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Photos by Ma'atology

Rapper Rucka Puff who was nominated for Male Artist fo the Year and and Club and Radio song for "Turkey Ham," and his entourage arrives on the Red Carpet. He was also a performer that nite.

Nekay of Imbox interviews Rucka Puff.

TMA nominee DJ Country Brown for DJ of the Year on the Red Carpet.

STL native and NFL star Laurence Maroney gets interviewed by Inbox. He was joined by artists from his new label, group, New Money who was scheduled to perform that nite.

A table tent of the reserved table for Rucka Puff.

TMA nominee Mz. 007 performed.

As well as her entourage.

TMA nominee Mizz Bell enjoyin the show.

Mz. 007's crew anoints her with gold chains.

The anointed Mz. 007

On the 1s and 2s that nite was TMA nominee DJ Sno.

Attendees gettin their eat on.

TMA nominee Coco Hype (top left) takes a pic with her mother and sister.

Some Couvasseir Waitresses .

Some sistas in Cleoptara jeweled hats.

Backstage event producer/host Tony J gets interviewed by local TV.

Meanwhile, the skits from Friday nite and performed again this nite.

Tony J welcomes the crowd.

Tony J gave some housekeeping rules for the crowd to be amped because this was the first year that the afterwards show would be televised live and filmed for rebroadcast on Charter Cable access TV. He also introduced his family who attended this year including...

His mother (in tan outfit) and his stepfather, whom Tony J affectionately calls, on his 104.1 radio show "The Mexican."

Rucka Puff on stage.

Rucka greeting a fan

A Rucka show wouldnt be a Rucka show without him taking of his shirt.

And some Rucka antics when he did push ups.

TMA nominee Just Bleezy performed.

Jus Bleezy's son, TMA nominee T Will also performed

Bleezy and Will.

Bleezy pours Moscato in cups for the ladies in the crowd.

Joining Bleezy and Will on stage was three -time TMA nominee Aloha.

Aloha and Will in performance mode.

Tony J announced the Street Song Award to:

"Shine" to Ray the Kidd.

Comedian Ms. Funy, who won Comedian of The Year on Friday nite, announced the Song of the Year to:

Ray the Kidd for "Shine."

Kidd won awards back to back.

Fitness guru King James and TMA nominee 104.1's Staci Static announced the Male Artist of the Year to:

Rucka Puff.

Rucka at the podium

Brian Stewart was next to perform

G Will was next to perform.

Clothing store owner George Penton announced the Film/Videographer of the Year to:

Remrod Films.

Tony J brings out flowers for his special person as he sang bars from "She's Our Queen to Be" from "Coming to America."

His mother.

Tony thanked his mother for raising him as she tearfully listens.

Tony and his mother embrace. It was a touching moment.

Coco announced the Alternative Rock Performance to Option for "No Way Out."

Comedian Jay Lee announced Producer of the Year to:


Tarboy's speech talked about how important it was for St Louis artists to support each other.

Platinum Group's Jacque Land presented a Proclamation from city hall to Tony J as brother and sister Jay B and singer Connie B joined him.

Land read off what is on the award as Tony J awaited his award.

Land gave the award to Tony J.

Tony J poses with his award with presenters.

Tony J handed his award to his mother and embraced her from the crowd.

Khalia performed

Luey V performed

Luey V and the New Money crew including Laurence Maroney on stage.

Comedian Matt Collins announced the Promoter of the Year to:

Hella Fly Promotions

Another skit

Mo Lyric won Host of the Year

Mo Lyric was overwhelmed with happiness over her win.

She also got the Most Happy Award that nite.

Mo Lyric also did a happy dance.

The New Money crew performed again.

They were all up in it!

Silas the Stylist announced Radio Song of the Year to:

Yung Ro for "Candy Girl."

Yung Ro returned back at the podium to pick up the Club Song of the Year for the same song and commented about how the haters didnt think he should have won all four of his nominations at last year's TMAs and gave them the smelly sign with his hands, as did his crew.

Brittney J performed.

A long shot of the audience.

Mizz Bell won Songwriter of the Year

Mizz Bell posed with her award.

Strap and Jay performed.

Block Boyz also performed.

Khalia and her brother announced the Female Artist to:

Ruby J

Tony J brought on stage the STL board game St Louis-opoly.

Stage managers, including Mo TMA (right) keeping the show in line.

Rapper Big Will performed.

Singer Seven Lii performed with a "Thriller' dance intro with dancers.

Rappers Ebony Eyez and Chocolate Tai rapping on the remix to Mo Tre's "Crush"

Mo Tre, who won two awards for Collabo and Group, performing "Crush"

NOTE: Other winners that nite were Nelly (who didnt appear) for CD of the Year for "5.0", Derrty Ent for Label of the Year Bradd Young for R&B Artist/group, Phat Buddha for Studio of the Year, Country Brown for DJ of the Year, and T Will for "Mixtape of the Year for "The Arch" and Video of the Year for"Moolah."

The awards, that were well attended, were televised for the first time live for Charter and filmed by Block DVD (for later broadcasts). Although the award show was quite long, about four hours long (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.) , the show went smoothly in the show(even when a several fights occurred during a mass exit 30 minutes from the end of the show and security tasering the offenders). Twenty-two awards were given out that nite . There were some some surprises of the winners, one being Molyric winning Host of the Year over Mocha Latte who won it three years straight. The big winners that nite were Mo Tre, T-Will, Ray the Kidd, and Yung Ro winning two.

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