Monday, November 1, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF EVENT)
A pic of Isaac Bruce's retired jerseys enclosed as a plaque at his event.

Rams running back Steven Jackson talks with fans during the dinner/reception portion of the event.

The Man of the Hour, Isaac Bruce sitting with his mother. He also had at his table his wife there (she was next to him and will be shown later in pics) and Rams colleagues and their significant others.

This comedian entertained the crowd with some Rams jokes and topped it off with a funny dance off doing various dances from popular dance songs from "The Twist" to the Stanggy Legg" (and he did the Single Ladies dance as well!)

Bruce watching the show with his mother (left) and wife (right)

The comedian doing the Apache dance (made famous by Will Smith and Alphonso Ribeiro on The Fresh Prince of Belair) to Sugar Hill Gang's "Apache." .

A long view of the crowd.

Fox 2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne was the emcee of the program.

A small tribute film was shown
documenting the highlights of Bruce's career with the Rams. This pic was the beginning of it.

The crowd engaged at the film.

A shot of people watching the film.

The ice sculpture.

In the house was former Rams coach Dick Vermiel, who was part of the Greatest Show on Turf Year and its Super Bowl win in 1999.

Bruce thanking everyone for attending. He also gave out his jersey to several key people in the Rams organization who helped him in his career.

Bruce preparing to give a jersey out.

Two of his former teammates during his stint as a Ram: Orlando Pace (left) and Dre Bly(right)

Gilcoyne addressing Bruce thanking him for his years at the Rams. The also opened the floor to the auction portion of the event to raise money for his Foundation.

Bruce and Pace with a fan.

During the auction. One of the prizes were season tickets and joining Bruce at the Sundays game with the Carolinas that Sunday.

Some Ram zealots.

Former Rams player Torry Holt was in attendance. Here he signs, oddly enough, a baseball. LOL

Holt in convo with some attendees.

Vermeil's successor, Mike Martz, who currently is the offensive coordinator for The Chicago Bears, gave his thanks and salutations to Bruce.

A long shot of Martz speaking as photographer
Chantal Overton of Ohhmyy preps to take his pic.

Former Ram, and Bruce teammate Aeneas Williams, who's currently a church minister with Spirit of the Lord Family Church in Clayton,
also was in attendance and shared a memory about playing ball with Bruce.

A long shot of Williams speaking to the crowd.

Vermeil, who retired from coaching in the NFL soon after leaving the Rams, was also on stage sharing his thoughts about Bruce. He told the crowd, "I would have walked here to be part of this event."

Former Ram organization folk in the crowd.

After the program, fans and well wishers took pics and had Brice sign memorabilia. Here, Bruce signs a ball.

The silent auction booth.

Bruce's custom signature helmet was one of the items auctioned.

A fan takes a pic with Bruce and his former teammates which included current player OJ Atogwe (next to Pace) and Az Akim (next to Bly)

The guys share a laugh as a fan gives Atogwe a ball to sign.

Hakim takes a pic with a fan's cell phone of her and Bruce.

A fan gettin up close and endearing with Holt.

The guys in cheese mode.

NOTE: This event was part one of three events for Bruce (The other two was Bruce giving a speech at Rams Park and Sunday his retirement ceremony prior to the Rams game at Edward Jones Dome)The other former and current Rams who were in attendance were Ricky Proehl, Keith Lyle, Ernie Conwell, Tom Nutten, Ray Agnew Andy McCollum and Adam Timmerman. Others spotted were Attorney Richard Banks, Ameren UE's Richard Mark, and STL promoter Keith Harris. An open bar and lavish buffet were also part of the event (The prime rib was DEE-LISH).

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