests

Designer Tiffany Blackmore and Stevenson.

Mom Me Makeover's Ola Hawatmeh with an elegant Asian black print gown.

Possible STL couple? Fitness trainer Marlon Lee andDr. Jennifer McCleary.

Missouri History Musuem Rebecca Rodgers
and Miss Francessa. (PIC BY Rebecca Rodgers)

Time to get on the floor.

Mocha Latte full view of the gown

Mario on stage performing

Mario had the ladies responding to his set.

He was up close and personal to some audience members

Nelly thanked Mario for coming to entertain the crowd. (PIC BY Rebecca Rodgers)

Nelly and Mario also shared the mike on Mario's latest hit, "Break up."

Nelly was joined on stage with fellow St. Lunatic, Ali

Ali helped with sharing the love....and the booze.

Kyjuan and Murphy Lee also joined the crew on stage.

Murph performed his hit, "What the Hook Gon Be."

Ali took a pic of his St. Lunatic crew.

Natashia Grffin posed with KSDK's Jeff Small.

Jermaine Dupri on the mike during speaking to the crowd. Joining on the stage was comic Bill Bellamy (left) who reportedly twittered on his phone that Nelly's party was the hotness.

Dupri gave shot shots to everybody on stage.

DJ Charlie Chan had it poppin on the 1s and 2s with cuts from the 70s, 80s, 90s , and today, and of course Nelly's music.

Nelly also showed another side of his talent when he got on the drums and started playing along with the dee-jay.

A.I. hypin the crowd.

STL rapper Young Ro got on the mike rappin his hit, Donk That Booty." He recently recouperated from an accident involving a random act of gun violence.

Kyjuan on the mike.

A.I. and Derrty Ent's rapper Chocolate Tai gettin their party on on stage.

Kyjuan and Murph.

Chocolate Tai rappin on the mike.

Ali's brother the Dancing Machine.

Fashion stylist Skylar with the more daring ensem with a circle diamond and mink stole.



Socialite/model Latonya Basse gettin a deep dip from a friend! Talk about making a statement on the carpet!

NOTE: This annual event was definitely memorable. Of the four that Nelly has had, this was the second best (the first was the tops with celebs Janet, Evander Holyfield, and Allen Iverson in the house) with the party. Ali announced that the party was the most talked about party on Twitter (even Bill Bellamy twittered that the party was the hotness).

The other celebs that came through after the Red Carpet were St. Louis based which included Cards' Albert Pujols, boxer Cory Spinks and we hear Ron and Ernie Isley also was there. Scheduled celebrity Johnny Gill was a no show.

The other local socialites in the 25 to 40 age range who were there included Freetime's Adrian Saddler and Daryl Frierson, rapper Rucka Puff, Derrty ENt's Shaki, Arty J, DJ Quinn, Ali Mosea, Renaud Chavoz Lucas, and Tiffany Graham.

As far as the TOO MUCH PLAYIN MOMENTS from YOURS TRULY and my OUTTOWN crew Erica Brooks and Natashia Griffin, Ma'at Atkins' was during the party when a young white lady walked up to him and said, "You are the best dressed man tonite." Ma'at politely said thanks. Then the lady asked if she could take a picture with him. He said OK. So one of the media people took their picture then suddenly the lady puckered her lips for Ma'at to kiss her--and he did giving her a smack. Then, a sista looked up at me with THAT LOOK but smiled and said he looked nice.

Brooks and Hriffin had their moment during the Red Carpet. First, Brooks. It happened during when R&B singer Mario walked up to get his picture taken by the media. He walked up near us nervously but still swagged out (his purple velvet blazer was TIIIIIIGHT). So when Brooks asked for a pic she did her trademark holding up her camera toward her face and asked Mario to stand next to her. He then said, "why don't you let him (Ma'at) take it for you?." Then I said, "Oh, that's her trademark to take pics like that." Suddenly, when she was snapping the pic, Mario, got behind her, wrapped his left arm around her shoulders and gave her a wet juicy kiss on her left jaw! We all said OOOOOOOOOOH! Her facial expression was priceless. Half shocked, half in ectasy. Now mind you, earlier, she was saying that Mario didnt do much for her but after that KISS she was singing a different tune as she had to fan her slef a few minutes after the encounter.

A few minutes later, Griffin got her moment. It was during Nellys interview with STL-TV. Griffin handed me her camera for me to take the pic with her and Nelly. So, I was thinking she was going to wait until he finishe dthe interview. OH NO. She walked up next to Nelly, started grinning for the pic, grabbed his arm and interrupted briefly his interview. He looked at her being kind of the interruption then she blurted, "Oh my bad, I wa sjust waiting on him (Ma'at) to take the picture. Well that caused everybody to crack up laughing. Well, except me, cuz I wanted to say " NO NO NO, don't say I caused you to go up there!" It was definitely classic. Hmm, I wonder if STl Tv will edit that out or not? But it was funny in hindsight.

As far as the fashions, there were many ladies who had on basic black dresses in various lengths with accesories that were different colors like silver bags, jewelery and so forth. Not too much different. There were a few ladies who got their glamour on including Majic's Tammie Holland, promoter Mocha Latte and Nelly's sister Ashley Donahue. There were unfortunately many NO NOs on the red carpet as far as fashion wise (one was Minga Furr who wore an ostritch like hat that was quite distracting).

On the guys, they were more creative with their style (including YOURS TRULY). I saw many guys wearing tuxes with sneaks and many hip hoppers who looked quite fab in their after five gear including the Lunatics (especially City Spud and Kyjuan ) and the Man of the Hour, Nelly, who is always on point with his vintage black tux and stunner shads that capped off his swagger. One attendee in particular stepped out of the tux mode and had his own style and that was educator Lester Robinson who sported a brown ensem which stood out with a long sleeveless overcoat from his own clothing line.

Lastly, there was a TOO MUCH PLAYIN moment that occurred after the party was over and people were in the lobby of the Chase Park Plaza around 1:30 am when Mario got caught up in a scuffle with a drunk knucklehead who from what he gathered was dissin his date for the nite. Well, suddenly Mario's manager Julius Erving III (Dr. J;'s son) had to toss a few hits to the guy before things were stopped befor ethey got out of hand. Good thing it wasnt long enough for folk gettin the cam phones on gettin that action. Damn shame that occurred and hope the incident doesnt affect the Ball being there next year (cuz we are sure someone who worked there saw that and reported it to someone at the Plaza).

CHECK OUT--OUT 736 to see our picks of the Best Dressed at the Black and White Ball.

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