Monday, November 1, 2010


Check out YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins in his costume for Halloween--Afro Pimp. Well, so I thought, but for some reason many folk thought I was Tito Jackson back in the 70s. LOL. YOURS TRULY is standing next to Major Brands' Elson Williams II who was dressed as a Zulu character from the Mardis Gras parade. (CLICK ON PIC FOR A BIGGER IMAGE)Check below of other spots we attended Halloween weekend!
Photos by Ma'atology and Kevin Jordan (above pic)
The logo of the newest spot at the DJ booth.

Singer Deandre Perryman (right) with his wife and backup singer (below). Perryman hosted the first nite of the Grand Opening.

These three couples gettin their slow grind on (mind you the dee-jay played fast dance songs at the time. LOL)

The dee-jay at the club.

Model Jocelyn shares a laugh with the club photographers

Some friends get their pic taken by the photographer.
NOTE: We arrived at Amnesia soon after departing the Isaac Bruce event at Lumiere Place. The first nite of the opening was OK. It wasnt a lot of folk there when he got there by 11 p.m. We didn't get a chance to see Real Chance at Love reality star Cali, who was celebrating her b-day and the Model Call. It looked a bit drab in there as far as the decorating (they decorated for Halloween the following night), but it was a bit anti-climactic after the hype of the club opening up in place of the embattled Lure.

We checked out Major Brands' annual 7 Deadly Sins Party at Exo. Here is the frosted cupcakes' topping of the event's flier.

The display.

Who's the Jigsaw killer with Tinkerbell at the bar? Thats Exo co-owner Fred Finley.

Some attendees as Lady Gaga, kittens and a bee. These costumes were the running theme is a lot of the ladies' costumes this year.

Major Brands Elson Williams as a Zulu King in a New Orleans parade.

Mr. Brian with his lady, The Lady Cop.

There were several young ladies in the sexy costumes.

Tinkerbell and a Bank Robber serve drinks at the bar.

Marilyn Monroe entering the venue.

A Phantom of the Opera and a kitten get their chat on as Pocahontas minds her business. LOL

A long shot of the crowd,

A body paint artist spray painted some models to showcase at the event.

A skull capped skeletor with his cam taking pics of the body painting with his two eyes. LOL......................

A fortune teller reading an attendee's palm.

The models getting painted.

The sexy boxer and the trainer.

Miss Sailor coming to the party.

Nicki Minaj talking with a nurse (We didnt get what the sista in the purple was supposed to be).

Mrs. Smith came through,

And Mr Smith checking her booth.

Its Exo co-owner Harry Michel and his wife!

More body painting.

The bee and the kitten socializing.

We think it was Mother Nature coming through.

NOTE: Overall it was nice to see the costumes of those who wore one. This event was one of three events we attended (The next post OUT 839 will be parties at the City and The Label).

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