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Photos by Ma'atology

Pictured are some of the photos that are on display at Vaughan Cultural Center in Grandel Square. Some are also on sale.

The first three pics are part of Thurman's Synergy Series including singers Kenneth Deshields (ABOVE RIGHT) and Coco Soul (BELOW RIGHT)

LEFT: America the Beautiful from the Obama Inauguration in D.C. in January.

Headline News shot by Thurman's wife, Atia

Washington Avenue in downtown STL.

Some patrons looking at some of his work.

Patrons looking at the Washington Avenue piece.

The Photo Exhibit and price list sheet that was given to the patrons.

Another photo from his Synergy Series.

The artist himself, Thurman(right) talks with fellow photographer Maurice Meredith.

Thurman talking with more patrons.

Thurman addressed the crowd giving details of his photos and career. He said that his father artist Solomon Thurman, was a big influence on his career and said that he was "happy to be part of a rich history" here in St. Louis. He also mentioned that his father had an exhibit at Vaughan in the 1980s when it was located on Grand and Washington Ave.

He added, "As a little kid, I was always surrounded by art watching my father paint and listen to jazz."

As far as him becoming a photographer he said he didnt expect to become a photographer until none and half years ago until he got inspired by a photography teacher, his father and his future wife, Atia.

"My first camera was a 1970s Series Olympus Camera," he said. "I met a photography teacher who saw my love in art and my first photography shoot was when she let me use her car so we took it to a car wash and used two sistas wearing Afros like the 1970s then I realized this is what I was supposed to do. I showed my pics to my Dad and i had a school exhibit and got my first purchase for $25. My dad then said, 'You sold a print. Now you are a professional."

A highlight was when his young son walked up to Thurman during his lecture with a picture he drew and gave it to him and he walked off.

Thurman also explained about his Emmet Till Last Purchase photo when he traveled to his father to Mississippi and saw the shell of a store that was the only building standing in a wooded area. He said he got inspired to shoot it when he saw a bird that was dead on the side of the store as a sign to shoot the building.

The crowd listening intensely.

After the talk, Thurman greeted more of his supporters which swelled up to over 100 people, a record he broke at the Center for the most people attending an art exhibit which was 90 in 2007. .

Thurman with family members.

The crowd.

One of the supporters was singer Sineta (left) who recently did a photo shoot with Thurman. Here, she's talking with Thurman's wife , Atia who is a photographer as well.

Thurman talking with his latest muse at the time, Sineta.

Sineta, Thurman and supporters Power Couple Keith and Carri Griffin of Delux Magazine. The couple uses Thurman's photo skills to shoot many of its photo spreads for its magazine.

Also in the house : Radio personality Selena J, singers Kenneth Deshields and Coco Soul, and photographer Belma Begic.

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