Monday, October 26, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology and (first pic)
YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, was in the house, at Breathe at Exo last Friday. Peep out where else the OUTCAM was down below.
The poster of Shan Keith's Neche Collection Show. BELOW: Pics of models and crew backstage before the show.

Soul Stylz' Cornell Boone, Freetime's Rachel Westerfield and photographer Demond Meek.

LEFT: Latoya Gibbs, Boone and Adrienne Robinson

RIGHT: The event was hosted by
hip hop gospel artist Pretty Willie.
NEXT PICS: Some of the 60 outfits
that were showcased (One of the models was Ms. Allie in green outfit). The collection was dedicated to Keith's sister who died of a brain aneurysm last year.

RIGHT: Model Malik Ali

MY fave outfit was the sleeveless coat!

RIGHT: This was a close second in our book!

RIGHT: Designer Shan Keith and his daughter came out and greeted the crowd after the show's finale.

LEFT: Other guests included (LEFT) Alive Magazine's Jill Manoff and Atillio D'Agistino

RIGHT: Also there were Jewelry designer Angelique Jospeh and her husband, Therron.

NEXT PICS: Well wishers to Keith.

Westerfeild talkin with a patron.

LEFT: The B's: Designers Wynette B and Skylar B.

RIGHT: Deisgner Chris Dunlap pose swith one of his stiletto art pieces.

BELOW: Other shoes displayed at the show.


We peeped BREATHE at Exo where Stress Free Fridays were wrapping up its weekly event. Two of its regulars were Sally Jackson (left) and Kathy "half'n' halfro" Ivey

UPPER LEFT: On the 1s and 2s were DJ Reminise. UPPER RIGHT: Also there were Entrepreneur Ernest Collins and journalist Sheila Reed.
LEFT: Singlesvibe's Tony Russell and Night Society photographers Maurice Bishop and Michael Beezy Barber
. UPPER RIGHT. Pronto Fashion Show creator Hazel Tamano and freelance writer Patrick Lanham .

RIGHT: Socialite Tammiell Gates was celebarting her b-day that nite.
People comin to the party from the entrance.

LEFT: Other Stress Free Friday guests were former STL Mayor and radio talk show host Freeman Bosley Jr, Abesi and Cillah hall of Xanadu PR and KSDK perosnlaity Art Holliday.
RIGHT: Abesi and Anheuser-Busch Companies legal director Lewis McKinney

McKinney and Hall.

RIGHT: Shan Keith and hsi wife, Candice.

LEFT: Model Malik Ali gettin his party on.

RIGHT: She was solo with her partyin in VIP.

LEFT: Close To Famous' WayneHaley-Triky

RIGHT: Socilaite and Liquid Assets event host Ill Will gettin his party on.

A high angle shot of the crowd.

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