Monday, October 26, 2009

OUT 708--OUT ON THE TOWN--PRECISIONs FLAWLESS: An Adult Affair@Black LABEL 10/23 AND FREETIME's Jetsetters: Chicago Ed. XCEL MODELS@CITY--10/24

Photos by Ma'atology Rob Kirk of Precision is flanked around some social ladies (including socialite Katrina Kerr in a brown leather jacket) at his weekly new networking event, Flawless: An Adult Affair at Black label last Friday. DJ Charlie Chan was on the 1s and 2s.

On Saturday was Freetime's event, Jetsetters: Chicago Style held at the City Lounge. Pictured are Freetime's Adrian Saddler (standing first on left), Daryl Frierson (next to Adrian) and Roy Robinson (fourth on left standing) with some patrons at the event.

The Boyz of Freetime on screen.

Therre's newly engaged model/X Cel Models promoter Lady Erica (right) holding up her team's calendar with, Ms. Therri, one of her team members. The group was selling the calendar that nite for the Susan G Komen for the Cure Charity.

Patrons included culinarian Nicole Griffin and SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier

ABOVE LEFT: Someone got a b-day bucket of champagne with a sparkler inside of it!
ABOVE RIGHT: We caught Freetime's Rachel Westerfield up in therre!

LEFT: Freetime's Kevin Benford was celebratin his b-day that nite and tried to make Griffin his present. LOL

ABOVE RIGHT: Benford with some guests.

The Crown Royal waitresses were passing out samples.

ABOVE RIGHT: A pic of the Jetsetters flier was on screen.

NOTE: It was a great crowd with the free Crown Royal samples and Xcel Models toting the calendar for charity, but we were waiting to hear some of the mix of Chi-town house and step music but the folk at City--who created this Chi-town theme-- just had the basic STL playlist repertoire as always.

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