Monday, October 19, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology

Mocha Latte, held it down for the After Party. She is the resident host for Karma Nightclub.

Latte gettin it hyped for the party people.


Latte takes a pic with her hairstylist Jennices formerly of the Split Ends TV show-featured Shi Salon. On the right, another shot of all the party people (Do you see comedian Hot Sauce in this shot?)

Well, there is Hot Sauce in the VIP area.

Therre's Miss Dominique (left) and her homegirl who was "ret" for the shot. LOL.

At about one-o'clock, singer Mario came through the doors of the club with his bodyguard straight to VIP as the ladies went wild with screams. Mario was coming from a concert that took place at the pageant. Also on the bill of that concert were Day26 and Trey Songz (who had a competing after party at the Venue in Wellston).

The crowd took pics as he greeted his fans.

Mario got the mike and thanked his fans for being fans.

He also sang a few songs including his latest hit, "Break Up" as he got he crowd, as well as Latte, to join him.

One moment in the mini concert, Mario said, "Turn the music down. Let's get the party started in this motha fucka."

He aslo sang his hits"How Do I Breathe," and his first hit, "Just a Friend."

He also sang his latest hit, "Thinkin About You," from his latest CD, "D.N.A." that was released that week.

He then sang his biggest hit, "Let Me Love You."

Latte then said to Mario, "I think the ladies in here wants you to take some shit off." He just took off his jacket.

Mario taking a pic with Latte (right) and her out of town guest (left).

Also in the house were StarPower ENT's T-Luv, fashion constructionist Skyklar, House of Comedy assistant Maria Maria Wilson and socialite/promoter Mike Henderson.

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