Monday, November 1, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology There's Delux Magazine CEO Keith griffin with adult film star Aurora Jo Lei who was the special guest to the event. Check out the pics and see her costume that she had shown!

There's socialite Valarie Johnson in her costume (we think) of a Nebraska Huskies fan.

Some Hennessey samples.

The dee-jay on the mp3s.

People in costume including a Playboy Bunny and another sex kitten,

An Arab, a doctor with blood stains (we can just imagine what that represents) and a Juan Valdez.

A native American girl, a witch, and Strawberry Shortcake

One of the bartenders as a Native American

There's Carri Griffin (in a new blonde do), who also was celebrating her b-day, talking with a friend who was dressed as a Mardis Gras attendee and another Mardis Gras attendee who didnt want her pic taken. LOL.

There's Miss Robin and a Martial Arts expert coming in. But where was Batman?

Right there!

Lei pushin up her... bra. lol

Griffin and Lei up in VIP.

"Where's the beads? "LOL

Lei and Griffin. And in the next pic below you will see what Lei's costume was..............

...Showing the cam her arse. LOL

Cleopatra and Lady Gaga.

There's St. Lunatic member City Spud coming through dressed as....City Spud. LOL

The French Maid needs to serve!

Another bartender in her Mardis Gras mask ensem.

The clown in the house!

Therre's Freetime's Roy Robinson (who never disappoints with his costumes) as Eddie Murphy's lounge singer character in Coming To America and his lady was a Goldigger. Classic.LOL

Someone in a Dead Presidents costume.

There's Delux Magazine editor Brian Shields, who also was celebrating his b-day, as hip hop guy in a gold chain.

This guy was a gynecologist named Dr. Seymour Bush. LOL

Folk on the dance floor.

Close To Famous' Triky in swag mode with a fan.


NOTE: The City had a better variety of folk with costumes than Exo. We were under the impression that City Spud was hosting the Halloween contest at Club Amnesia with Kyjuan, but we guess he changed his mind.


We checked out Liquid Massacre, the special edition of Open Bar Saturdays hosted by promoter/socialite Mocha Latte who dressed as a Grecian goddess.

There's Majic 104.9 ad director Arrika Parr as an Educated Black Woman and her friend.

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley came through to remind people to vote Nov. 2.

Latte posing with an attendee.

Latte with b-day gent singer/ producer Tony Vega as a prisoner.

Latte posing with Miss Raquel as a Aloha Girl, Miss Dionne as a flapper and Stacey
as a warden.

"So where is your tail?" LOL

Folk at the tented patio area.

Catwoman and a Clown Doctor.

A pumpin carved with what was flowing that nite. LOL

A long shot of one side of the venue.

Hmm, we wonder what he is diggin for? LOL

Latte on the mic wtaking a pic with Miss Sea and Miss Anna with Snow White in the background.

NOTE: It wasnt a big crowd, but those who were there got their party on!


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