Monday, March 28, 2011


Photos by B Free Paparazzi (FIRST PIC) and Ma'atology THERE's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, with the new OUTCAM in the cut at the Final Edition of Pandora. Check out below who was there and what happenned!

We thought it couldnt be done, but we finally got a pic of Exo owners Fred Finley and Harry Michel in one spotm the upstairs dee-jay booth, to take a pic. And here it is!

Promoter Mocha Latte and Soul Stylz' Tobi Colls. Latte, unbeknownst to us, was there to hype the crowd on the mic.

The over 35 crowd was there earlier and many were from the engineering group NSBE, who was in town last weekend for a conference.

Upstairs some were cutting a rug.

This party was celebrating sumpin with the lady in the tiara. LOL

Some attendees in one of the VIP areas.

Notice Me Award nominee DJ Reminise held it down on the 1s and 2s.

The younger crowd heading upstairs.

There were many NSBE out of towners up in the cut.

Soul Stylz's Boone looking toward the crowd in the dee-jay booth as Michel looks on and Rem keeping the tunes crunk.

Boone and Finley having a conversation during the party scene.

Latte's booth had the most lively bunch as they got their party on hard.

Miss Dion led the party .

There's Terrell Anderson in the cut.

Latte standing on the coach gettin her hype on.

Here;s some NSBE out of towners gettin their sandwich on.



Folk gettin their booty grind on as SYGU's Eddie Hollman looks on.

Latte walkin out of her booth area with her medicine in hand. LOL

Latte hypin the crowd from the dee-jay booth. It was also here where Latte made the announcement to the party crowd that scheduled celeb dee-jay Kid Capri was not going to attend because he got newz earlier that day that his mother had passed just as he was at the airport to come to St. Louis.

But we think the crowd, although a bit disappointed in the newz that Capri was not attending, was having a good enuff time with DJ Remnisce who was gettin the tunes grimey with the standard tunes (eg. Hoes in this House, The Perculator) '

NOTE: This event was quite memorable on various levels. One, it was packed--packed more than usual mainly because of the thousands of members of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) who were here for its annual convention. One could barely walk from the intensity of the crowd. It was as though one was out of town it were so many new faces up in the cut. And they clowned up in there! We saw women giving lap dances to men and women, and ,. as seen , above, a young lady was clothes burning a dude's backside as though she was mounting him and folks perculatin when the song came on. It was a wild scene fa sho! Next, Mocha Latte got the crowd hype as always even to the point of having to stand on one of the sofas in VIP upstairs to get the crowd crunk.

Lastly, the newz that the star of the nite, Kid Capri, wa snot going to come which was given by Latte around 1 am. Some were voicing their disappointment but Latte told the crowd that they could see the info on his website if they didnt believe her. Come to find out his mother had died earlier that day and he got newz of it apparently when he was about to board the plane to get to St. Louis. Now there have been talks on social network sites, including Facebook about this, as well as in newspapers such as the Post Dispatch about the no show of Capri (as well as Jaheim at the Ambassador on the same night) . Most comments stemmed from the timing of the newz that Capri was not attending. It was at 1am Saturday morning that it was announced (celebs usually get to Exo around mindite at the latest) .

Now, if Soul Stylz got newz earlier that day that he was not coming, the question many wrote on Facebook was why was the announcement made in the wee hours of the party and not earlier? We think it was because the bar needed to probably make some money from the extra packed out of towners who came out to get out after their convention sessions. Given the event was free to those who RSVPd for the event, and the promoters already got their money up front for promoting the sponsors product (Crown Royal), so Soul Stylz didn't have anything to lose regardless if Capri attended or not because the sponsor paid for everything. But we do still question the timing of the announcement as it relates to the bar making money that night.

We just sayin.

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