Monday, October 12, 2009


Photos by Maatology
Loose Cannon's Wellz Fargo Slim poses with attendee Mia Pineapple. She along with hundreds others were at Karma Nightclub Friday to catch a glimpse of R&B superstar Maxwell who was coming to the club for an After Party for his concert, Mid Summers Nights.

Monopoly Promotions' Mocha Latte hosted the AfterParty.

East STL singer Deandre Perryman came through with his mother (left) and friend Shontay. Perryman recently made a move to Cali. (Wow, Perryman's mother looks quite young to be his mother, right? LOL)

Some of the crowd attending.

STL businessman (and recently married) Mike Roberts, Jr. chills with Evening Whirl Entertainment Editor Jay Bailey up in VIP.

Latte on the mike gettin the crowd hype.


Perryman even got the mike at one point.

"Look there, shout out them for me."



100.3 The Beat's DJ Sir Thurl is the house dee-jay at Karma

Thurl and his protege DJ Delony

Some swirlin goin on....LOL

STL House of Comedy assistant Maria Maria Wilson posing with Latte peeping from behind.


Evening Whirl photographer King Yella was in the house taking pics.

WESL Radio personality Craig Blac and wife Maria get their pic taken.


This sister got her "booty burn on" with brotha man who got his third leg massaged. LOL

Brothas chillin upstairs on the railing.

The white lady with the red checkered shirt was being taught how to do the Koko Severe Dance.


Latte announced that Maxwell was minutes away from the club.

In the house were St. Lunatics' City Spud and Derrty ENT's Topher (on the cell phone).

SLim was in a zone.

Look here. Latte with Plush hypeman Big Terrence

The firemen even came through to check on the capacity of the crowd.

Maxwell entered the club around midnight at the VIP area with several bodyguards.

Maxwell takes a pic of the crowd as he waves out.

Maxwell greets his fans.

Maxwell showed much love to the fans....

Security was strong deep.

Maxwell and is unidentified lady up in VIP.

"I'll take a Maxtini please."

Mocha Latte said to Maxwell, "We all love you and welcome." Then she quipped, "What's your sign?" LOL Maxwell told Latte that the party was poppin.

Maxwell, who was a bit hoarse and was on throat rest said to the crowd, " I love the Lou. Thanks for the love and support."

Latte on the mike giving Maxwell props.

Latte was all smiles with the Max Man.

Folk took pics of Maxwell with their cell phones and digicams. The media, however, wasn't so lucky with the up close and personal photos.

Muscle For Hire Security wasnt havin it!
NOTE: Overall the appearance of Maxwell was quite exciting. He was generous and nice to the crowd. The media however didnt get too much love. At first we thought Maxwell didnt want photos taken from us but we hear it was security who did most of the strong arming. We heard from a source that he only stayed an hour and that the club got the hookup for his appearance that usually run at least 20 K. Also, in the VIP area a few of the Rams players including Ron Bartell.

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