Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Before we get into the bitz, on Wednesday, President Barack Obama named this year’s recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom award. Two of the recipients are from the ILLIMO area Cardinals baseball legend Stan Musial, who will turn 90 years old on Sunday, who is from and still lives in St. Louis and poet educator Dr. Maya Angelou also from St. Louis (see BITZ below of her upcoming appearance in the city). The others include Former President George H.W. Bush; Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel; U.S. Rep. John Lewis, John H. Adams, co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council; Warren Buffet, investor and philanthropist; Jasper Johns, artist; Dr. Tom Little, U.S. ophthalmologist; Yo-Yo Ma, musician; Sylvia Mendez, civil rights activist; Bill Russell, former NBA player; Jean Kennedy Smith, former ambassador; and John Sweeney, former AFL-CIO president. No date has been set on when the ceremony will take place next year but it will take place at the White House.

Musial’s honor is also the big STL story this week.


Chitown based rap superstar Kanye West continues to make newz with his latest antics. Over the weekend, Kanye announced on his Twitter account that he will not do the scheduled live concert appearance on The Today Show on Nov. 26, the day after Thanksgiving. West decided this after getting upset with how his interview with host Matt Lauer last broadcast Thursday (and filmed last Tuesday) was handled. West's record company confirmed the cancellation. He was scheduled to appear as part of a promotion drive for his new disc, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," which is being released Nov. 22.

West tweeted this week that he felt "set up" by the interview and that Lauer tried to force his answers. His cancellation notice was accompanied by mixed messages.

"Much love to Matt and the whole Today show," he said in a Twitter message. "I accept ya'll future apology in advance LOL!"

The aftermath from the failed interview has caused West’s media trainer to hand in her resignation. According to the New York Times, media specialist Susie Arons only spent about 3 days with the rapper.

According to the tab, though his image consultants advised him not to do the interview, Kanye decided in the last minute he wanted to accept Lauer’s invitation and personally offer his apologies for former President Bush for calling him a “racist.”

“The rapper’s camp on Monday hired Susie Arons, an executive vice president at Rubenstein Communications, for help handling the interview,” the Post writes.

Arons didn’t want him to do the interview, but she got a call from Ye's folk that he was about to go live with Matt Lauer. She reportedly rushed to the NBC Studios in NYC to assist Ye—but to no avail.

“West shut himself in a dressing room with Susie, and could be heard rehearsing possible questions and answers. But the interview began, and it was as though he had crammed for a test and then his mind went blank,” a show insider says for the Post.

And the rest will live in Ye’s infamy.

During the commercial break, Aron reportedly again tried to help him out but failed.

“When Lauer and West took a break, West ‘huddled again with the media trainer because he still hadn’t found a way to express himself,’ said our source,” the Post writes.

Arons resigned a day after the interview aired last Thursday.

Well, nothin surprising here. That was a head on collision about to predicted. There was no way Arons could tame Ye (It’s like trying to take raw meat from a lion!). Ye probably meant well in expressing himself on the Today Show, but when Ye decided to do the interview on his own, regardless of advise—there was no turning back of the media wreckage.

In related newz, several stalwarts in the hip-hop community are rallying around Ye in support of his comments about President Bush including hip-hop moguls Russell Simmons and Jay Z.


Chitown native and Grammy winner Lupe Fiasco.

Simmons wrote, "He writes, "When you (Kanye)spoke about President Bush during the Katrina telethon, it was not the particulars of your words that mattered, it was the essence of a feeling of the insensitivity towards our communities that many of us have felt for far too long."There is no need to apologise, Kanye. You spoke from your heart and that is all we will ever ask from you. Don't be afraid of the press, as your art is your blueprint... Keep on, Kanye."

Jay Z said: " I 100 percent agreed with the comments that he made, because again ... it felt like it was being done to black people. Like all you saw on the news was black people on the news with help signs and all this stuff...Just the fact that he thinks that the worst thing that happened to him is Kanye saying something about him. Like, what? That alone shows you where his mind is. Are you kidding me?"

Fiasco was more blunt with his take when he went on Twitter and posted: “That nigga was a tyrant and a menace! American Imperialist and terrorist! Supported financial chicanery and illegal wars...fuck him!” Lupe proceeded to throw more support in Kanye's corner, Tweeting, "Till @kanyewest is responsible for the deaths of Hundreds Of Thousands of people he good in my book

Like we said in a past blog that we felt Ye shouldn’t have apologized either. His sentiments were agreed upon those who felt neglected by President Bush during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Ye may be a bit volatile mentally, but you gotta hand it to him that he is the only artist these days who’s willing to take a stand and say what he feels regardless of the politics involved with his career. We need more artists like Ye who don;t do “group thinking" and politically correct stances on issues that plague this country, yet alone the world.

What’s hilarious about Ye’s latest media brouhaha is that the same person that has caused him to pull the plug on the Today Show performance (co-host Matt Lauer) will be hosting the upcoming Macys Day Thanksgiving Parade where Ye will be performing!

In unrelated Ye newz, it was reported this week that those now infamous Internet leaked nude pics he had taken and sent to various women on Myspace who in turn sent to interested online sites for money were turned down by Playgirl Magazine (none of the websites paid for them either) . Reps from Playgirl told E!Online that they were offered the pictures for six figures, but turned them down. But now have regrets for doing so. A rep said: “It would have cost us $100,000, and we said no. We should have said yes.”

Ye went on record as saying his only regret was the leaked pic of his exposed penis was cropped and wasn’t all shown! Oh My!


Speaking of Lupe Fiasco, he debuted at No.57 on the Billboard Hot 100 with hsi latest single, "The Show Goes On." off his upcoming, and long awated CD, "Lasers."


Chitown talk show mogul Oprah Winfrey is trying to find the same audience that appeared on her very first show of her national daytime talk show 25 years ago for her last show in September 2011.

Twenty four years ago, the first "Oprah Winfrey Show" was taped in front of a Chicago audience, and as the show enters its final season, producers are looking to bring that audience back.

Since the Sept. 8, 1986 show (PICTURED Is Oprah from that episode) titled "How to Marry the Man/Woman of Your Choice," Oprah Winfrey has become one of the most influential women in the world. While people may have taken her advice on dating in the 80s, her endorsements of anything from books to presidents are now coveted.

According to the show's website, they are "searching for men and women who were guests, callers and audience members at this history-making taping." No word yet on what roll the original audience members will play in the show's final season.

In unrelated Oprah newz, the talk show queen is on the hunt for another abode to add to the rest of her spots to reside. On Wednesday the New York Post reported that she was house hunting in New Jersey in Alpine, a suburb in the city. She got a private tour from a real estate agent of a mansion that was the biggest, most expensive home on the market, a $8 million, gated spot that housed 42 rooms including 12 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a ballroom, a pool house, a tennis and b-ball court. She also toured a spot in Rockford County. Oprah also has a lavish house in Montecito, Calif, a getaway on a Hawaiian hilltop, and high end apartments in Chitown (of course) and NYC.

The amount of money Oprah has, she can buy New Jersey and become its landlord! LOL

In related Oprah newz, Chicago native best selling author Jonathan Franzen, who dissed Oprah's book club when she selected his book The Corrections back in 2001, will have a chance to redeem himself when he sits with Oprah to discuss that ordeal and promote his newest book Freedom, for her latest book club selection on November 29.

St Louis raised singer/producer Akon is supporting the posthumous release of Michael Jackson’s upcoming CD, “Michael.” after Grammy Award winning producer Will.I.Am, who worked with Jackson on songs for his long awaited CD prior to his death, was not pleased with the release and felt it was dishonoring his talent. Akon, who was one of the producers of the album and has a song with The King of Pop “Hold My Hand” that was released Tuesday.

"That's probably Will's opinion," he told TMZ. "Personally, I think it's keeping his legacy alive if you ask me. I don't see anything disrespectful about it. You know, he got his peoples taking care of it. We all did records that we actually worked on together on the album. These records would have came out whether he's alive or dead. I think this actually helps to keep his legacy alive. I honestly disagree with that." Michael Jackson's "Michael" featuring guest appearances by Akon, Lenny Kravitz and 50 Cent, is scheduled to hit stores December 14.

All we can say is, it's America, and in a society that revels celebrities, Jackson is a cash cow since his death, so you add The Cult of Celebrity plus Death equals Moneymaker.

In unrelated newz, Akon will be to create and establish a new University in Senegal for students, in addition to future plans to build hospitals in the country.

Chicago headquartered Ebony Magazine is preparing to move from its hstoric 11 story, 110 square foot building on Michigan ave. in downtown Chicago where they have been located since 1972. Because of the economy, huge downsizing, and receiving several liens on the property from Cook County, Johnson Publishing, the owners of Ebony, sold its building to the highest bidder, Columbia College, for a reported $8 million price tag . Before they move out of the building and seek another space, they will lease space to the college for 18 months.

Chicago native and award winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson is making newz with her acting again as a trailer for the upcoming biopic “Winnie”(PICTURED is Hudson and Terrence Howard) , the story about South African activist Winnie Mandela, has been released online.

In the trailer, she embarks on a "journey of discovery" as she leaves her rural area to become educated, fight for equal rights and meet and marry her future husband, Nelson (played by Terrence Howard) .
To check out the trailer go to

The Oxygen Network is taking on the casting for the third season of the popular TV show “Glee” will be open starting December 18 and 19 in Chicago (and Jan. 8-9 2011 in Dallas). The competition, whose prize is a three-episode appearance on "Glee," will air as a reality show next summer on Oxygen. The network, which owns the syndication rights to the show, is looking for young men and women with strong vocal, acting, dancing abilities and big personalities! Musical theater experience is a plus, but not required. Candidates must be at least 18 years of age (but able to convincingly portray the role of a teen-ager) and be legally eligible to work in the United States. Candidates must also be available to the production in or about January through April 2011 and be willing to travel as part of production. For more info go to



St. Louis based rap mogul Nelly is gettin it in in overtime promoting and socializing this week away from St. Louis.

Nelly is busy making the publicity trail this week
as his 5th studio CD, “5.0” was released in stores
and I-Tunes Tuesday. This week he did his rounds on the talk shows being interviewed and performing. On Tuesday he was on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" , "On Wednesday on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and tomorrow nite on "Chelsea Lately” (His blood brother, and St. Lunatic bandmate City Spud is accompanying Nelly in his TV performances) On Tuesday nite, he along with his biz buddy Jermaine Dupri celebrated his CD at the Playhouse in Los Angeles.

To see him perform on Ellen go to

In St. Louis, there was a "5.0" listening party Tuesday nite, the day of the CD release at Love Nightclub. Nelly was not scheduled to attend. And on Thursday, his St. Lunatic bandmates Kyjuan and Murphy Le along with promoters Close To Famous will present a NELLY 5.0 LISTENING PARTY
at their weekly event UC Me Thursdays. It starts at 9 p.m.

Do yawl think Nelly’s newest CD will top the Billboard 200 Album chart or the R&B/Hip Hop Album Chart? We will have to wait and see after his CD sells a full week next Tuesday and the newest Billboard charts will be complied and are released out next Thursday on Thanksgiving Day.

In Nelly chart newz, Nelly's single, "Just A Dream" moves up one spot Top No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in its 13th week on that chart. It also regains its bullet. The song moves up one spot to No. 6 on the Rap Track Chart with a bullet.
St. Louis resident and Grammy Award winning R&B veteran Ron Isley was the musical guest on The Mo'Nique Show Wednesday night.
IN ILLIMO reality:

Designers Tamara Jones from Chitown and Calvin Tran (who is the ultra diva on the show) from Urbana, Ill. survived WEEK TWO on the fashion show competition FASHION SHOW by default after a contestant quit the contest. It airs Tuesdays on Bravo TV.

Rockford, Ill native Kayla Ferell was sent home in WEEK ELEVEN in a double elimination on Cycle 15 of “America’s Next Top Model”. The show airs Wednesdays on the CW. She made the Top Four.

SURVIVOR Survivor St. Louis native and current Venice, Calif resident model Jud "Fabio" Birza survived Week ELEVEN of “Survivor: Nicaragua." He is part of the remaining nine contestants that are merged into one tribe, Libertad.

HELLS KITCHEN Chitown native chef Trev McGrath will survived WEEK ELEVEN of Hell’s Kitchen. He was in the bottom two and is one of five contestants left. Next week it will be decoded who wins. The show airs Wednesdays on Fox.

St. Louis resident Ginuwine was a guest on the Tom Joyner Morning Show Tuesday where he played snippets from his upcoming CD, Elgin” slated to be released Feb 8. he also performed on the show’s Velvet Cake Room performing his hits “In Those Jeans,” and My Last Chance. He recorded most of his CD at the St. Louis based record label, Notifi, where he’s been signed with since 2008.

Grammy Award winning rapper and Chitown rapepr Twista is making dents with his latest single, "Make a Movie" feat. Chris Brown debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 at No. 94 and moves up one spot from No. 16 to No 15 on Billboard HipHop/R&B Singles Chart in its 15th week on that chart. It moves up one spot to No. 11 on the Rap Singles Chart.
Grammy Award winning Chitown native singer R Kelly continues its small strides on the Billboard Hip Hop/R&B Singles chart with his single, "When a Woamn Loves" moves up two spots from No. 25 to No 23 in teh 12th week on the chart. The song has regained its bullet.

Chicago native comedian Vanessa Fraction has become a creative consultant writer on the Second Season of The Mo’Nique Show on BET . And speaking of the Mo’Nique Show, we are a season late on this, but her sidekick, comedian Rodney Perry is from Chitown. In related Perry newz, he was seen on the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s Meet the browns, playing Mr Brown’s relative.

To see the episode go to

The St. Louis Rams lost to the 49ners last Sunday giving them a 4-5 record . This Sunday, they will play the Atlanta falcons at home at the Edward Jones Dome.

Three venerable African American literary and community figures will be speaking at events in St. Louis

First, The University program board at UMSL is bringing in St. Louis born award winning poet/educator and newest recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom Dr. Maya Angelou who will be speaking at as a featured speaker at Touhill Performing Arts Center Nov 18.


On November 19, Ilyasah Shabazz, the daughter of world renowned human rights leader, Malcolm X, and nationally acclaimed speaker, author and CNN contributor, and Chitown native author/motivational speaker Victor Woods will be the honorary guests at a private VIP reception and dinner at Kemoll’s Top of the Met in St. Louis. Shabazz and Woods are being brought here as an effort of The Ethics Project.

Newbie pop singer Bruno Mars’ concert at Pops in Sauget is sold Out Nov 26.

Hot rap artist Nicki Minaj paid a visit to Hot 104.1 last Saturday and Delux Magazine was there to take pics of her chopping it up with personality Staci Static. She was there to promote her upcoming debut CD, “Pink Friday.” St. Louis was one of several cities the Young Money artist visited to promote it. She did not perform while here in the city.

Bad Girls Club star Natali Nunn is in town this week for two specific yet related events. On Wednesday she was a judge in the St. Louis Bad Girls Search Casting call, (promoted by Club Amnesia, Mookie Assets, along with Delux Magazine and Liquid Assets) held at I AM Boutique where the search was on for a STL Bad girl to go on the road and a chance to be on Bad Girls Club (Season 7), featured in a full spread in Delux Magazine, wrote up in the Evening Whirl get shopping Sprees at I Am clothing and Boutique 1008. The winner will be announced at the all new weekly event RELAXED THURSDAYS tonite at Amnesia (promoted by Liquid Assets) where Nunn also will host.

It was announced this week that KSDK-TV(NewsChannel 5) St. Louis will be producing two news shows for KDNL (ABC 30) at the beginning of the year. NewsChannel 5, the Gannett-owned NBC affiliate will begin producing newscasts and local content in a partnership that will begin January 3, 2011.KDNL ended their locally produced newscasts in 2001. This new agreement will give ABC 30 two original weekday half-hour newscasts that will air at 5:00 p.m. and at 10:00 p.m. Additional content produced by KSDK will also air weekends on KDNL. The first original newscast produced by KSDK to air on KDNL will debut at 5:00 p.m and Another original broadcast will occur later that night following ABC prime time programming at 10:00 p.m.

DJ Rich Medina was the guest dee-jay at the annual event Arts, Beats and Lyrics, a touring show that features artists in underground hip-hop, visual artists and breakdancers from the respective cities. Median is a finalist in the new BET reality show competition, Master of the Mix. (TO SEE PICS GO TO )

STL native rapper Jibbs is one year shy of being legal as he celberated the big 2-0 at Club Escalades last Saturday. Jibbs second CD, “New Temp, Ne Swing:” will be released in early 2011.

Renowned music video director Bille Woodruff is scheduled to come to St. Louis to view East St. Louis native actor/director Joel King’s revival of his popular hip-hop musical “Real Life” for potential sponsorship that is returning to the Grandel Theatre November 21. The play is also gearing toward touring nationally in 2011. (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) As of this blogging, it was uncertain that he would attend.

STL singer/songwriter Kevin Renick, who wrote the title track to the St. Louis filmed Oscar nominated film, “Up In The Air,” will perform a tribute to folk rock singer Neil Young on Nov 21 . at Off Broadway. Also performing are Dale Hanabarger, the Blue Lemmings with Fred Friction and Harmony.

Grammy Award winning country musician Al Caldwell (FAR LEFT)will be in St Louis for his annual "Go Red for Woman" Concert . His band, The Travelin Black Hillbillys, is scheduled to perform as well as special guests Tim Cunningham, Don E Curtis, Spud Taylor, Brian White and Jamal Nichols. The concert will take place The Sheldon Concert Hall, Nov 21. For ticket info call 314.533.9900


STL comedian Darius Bradford will host and present the family friendly Faithfully Funny Weekend starting November 26 ·at the The Starlight Room on North Broadway starting at 7 p.m.. The show wlll highlight on no smoking, no drinking, and in his words “ no potty mouth comedy show, for EVERYONE." $20 in ADV. Info: 314-295-9655

STL rapper Geno will have a music video shoot for his song, "Dip in the Club" Nov. 20 at the Loft in Midtown. Ladies Free til 11 p.m. The shoot is promoted by MPAC and TheLoft.

The St. Louis Chapter of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women presents “Recognizing Women of Media.” Honored are KMOX’s Carol Danuiel, KMOVs Vickie Newton, KPLR’s Kelly Hoskins, Fox 2’s April Simpson and Majic 104.9’s Tammie Holland, and feauting music by jazz artist Lamar Harris Nov 19. at Hotel Lumiere. (LICK ON PIC TO GET MORE INFO)

Speaking of Holland, she will host Lash Loft’s first speed dating event Nov 20 at the spa locate don Delmar. (See EVENTZ BELOW)

MMA fighter/model Ashley Salazaar is comepting in fashion company Greedy Genius’ Female Model competition. To vote for her go to


STL rapper/producer Nite Owl will have a CD release party for his release, "The Last Supper: Leftovers Vol. 6"

that will take place Nov, 26 at the Foxhole at Atomic Cowboy on 4140 Manchester startng at 9 p.m. He also will perform.


STL area duo Az One will be on Block radio’s Internet show podcast on Riverfront RadioSaturday, November 20 at 9:30pm CST. Listen live at . The lovely duo just re-released its 2009 Christmas Cd. "Christmas with Az One" that is sold on I Tunes (SEE ONGOING BITZ)

STL band Juanita Place will have a CD Release/listening party for its latest CD at Gingers Place, 6665 Delmar, NOVEMBER 18. at 7 p.m. FREE entry.


2010 McDonald’s Soul Search winner and STL singer Katrina Reece will be going on tour in Europe for six weeks starting Monday in what she described as a “a Tyler Perry play/holiday musical.”

Afriky Lolo, the region's premier and professional West African dance company, is joining forces with eight local dance companies to present "Mogo Ya" representing a variety of genres from modern to hip-hop, will collaborate with Afriky Lolo and its West African dance repertoire for a 90-minute fusion performance At COCA, Nov 20 at 8 p.m.,524 Trinity Ave. For more info call (314) 725-6555

Promoter/model agent/talk show host Jon Erickque has moved to Memphis.

Lastly, our thoughts and prayers go out to KMJM radio personality Tony Scott (RIGHT)who’s father is gravely ill. His parents reside in Galveston, Texas where he is originally from.

Also, long-time St. Louis American Columnist Rev. Shirley Deavens (FAR RIGHT) passed away on Nov. 12 at the age of 72. Rev. Deavens was pastor of World Overcomers Christian Center and retired educator who worked in both the St. Louis Public Schools and the Ferguson-Florissant School District.


STL B-DAZE-- SCORPIOians (Week 5) — Alive Magazine Editor in Chief Atillio Dagistino, Alive Magazine Fashion Editor Jill Manoff (PICTURED)promoter Terrie Vincent, barber/bodybuilder Steven Lacy, fashion designer/socialite Thurlester Robinson, , musician Shani Frazier, promoter Dejuan Lockhart, and socialite Naretha Hopson.

IN THE MIA FILE. Where is fashion designer Wynette B (Jones)?

BLIND PICZ. Who was the gent holding his hand up at the Arts, Beats and Lyrics event at the Pallladium last Friday?(FAR LEFT) And who were the sistas sportin her costumes during Halloween at The City Lounge? (LEFT)

BLIND BITZ—Which STL singer was spotted at a popular venue calling out their background singers like a pimp (“Hey, come on, hurry up, this is a $1,000 dollars. We gotta get this money.” ) as they prepped for their gig at a popular venue?

HINT. The venue he was spotted was located on one of the “Halls Ferry” Roads.

HINT . The singer is a male and he is associated with a popular STL group whos name is seen at the end of “registered corporations”

HINT. The venue where the gig was located was in Midtown.

PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS. Which STL: promoters/socialites are getting it in this week? Singer/event host Tendai Morris and radio personality Tammie Holland (TIE)and rappers/entrepreneurs/TV personalities Kyjuan Dabess and Murphy Lee, Promoter Phil Assets of Liquid Assets and The Men of Major Brands--Tre and Elson Williams (TIE).

Tendai Morris(RIGHT). This lovely sista will be on the mike this weekend to host and perform. On Friday, she is hosting the monthly R&B showcase Café Soul at The Loft(SEE ONGOING BITZ) . Then on Sunday, she, along with her brother, Leonardo will perform at A List Nights at Quintessenitals in St. Charles (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) .

Tammie Holland(FAR RIGHT) . This lovely sista of the popular afternoon radio show The Tony Scott Show on KMJM 104.0, will be either gettting honored or hosting this weekend. On Friday, she, along with her media contemporaries Carol Daniel, Vickie Newton and April Simpson, will be honored at the Women of Media event sponsored by the STL Chapter of the 100 Balck women (SEE BITZ ABOVE) at Hotel Lumiere. Then on Saturday, in the afternoon, she will participate in KMJM and Hallelujah 1600’s Feed the City event at the Starlight Room at the Lights On Broadway(See EVENTZ BELOW). Then, that evening, she will host Lash Loft Day Spa’s speed dating and toy drive at its spa (SEE EVENTZ BELOW).

Phil Assets. (FAR LEFT)This handsome gent is getting his group steady in the mix of bringing in the events. On Wednesday, they, along with Delux Magazine and Club Amensia, had a model call am I Am Boutique for a Bad Girl to travel with Bad Girls Club star Natalie Nunn (who judged). Then, on Thursday, his group will help launch RELAXED THURSDAYS at Club Amnesia where the winner of the model call will be announced by celeb host Nunn(SEE BITZ ABOVE). And on Saturday, his group will present Successful Saturdays at Club Amnesia (SEE OUTGOING BITZ).

Kyjuan Dabess and Murphy Lee(LEFT). These two street swag gents from the St. Lunatics are doing their share of promoting themsleves as rappers as well as entrepreneurs with their company UC ME Entertainment. Coming off a party for the debut of their Freaky Muscato line at The Label, and cooking on their weekly Tv show “Good For You” on STL TV on Wednesdays (SEE OUTGOINGBITZ), the blood brother duo will either be promoting music, hosting or making special appearances at upcoming events. On Thursday, at its weekly UC Me Thursdays (that they co-promote with Close To Famous) at The Label , they will have a listening party for their bandmate Nelly’s new CD, “5.0” as well as give away CD’s of the UC ME/Derrty ENT Compilation. On Sunday, they will make a special appearance at the stageplay “Rea Life” at Grandel Square Theatre. On Monday, Kyjuan wil host the McCluer High and U City High Party, a special edition of MPAC’s weekly Monday Night Football and Martini Party at Club Envy. Kyjuan will rep his alma mater McCluer High School as their will be a competition as to which school will attain the most attendees.

Tre and Elson Williams,(NOT PICTURED) This father –son consulting and promoting team will promote three separate events on three separate nights this weekend at Binions. On Friday, they will conduct 13 Black Katz’s popular over 25 special event (where elder Elson Williams is a member SEE EVENTZ BELOW), on Saturday they will preside over the Boss Fashion Show and Sunday, the Leather Fashion Show (SEE EVENTZ BELOW).

WORDZ TO THE WHYZ????????????????????????????????????????
Why is Bristol Palin still on "Dancing With the Stars?" And why did she call gay people "faggot' on her Facebook page after folk begridged on her mother, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Party are the reasons why she's still on there? And why do people put their personal ish on Facebook in the first place? why was CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer on the Soul Train Awards taping? And why was he reportedly trying to to the Dougie? T-Pain acting 'hood and talkin while eatin a sandwich in the Toshiba Latop Commercial? Why did the apology fest between Oprah and Whoopi on the Color Purple Reunion seemed a bit staged? Why is VH-1 milking Fantasia revisiting her married boyfriend for over three epsiodes of her reality show? Why wasnt there a Nelly CD listening party planned with Nelly himself in St. Louis? Why can't St. Louis have a law where big rig trucks have their own lane to drive or use the left lane only? Why did TV One's Unsung feature the O'Jays ? Why is Wocka Flocka letting his body go? Why did Capitol/Apple Records take so long to release Beatles music for I-Tunes? Why do guys assume a woman will go home with them just cuz he buys her a drink at a club? Why did a married groupie chic say she wanted to sit on Rams player Steven Jackson's lap at his party held at the Mandarin recently? Why did Toni Braxton wait til now to disclose she has lupus? And why did she say at a luncheon if she looked like a person who had lupus? Why didnt Eva Longoria didnt want her husband to file divorce before she filed? why did Eva sneak a peak at numbers on Tony's phone in the first place? And why is she asking for spousal report and she makes half a milli on Desperate Housewives?


Master of the Mix watch parties with DJ Charlie Chain (CLICK PIC FOR MORE INFO)

St. Louis native and “Last Comic Standing” finalist Kathleen Madigan will perform Nov 18 at the Ameristar Casino.

St. Louis native and “Last Comic Standing” finalist Kathleen Madigan will perform Nov 18 at the Ameristar Casino.


The 19th Annual Stella Artois St. Louis International Film Festival will take place thru Nov. 21. For more info go to

NYC native and STL based stylist Ola will have a Model 101 Boot Camp at her Ola Style Studio, Nov 18 . at 6:30 p.m. Her studio is located at 18173 Edison in Chesterfield. Mo.


PLUCK, deals with three musicians who compete, argue, ridicule and seduce their way through popular works from across the centuries, challenging the usual decorum of classical performance all while performing fearless physical feats and outrageous antics and gorgeous music. A favorite at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Pluck are masters of music and mayhem.
Date: 11.19.10
Time: 8pm
Place: Edison Theatre (1 Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130)
For tickets call 314.935.6543


Stress Free Fridays will take place Maryland House at Brennan's 4659-A Maryland Avenue starting at 5:00pm.


D.R.E.A.M.S. Org. LLC is hosting a Fashion Show to celebrate the Importance of Community Service and giving back to your community. The show will take place Fri. Nov 19 at Hazelwood East High School, 11300 Dunn Rd . This is a family event. Tickets are $5.00


R&B/jazz singer Will Downing will perform at the Pageant Nov. 19.

13 Black KATZ event Nov 19 (CLICK PIC FOR MORE INFO)


The Soul Alliance featuring CocoSoul- Disco House Dance Party at Lola’s on 14th and Washington Nov 19 starts at 9 :30 p.m.




Majic 104,9 and Hallelujah 1600 present Feed the city from noon to 3 p.m., Nov 20 at The Starlight Room, 835 N Broadway offering a fee T-giving meal for underpriveleged families.


Lash Loft Day Spa in conjunction with Lorenzo Jackson Foundation present its first Speed Dating party and Toy Drive Nov 20 starting at 6 p.m. at the Spa located at 1624 Delmar. Hosted by Majic 104.9 personality Tammie Holland. Tckets $25 . RSVP: 314.588.1313 or tickets at the Spa.

Comedian/actor Martin Short will perform Nov 20 at The Touhill Performing Arts Center.


Art Dimensions The highly anticipated street culture party of the year! P.U.T.S. 2. Brought to you by Made Monarchs LLC and sponsored by R.Sole. This year we are bringing more prizes, a bigger venue, and a doper crowd...with help from William H. & Aloha who will be hosting all night. DJ.JTR3Y will be on the 1s and 2s. The venue is at 2720 Cherokee St. $7 in advance ; $10 at the door.

Model Eva Marcelle will host United National Kansas City, its monthly event Nov 20 at Evolve Boutique in Kansas City. The event is hosted by STL based promotion company Soul Stylz.


ILWAS and Plaza Motors present the Lost SESSIONS at Lolas Nov 20 with guitarist Mario Pascal, Salsa dance lesson by Carmen Guynn and DJ Raven sopinning a Latin set) and Nov 21 (Alphonso Harried and the Nowadays Sessions featuiring Monique Reynolds plus a fashion show by NV Boutique)

Major Brands presents The 10th Annual Boss Show Sat. Nov 20 and "FUR & LEATHER FASHION SHOW" SUNDAY NOV. 21 both events at Binions.




The Label presents Monday Night Football home of the best Damned Happy Hour Period hosted by Mocha .


Mocha has brought back her popular poetry showcase Got Lyrics. It is now monthly instead of weekly. This month it will be at Club Envy on New Halls Ferry Nov, 24 at 7 p.m.


Mocha is on the mic at the Label on 758 S. 4th ST in downtown St Louis at Open Bar Saturdays






For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or





Aireez performs open mike hosted by LMNOP at Jessies Place

Doors Open at 8:00 PM Wednesdays at 103 Collinsville Ave East Saint Louis


Rhythm & Words Wednesdays 2nd & 4th Wed every month Meshon's Bar & Grill 410 N Tucker Blvd


ThundaGrownd Thursday Variety Showcase Final Thu. of every month 8:30pm - 10:30pm $5 cover Big Moe's1072 Tower Grove St across from Sweetie Pie's on Manchester


Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic Final Friday of the month $5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free 812 Martin Luther King Dr,East St. Louis


New CD "ThundaGrowndPresentsA.D. Fire & Adrenaline"

MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss





Two New "Mynista" Songs Uploaded & Official "Devoted" Music Video!

This is just an invitation to an ONLINE listening & viewing session, this is NOT a physical event. Come thru the sites and be blessed! My new album "Generations" is AVAILABLE NOW!-

The Official "DEVOTED" Music Video (click on the link below/Youtube):

"Me and Her" (Ft. Dahn B.) -

"Ghost On Deck" -[BLOG[BLOG) [Official site) [Artist FB Page]


BaBack by popular demand, East St. Louis native actor/director Joel King’s hip-hop musical “Real Life” is returning to the Grandel Theatre November 21 with a 2pm and 6pm performance. Tickets go on sale Oct. 1. For more info, go to The show was first staged there in August.

Singer/Café Soul host Tendai Morris will be performing Nov 21 along with her brother Leonardo will perform at Quintessentials in St. Charles. 7 p.m. as part of the venue’s A1 Series.

ADD: Alive Magazine presents Meet the Top 20 St. Louis Most Wanted Party, Thanksgiving Eve , Wed. Nov 24 at 9 p.m. at Shivers Bar, 1130 Washington Ave. The Top 4 will be revealed. $5 donation. RSVP:
ADD: Close to Famous presents GRACE 4: Prelude to Thanksgiving Nov 24 at EXO, 3146 Locust. DJ Needles and DJ Sno on the 1s and 2s, Doors open at 9 .m. Complimentary entry til 11 p.m.

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