Monday, December 7, 2009


Photos courtesy of Alive Magazine (first pic) and Ma'atology Therre's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, taking a pic at the picture booth at Alive Magazine's Holiday party last Friday at Mandarin. Check out the pics below from this RSVP event!

Heres a picture of the poster from the party, which also doubled as a celebration of its latest issue of Alive Magazine.

In the house were Mom Me Makeover's Ola Hawatmeh and her friend, Amy.

Emmy Award winning, HEC-TV's Sarah Thompson (right) and her fiancee, Boyd.

B Free Paparazzi's Teddy Blackett and Miata Lewis-Harris

The Bar

Folk in deep conversation, including fashion STL publicist Dwight Carter.

Folk entering the venue.

Alive Magazine's Jason Smith talkin with a guest.

Also at the party was Alive Magazine's Jill Gubin and St. Louis Post's Kevin Johnson.

Alive Magazine's Editor in Chief Atillio D'Agistino (left) talkin with a guest .

Thompson in talk mode

"Streetballers" producer and actor Craig Thomas (right) and friend.

Socialite Kurt Ahmad and Ms. Danielle

NOTE: The event was OK. There was free Bud Light for the early comers (it closed at 10 p.m.) and a picture booth where folk can snap their pics. The music started off a bit slow with the 1950s nostalgia but picked up after 10 p.m. with the pop dance tunes of the 80s 'til current times.

We checked out actor/comedian Bill Bellamy last Friday who was in town last weekend for several shows at STL House of Comedy. Before he hit the stage that nite, OUTCAM got a pic of Bellamy with a fan and House of Comedy general manager/comic Longhorn. The young lady by the way is Longhorn's daughter.

Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer with Miss Claire, Miss Camille, and socialite IK. Both guys have made some transformations lately Spencer is sporting a slimmer frame and IK has cut off his locks.

Therre's comic Darius Bradford with his lovely girlfriend.

On stage that night was East St. Louis Willie Lynch who killed it with his "pissed off" persona.

Bellamy awaiting to go on as he watches Lynch's set. s soon as this pic was taken, Bellamy was in chuckle mode laughing.

Lynch with fellow STL comedian Jovan Bibbs and House of Comedy crew member, Diesal.

Bellamy's physical humor was on point as always.

Bellamy's set consisted of observations including Cali's mudslides saying that white people's homes were sliding down hills til they landed in the hood. He also talked about his experience going to D,C. to President Obama's Inauguration ("It was 15 degrees and I didnt have the right shit on. My baby toe died. We stood for three hours, 10 million people. I was crying, That Denzel type crying like in 'Training day," He is like the baby Jesus....and did you see Aretha's hat? It look like you can get Direct TV on her head and it wasnt even Easter." )

He also imitated comic Dave Chappelle on weed, rapper 50 Cent and Rev. Jessie Jackson. Plus, he joked about Michael Jackson ("This is It" was a wrap for Mike. He said this was enough. ") and celebs who died during MJ;s death who were not fully reported (" And whoever else died that week he died, no one else mattered. Farrah Fawcett died that week. No one cared. I guess folk were saying bitch should have held on. This Michael Jackson's day.")

Bellamy also talked about David Letterman's disclosure of his infidelity ("He got on his show and admit to it. He was like 'Hello, I'm fucking everybody. We'll be right back after this commercial." )

And, of course, he talked about the latest on the Tiger Woods ruckus ("Tiger never had a fight with a chick. He's just nerdy. The half black side of him told her 'Hey, put that golf club down. You better not hit my truck." )

There's multijobber Sevvie Sev (who bartends at House of Comedy) taking a moment to take a pose with one of the bar workers.

NOTE: Bill Bellamy was hella funny but on the nite we went, Friday night, second show, the attendance was a bit slim.

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