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OUT 974--ILLI MO arts and ent BITZ (MAR 10-MAR 16)

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Don't forget to check out SNAP HONEY the upcoming production from Maatology Productions March 18-20! (CLICK ON PIC TO ENLARGE)

As we continue our celebration of Womens History Month from an ILLI MO arts and entertainment point of view, we spotlight the late Barbara Ann Teer.

Ms. Teer was born in East St. Louis, Ill., on June 18, 1937, and moved to New York City after earning a bachelor of arts in dance from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. On Broadway, Ms. Teer was dance captain in “Kwamina,” a 1961 show choreographed by Agnes de Mille, and appeared in 1966 as an actor in William Inge’s comedy “Where’s Daddy?”

In 1968, she founded the National Black Theater, an institution dedicated to the performing arts, community advocacy and the appreciation of the history and lifestyle of black Americans. The theater, which bought its own building at 125th Street and Fifth Avenue in New York City with financing she arranged, produces shows, lectures and other special events, presents art exhibits, conducts workshops and holds classes.

As executive director, not only was Ms. Teer in charge of fund-raising and administration, she also wrote and directed for a music, dance and theater troupe that appeared at Lincoln Center and on the public television program “Soul.” The company toured in Bermuda, Guyana, Haiti, South Africa and Trinidad, as well as in the United States.

After receiving honorary doctorates in the mid-1990s from the University of Rochesterand the Southern Illinois University, she referred to herself, and was known to colleagues, as Dr. Teer.

Teer died June of 2008 at the age of 71 of natural causes.


The Oprah Winfrey Network announced this week that it is overhauling its schedule in the face of low ratings and anxious advertisers.

From reports, the channel's most popular series, "Behind The Scenes," which follows the backstage making of Oprah's talk show, is being moved from Fridays to Sundays beginning April 27. "Behind The Scenes" will be paired with "Master Class" on Sundays. Following the latter's end, a reality show about Naomi and Wynonna Judd will air after "Behind The Scenes." Further celebrity reality shows will be coming soon.

In addition, OWN is cutting back on its original programming--from four days a week to three. This goes against what OWN's chief executive Christina Norman told the New York Times last week: that people want more original programming, not less.

The announcement came on the same day that the New York Post reported that OWN executives were trying to calm jittery advertisers, who are nervous about the relatively soft ratings the channel has had since its blockbuster launch in January.

There have been about 135,000 people watching OWN, according to the Nielsen Company, and only about 45,000 of those people are women ages 25 to 54, the demographic that the channel is focusing on.

Those ratings levels, down about 10 percent from Discovery Health’s levels last year, are being carefully watched by people who would like to rebuild cable channels around other celebrities, and by investors who worry that OWN is a drag on Discovery’s stock.

Ms. Winfrey and her partner, Discovery Communications, have preached patience, especially because she will have a minimal presence on the channel until after “The Oprah Winfrey Show” that is filmed in Chicago, ends its 25th run in September.

She emphasized that new episodes of the 12 series that have premiered so far were generally doing better than the Discovery Health programs that they replaced. But the channel is down overall because people aren’t sticking around for repeats.

She said her goal this year remains to double Discovery Health’s ratings and accumulate 50 million to 60 million viewers each month. Nielsen said the cumulative audience for OWN was nearly 42 million people in January, up from 37 million who tuned into Discovery Health at some point in the same month last year.

Hmm interesting that even Oprah has to bow down to who is paying for her channel-- the advertisers. In this flood market of reality TV and viral videos, the network definitely has to find programs that will keep the audience they are trying to maintain. Our suggestion: Bring back the TV Movie of the Week like back in the day. Lifetime made its mark with these movies with an emphasis on women issues.

Chicago reared superstar rapper Kanye West made newz this week for lawsuits that were pending around him, one with music and the other his personal biz.

A lawsuit in which another rapper accused West of stealing the lyrics for "Stronger" was dismissed last week. Virginia rapper Vince P. (a.k.a. Vince Peters PICTURED RIGHT) claimed that Kanye West's hit, from 2007's Graduation, was a cribbed version of his own song of the same title. Vince P alleged that in November 2006 he played his song for John Monopoly, who at the time was a member of West's inner circle. West's legal representatives, Pryor Cashman LLP, requested that the case be dismissed, citing that the songs were not similar enough to warrant copyright infringement. Judge Virginia M. Kendall of the Northern District of Illinois agreed and granted Cashman's motion to dismiss the case on March 3.

We figured the ruling would go this way as we predicted. If a song isn't "published" (meaning produced in a tangible and fixed form like a CD, video, or digital single set for commercial release to the public) but just "registered" as was the case with Vince P, then its hard for one to prove someone had stolen ones idea when the alleged stealee has a "published" work. well I guess Vince P at least got some free publicity out if the matter.


Marion "Suge" Knight's lawsuit against West stemmed from a shooting in 2005 at a Miami Beach nightclub looks like will get settled. The infamous Death Row Records co-founder was shot in the leg at a pre-VMA party held for West at the Shore Club. Knight sued the Chicago rapper, claiming he was ultimately responsible for the suspect security at the venue.

Late last year a Miami judge threw out Knight's lawsuit, which sought over a million dollars in damages, due to a lack of evidence. Knight still had the option to appeal, but he ultimately decided to stop pursuing the case. There have been reports that an undisclosed settlement between both parties was reached.

"I thought we had a good chance at an appeal, but Suge's mom was very ill and that weighed heavily with him," Marc Brumer, Knight's attorney, told MTV News. "I can't talk about anything else but the case has been settled."

West's civil litigator Adam Josephs of Josephs Jack was unable to comment on the actual settlement but said, "It's nice to put this matter behind us and move on."

Now this is puzzling to us. If Knight;s camp decided not to appeal, then that means the lower court's decision stands which was the case was dismissed due to lack of evidence. So our question is, if Ye;s camp and Knights camp came up with a settlement, then isnt that admitting to some guilt on Ye's part? Usually people settle before they even take the case to court if they see they will lose the case, but in this case , pun intended, the judge threw the suit out meaning Ye was not charged due to lack of evidence on Knights part. Hmmm.

In unrelated Ye newz, A representative for a top London fashion college has dismissed reports Kanye West has applied to study for a masters degree at the prestigious school. He previously designed for brands including Louis Vuitton and Nike, and he cemented his love of fashion in 2009 by traveling to Italy complete an internship at Fendi. A report in British newspaper The Sun suggested the rapper was hoping to build on his design skills by applying for a place at
Central Saint Martins College
and met with school administrators last week for an interview. But the school's press officer, Jo Ortmans, insists West's recent visit to the educational institute had nothing to do with wanting to study there.


In other lawsuit newz, St. Louis native singer/songwriter Akon is suing his former booking agent for breach of contract and trademark infringement. The singer/producer and bosses at his Kon Live Touring, Inc. company filed a complaint against American Talent Agency, Inc. on last Thursday, in New York.

The plaintiffs accuse ATA's officials of failing to pay "earned performance fees" and "booking unapproved appearances and performances for Akon". Akon's company terminated its relationship with ATA in 2010 and instructed bosses there to immediately stop providing any further booking services on the star's behalf or exploiting Akon's name, picture or likeness for commercial purposes.

But a spokesman for the star says, "Despite terminating the booking agreement, ATA has secretly booked appearances for Akon in, among other places,
Dubai, India, Nigeria and Singapore. ATA has wrongly received substantial deposits from promoters hoping to secure Akon's appearance at events."

"ATA has yet to pay Kon Live Touring at least $750,000 in performance fees for live shows Akon already performed and it continues to falsely advertise itself as Akon's booking agent on the ATA website. Creative Artists Agency, LLC is Akon's exclusive booking agent."

Well its a no brainer here on who's guilty prima facie (on the face), but the question is when Akon's camp broke ties with ATA, was it a legal break? Cuz as they say, there's two, sometimes three and four and etc, sides to a story.

In more Oprah newz, The media mogul has shared five pages from her hand-written journals, which are featured in the April issue of "O, The Oprah Magazine."

In the spread, Oprah talks about her first dating experience, her filming "The Color Purple," among other revelations. The magazine's iPad app will exclusively feature 11 additional pages of journal entries, including this one dated Nov. 19, 1970: "Today was Teacher Appreciation Day. It went over a lot better than I thought. I like Anthony. I'm beginning to realize how much now. It's so much fun getting to know him. Peach is so funny. The world is funny and Dad is Double Funny. Terrific. Deciding about college is racking my brain. I've got a psychology test tomorrow and haven't studied one bit. Why I do stuff like this is beyond me. The wind is blowing outside. And inside it's sooo cozy. O' sweet dreams of Toni. Peace on Earth, God Bless, etc, etc."

The April magazine also marks O's first-ever poetry issue, which features Maria Shriver as guest editor (another O Mag first) and hits newsstands on March 15.


Speaking of revelations, St. Louis bred rap mogul Nelly 's Behind The Music documentary was aired on VH1 Monday. On the episode, he revealed his checkered childhood which involved drug dealing, being a teen parent and living a life of crime, the physical abuse of his father, being displaced to several homes, the incarceration of his half brother, St. Lunatic member-- City Spud, the death of his half sister Jackie, dealing drugs, his commercial success, his depression, the Tipdrill controversy and meeting his on-off again relationship with singer Ashanti. Interviewed along with Nelly were Ashanti, Kelly Rowland, his mother, Chalena mack, his manager T Luv, St. Lunatic members Ali (who was the original lead rapper in the St Lunatics the documentary revealed) Kyjuan, and Murphy Lee, and his father Cornell Haynes Sr. The STL also was spotlighted mainly University City area, the city Nelly was raised and his Nelly's Black and White Ball. Except for Nelly, Ashanti and Kelly Rowland's interviews (which were dome in L.A.) , the interviews were filmed at The Pageant in St. Louis.

And the split between ex St. Lunatic member Slo Down and the band mates were, oddly, yet predictably, not addressed.

And in more court ish, Former Illinois givernor and currentreality show star Rod Blagojevich and reality show star asked a judge Wednesday to cancel his retrial and immediately sentence him, arguing that financial woes would prevent him from mounting an adequate defense.

Blagojevich insisted he isn't admitting guilt to the 24 counts against him, including one conviction of lying to the FBI according to the motion filed in the U.S. District Court. He is accused of trying to sell President Obama's old Senate seat. When Obama was elected President, it fell to the then Illinois governor to appoint a replacement to Obama's Senate seat.

Now Blagojevich claims he's so cash-strapped that his lawyers haven't been paid in nine months. He argued skipping the retrial would save money for both himself and taxpayers.

Critics say Blagojevich is just trying to avoid a retrial in which he could be sentenced to additional jail time. Many were surprised last year, during the original trial, when Blago was found guilty on just one count. He could face up to five years in prison on that lone conviction.

The retrial is set to begin April 20. U.S. District Judge James Zagel and federal prosecutors would have to agree to dismiss the remaining counts against the former governor for him to get a pass on the retrial.

Hmmm. Sounds like stratgey at work for the Blago camp. And with the ecomony the way it is, it is a sound argumnet to dimss the retrial, but the question is, would it be granted? We think that it will not be just because Blago is claiming he’s broke and cant pay his lawyers Thast not the prosecution’s fault. And like with any case, in a court of law, based on Miranda Rights, if you can’t afford a laywer, a lawyer will be appointed to you.


ILLIMOIAN contestants Kaisa Pilewicz ofWheaton, Ill. (RIGHT)and Monique Weignart from Hebron, Ill (FAR RIGHT)made it through the 3rd week of the 16th Cycle of America's Next Top Model. The show airs Wednesdays on the CW.

On American Idol, last week's results show dwindling the Top 24 to Top 13, of the two ILLIMOIANs, Hailey Reinhert of Wheeling, Ill. made it in the original Top 10 America's choices without the 3 Wild Card choices from the judges. This week's results show will be this Thursday to eliminate one person from the Top 13.

UPDATE: She was in the Bottom Three in Thursdays Results show and was SAFE.

Richard McClure, CEO of United Van Lines, a movers company, will be profiled on the hit CBS show "Undercover Boss" March 13. On the show, chief executives go undercover in disguise into their businesses and see how their employees work. The epsiode was taped in December at the company's headquaretrs in St. Louis. McClure has been the company's CEO since 2002.


On Billboard's Hot 100 Kanye West has two songs in Top 40 this week. The highest charted is is featuring on Katy Perry's 4th consecutive Top 10 hit, "E.I" that holds a second week at No. 8 on a bullet in its 4th week on the chart. The second appearance is his own solo hit, "All of the Lights" moving up two spots to No. 29 in its 10th week. On the R&B/Hip Hop charts, "All of the Lights" moves up two spots to No. 6 in its 14th week. Eminem falls one spot to No. 11 with his featuring on Dr Dre's comeback single, "I Need A Doctor" with Skyler Gray in its 5th week. Jerimih appears to makes strides slowly and closer to his 2nd Top 10 hit as his song, "Down on Me" featuring 50 Cent moves up eight spots to No. 12 in its 17th week. On the R&B/Hip Hop charts, Jerimih lands his 2nd Top 10 hit with "Down" moving up one spot to No. 10. On the same charts, He is also featured on Lloyd Banks' single, "I Dont Deserve You" that moves up three spots to No. 42. Lupe Fiasco moves up two spots to No. 41 with his song, "The Show Goes On." On the R&B /Hip Hop charts, R Kelly holds for a second week at No. 15 with "Love Letter."

Two well known personalities made public appearances recently in St. Louis. First, civil rights figure Andrew Young (RIGHT)spoke at the Touhill Performing Arts Center for the University Missouri--St Louis Ethics Project that took place Feb. 28. On Tuesday, TV personalty and well known doctor Dr, Oz hosted a luncheon and lecture downtown at the Four Seasons Hotel at Lumiere Place.


Pop icon Janet Jackson headlined three sold out nights at the Chicago Theatre March 7-9 with positive reviews of her scaled down shows. To see a review go to
She will be in St Louis March 31 at the Fox Theatre and that show is also sold out.

Speaking of the Fox Theatre, The Intimacy Tour featuring singers Kem, Musiq Soulchild and opener Ledisi took place last Saturday at The Fox Theatre.
According to a review from Riverfront Times, " The Detroit native exuded "grown man swag" as he took the stage in dark-colored slacks and a button-down shirt with a fedora...(he) added to the theme of intimacy by often taking a seat and prefacing his songs with a little background information. "I might be able to carry a tune, but songwriting is what I do,"...Ledisi joined him for the duet "If It's Love."

Accoridng to a reveiw in the St. Louis American, " Fans were eager to show their appreciation...Because of his jazz and R&B hybrid delivery vocal style, Kem is most commonly compared to the style of Al Jarreau. But anyone ( like those in the full house of the Fox on Saturday night) who looks and listens closely will take note that his arrangements, natural ability to draw people in with his storytelling and live shows can't help but give him credit as an artist in his own right .His encore performance of the lesser-known tune "I Get Lifted," wasn't as strong as the rest of his set, but Kem easily abolished any doubt of his ability to headline a show.

Kem also showed his charitable side when he gave a cash reward to a young honor roll student he'd met with backstage (We didnt get the amount of money)

The mid liner Musiq Soulchild according to the reviews was just OK.

From the RFT: Given Musiq's lengthy career and high profile, his performance was relatively short - so favorites such as "Mary Go Round" and "Dontchange" didn't make the cut.

From the American: Vocal missteps, timing issues between the singer and the band ruined any opportunity for Musiq to offer a memorable performance.

He attempted to pull radio hits like "Teach Me," "Love," and "Half-Crazy" out of his bag of tricks to woo the crowd, but he never managed to establish a connection.

Every ounce of energy set up by Ledisi was lost in Soulchild's shuffle by the time Kem was to take the stage - but it didn't matter.

Opener Ledisi was mesmerizing according to the reviews.

RFT: (She) immediately grabbed the crowd's attention with her jazzy, expressive vocals and her playful personality. The soulful chanteuse wasn't shy about mentioning her four Grammy nominations (she did on more than one occasion), but a paltry twenty-minute set was sufficient time to show that she'd come by them honestly. Accompanied only by a single guitarist and a backup singer (who would occasionally play the shaker), the acoustic arrangement was ideal for Ledisi to show off her intoxicating voice .

The American: Ledisi left quite an impression on the crowd, as they seemed reluctant to let her leave once her brief time onstage came to an end.

Her big talent made the 20-minute set seem especially tiny. However, it was refreshing to see an artist who has been flying under the R&B radar garner such praise and attention from a city known for being skeptical of unfamiliar faces.

2011 Grammy Award winning indy band Arcade Fire will be at the Scott Trade Center April 21.

2011 Grammy nominee Florence and the Machine will perform July 5 at the Pageant. Tickets go on sale Friday.

Tickets go on sale March 12 for the May 21 stop of Tim McGraw's "Emotional Traffic" tour at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Primus is performing May 29 at the Pageant

Rapper Talib Kweli will perform April 19 at Pop's.

Veteran actor Antonio Faragas will star in the St. Louis Black Rep’s next production The Real McCoy starting March 16 at the Grandel Square Theatre (SEE BLACK REP BITZ BELOW)

ADD: Walter Mosley will be at St. Louis County Library Headquarters (1640 S. Lindbergh) to read from and discuss his latest book, When the Thrill is Gone, on Saturday, March 12 at 7 p.m. For more information, call (314) 993-4400.

Two authors with STL ties are making imprints in the city. Award winning journalist James S. Hirsch (RIGHT), who attended the Missouri School of Journalism, will discuss his biography of Willie Mays at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters on March 24. On Wednesday. author Paula McCain (FAR RIGHT) discussed and signed her novel Paris wives, dealing with writer Ernest Hemingway's three "St. Louis" wives at Left Bank Books on Euclid.


Last weekend, the 4th Annual Traffic Music Awards, produced by 314 Hits, took place at The Ambassador. This was the first time the awards were expanded to three nites (dubbed Too Much Action) Over 40 awards (more like Couvassier gift boxes), were given out to the winners in the categories of music, TV, and businesses. The majority of the awards were given out on Sunday.

THE BIG WINNERs all copped two awards

Black Pearl Entertainment who won Best Tattoo Shop, Best Business and Label of the Year

Rapper Yung Ro for Club and Radio Song for "Candy Girl."

Rapper T Will with Mixtape of the year ("Follow the Arch") and Video ("Moolah")

Mp Tre for Group of the Year and Best Collaboration ("Crush" with Ebony Eyez)

Ray the Kid kicked off the first two wins of Sunday nite with Song and Street Song for "All I Do is Shine."

Other winners included Nelly for CD of the Year for "5.0", Derrty Ent or Label of the Year, and Bradd Young for R&B Artist.

There were some shocks as well:

Three time nominee Gena was left empty handed.

Promoter Mocha Latte (FAR LEFT) lost the Host of the Year award (that she has won for three consecutive years) to Mo Lyric.

Here is the partial list of the the winners during the three nite affair

Studio of the Year Phat Budda Studios

CD/Album of the Year Nelly "5.0"

Music Video of the Year T-Will "Moolah"

Mixtape of the Year T-Will The Deal "Follow The Arch"

Graphics Designer/Company of the Year Money Graphics LLC

Beauty Shop of the Year Shi Salon

Coemdian of the Year Ms Funy

Model of the Year Bri

Dancer/Choreographer of the Year Money Bound Angels

Group of the Year MoTre

Label of the Year Derrt Ent.

R&B Artist/Group of the Year Bradd Young

Female Artist of the Year Rubie July

Song Writer of the Year Mz. Bell

Club Song of the Year Yung Ro "Candy Girl"

Radio Song of the Year Yung Ro "Candy Girl"

Host of the Year Molyric

Barber Shop of the Year Loose End

Venue of the Year Envy

Clothing Designer/Company of the Year Ambition / Kyle Quicc Collier

Collaboration of the Year MoTre ft. Ebony Eyez "Crush"

Promoter of the Year Hella Fly

Producer of the Year Tarboy

Alternative/Rock Artist/Group of the Year Option Control "No Way Out"

Film/Videographer of the Year Rem Rod Films

Male Artist of the Year Ruka Puff

Song of the Year Ray Da Kid "All I Do Is Shine"

Street Song of the Year Ray Da Kid "Shine"

Radio Personality of the Year Staci Static Hot 104.1

DJ of the Year County Brown Mane

For the complete list of winners go to

Speaking of awards, Liquid Assets will have its 3rd Annual Notice Me Awards Meet and Greet this Thursday during Redd hott Thursdays at Club Amnesia where the six nominees in each particular category will be revealed. The award show itself will take place March 27 at Jive and Wail in downtown St. Louis.


St. Louis native model and former America's Next Top Model finalist Gabrielle Michelle had relocated to New York cit to pursue her modeling career (So we guess her reveal a few months ago about quitting modeling was more like saying quitting modeling in St. Louis. LOL) Also, former Delux Magazine exec is spending is time working in Boise, Idaho. He will commute from both cities.

STL PISCESians B-DAZEs (March 10-13) Rapper Chingy, singer David Peaston, promoter Daryel Oliver, comedian Tahir Moore, fashion designer Janet Wright, dee-jay DJ Krisstyle, promoter David Damo Morris, TV producer James Thomas, model Kenneth McClure , fitness trainer Brandon Demps, and promoter/graphic designer Miata Lewis,.

BLIND PICZ . Who was the brotha who was in his own world with a bottle of Gray Goose at the Traffc Music Awards last Sunday?

BLIND DISHZ . Which STL personality was spotted exiting Golds Gym on Lindbegrh in St. Louis?

HINT 1. This person is a male
HINT 2. This person is a promoter of events at a venue that represents a "colorful emotion"
HINT 3. This person won a " Traffic Music Award last weekend.

PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. Who got it in this week? Promoters Mocha Latte and Phil Assets

Mocha Latte. This lovely sista of Monopoly Promotions is about to join forces with Mo Spoon of MPAC to host March Mania at The Loft (SEE MOCHAs CORNER) this Friday and her regular hosting gig at
Saturday Night Live. Ladies Night at The Label. She willa lso host Tru Ent and t Dumas' Fire and Ice Fashion Show thsi Sunday at Jive and Wail in downtown St. Louis (SEE EVENTS BELOW)

Phil Assets. This brotha continues to get it in every week as thr CEO of his group Liquid Assets. This Thursday , his group is prepping to reveal the nominees for the 3rd Annual Notice Me Awards at Redd Hott Thursdays at Club Amnesia. The group also will be at the club at its regular party events Fierce Fridays and
Sucessful Saturdays

WORDZ TO THE WHYZ???????????????????????????????

Why are energy drink companies forming Tigerblood products based on Charlie Sheen's reference to his own concoction of Tigerblood? Why are people filling out e-line applications to apply to be Charlie Sheen's intern? Why are there reports that Oprah was pissed off at Aretha Franklin for going on Wendy Williams' talk show than on hers? Why is Wocka Flocka gonna go nude for an upcoming PETA ad? Why are women fluttering over Chris Brown's frontal nude sexting pic? Why did a STL Parkway teacher resign just because it was discovered she had a past doing prono movies? Why did coach Phil Jackson rip Miami Heat players for crying in the lockerrom? Why couldnt Foxy Brown think of posituve thinsg she dioes in the communtiy when she phoned in to the Tom Joyner Mornin show this week? Why is Tiki Barber tryin to make a comeback to the NFL? Why is PETA protesting Mike Tyson's pigeon show? Why doesnt Berry Gordy ever age? Why did rapper Ebony Eyez bring her purse up on stage to perform with Mo Tre at the Traffic Music Awards? Why did a reverend in Clinton Maryland rallied against NAACP having rappers nominated for Image Awards?


Stress Free Fridays will be at the Inspot Dessert Bar and Lounge in 5854 Delmar in University City Loop 5 p.m.

Grammy Award winning veteran singer/songwriter Janis Ian will perform as a part of the Old Rock House’ s Listening Room Series March 11,

Old school hip hop artists Salt N Pepa, Kurtis Blow....

BIz Markie.....

MC Lyte and Kool Moe Dee

will perform at Chaifetz Arena March 12

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

When • 8 p.m. Friday, and 2 and 8 p.m. March 12

Where • Fox Theatre, 527 North Grand Boulevard

How much • $25-$65

More info • 314-534-1111 or 314-534-6622; or

Tru Entertainment and T Couture present Fire and Ice Fashion Show March 13, 8 p.m. at Jive N Wail, 1227 Washington Ave., If you want more info or RSVP call 314.265.5902. Hosted by Mocha Latte.



Mocha has teamed up with Mo Spoon of MPAC for March Mania Fri March 11 at the The loft everyone free til 11 p.m. open bar ti midnite

Mocha will host Tru Entertainmemnt and T Couture's runway show Fire and Ice at Jive N Wail (SEE EVENTZ ABOVE)

Mocha's monthly poetry showcase Got Lyrics will take place March 16 at Exo.

Mocha hosts Ladies Night and Saturday Night Live (secind Saturdays) every Saturdays at the Label.

R.E.A.L. Love Celebration is a community empowerment and psycho-educational event that celebrates healthy relationships and teaches Black males and females of all ages how to initiate meaningful dialogue and develop healthy relationships based onR.E.A.L. love.

Based on the fact that almost 50% of Black women are not married and 69% of Black children are born to unwed Black women, the theme for this year’s celebration is entitled“A Black Woman’s Worth: My Queen and Backbone”.

Day 1 - Thursday March 24, 2011 (7 - 9 p.m.) (Free DVD with Ticket purchase)

WHAT: Film Premiere and Panel discussion of "A Black Woman's Worth: My Queen and Backbone"


6350 Delmar in The Loop

St. Louis, MO 63130

WHO: Filmmaker - Dwayne L. Buckingham

Mocha us hosting and moderating this.

Day 2 - Friday March 25, 2011 (7 - 9 p.m.) (Free Music CD with Ticket purchase)

WHAT: Spoken word performances by various artists & live music performances of the film soundtrack

WHERE: Legacy Cafe

5249 Delmar Blvd

St. Louis, MO 63108

WHO: Soul and R&B artists Prolyric and Tarlise

Mocha is hosting.

Day 3 - Saturday March 26, 2011 (1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.) (Free Food with Ticket purchase)

WHAT: Educational workshop - How to Love and Respect A Black Woman

WHERE: Centennial Commons

7210 Olive Blvd

University City, MO 63130

WHO: Dwayne L. Buckingham and Dr. Shonta Smith

Sponsored by RHCS, CHAARM/St. Louis & Global Nation

Mocha is hosting.




Mocha's column COFFEE TALK can be seen in the weekly The Evening Whirl newspaper published on Mondays.

For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917



STL Come Out, April 17th @ Fubar $10 Hip-Hop/R&B show. purchase online before Mar 19th and save $3 off…

Rhythm & Words Wednesdays 2nd & 4th Wed every month Meshon's Bar & Grill 410 N Tucker Blvd


ThundaGrownd Thursday Variety Showcase Final Thu. of every month8:30pm - 10:30pm $5 cover Big Moe's1072 Tower Grove St across from Sweetie Pie's on Manchester


Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic Final Friday of the month $5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free 812 Martin Luther King Dr,East St. Louis


New CD "ThundaGrowndPresentsA.D. Fire & Adrenaline"

Aireez DaRychuss music available online now

MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss




By Andrew Moodie
Elijah McCoy may be the greatest inventor you have never heard of. A prodigy since birth, his lifetime of study eventually led him to an invention that changed modern transportation forever, the self-lubricating steam engine. And that’s just one of the many inventions society can thank him for, as we’ll learn in this historical work making its U.S. Premiere. His personal and professional lives can be measured in equal parts triumph and tragedy as he struggles to make his way as an African-American inventor at the turn of the 19th century.

The Real McCoy By Lynn Nottage

March 16 – April 10, 2011

For tickets go to



Black Pearl Sings!

By Frank Higgins

April 20 – May 15


The Montford Point Marine

By Samm-Art Williams

May 25 – June 26




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