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Photos by Ma'atology and B Free Paparazzi Here is a pic of the crowd at the 4th anniversary of Cafe Soul that took place at The Loft last Friday. YOURS TRULY is in this pic. Can you find me? In the meantime, check
out pics below of pics from both Cafe Soul and Free Time who also was celebrating a milestone in its promotions group.
Cafe Soul host Tendai Morris gets coy with the OUTCAM before the event starts.

Singer/guitarist and scheduled performer Blu gets her model on as well. LOL

They had a vendor who was selling aboriginal jewelery.

The promotional models who help to serve complimentary Heinken to the crowd. The brand sponsored the event.

Morris greeting the crowd.

Meanwhile, Blu and background singers warm up their vocals outside.

Morris gets the crowd in a 90's groove along with the band performing Faith Evans' " You Used to Love Me" . Later on in the show, she performed Janet's "Funny How Time Flies." and Lauryn Hill's " Dop Wop (That Thang)"

Scheduled performer singer Theresa talking with St. Louis Post's Kevin Johnson and friend.

Singer LeAndra stated off the show singing Mary J Blige's "My Life."

Another shot of Leandra singing with background singers.

Poet Aireez Darychuss was next performing an original piece "I Love you."

Cafe Soul promoters Angela Brown (left) and Nichol Stevenson (second from left) take a pic with Derrty ENT PR's Blu Bolden (third from left) and singer/actress Seviin Li.

Payne ripped it up with Gnarls Blakely's "Crazy."

Later on in the show, Payne dedicated the song, Beyonce's " Deja Vu, " to Posts' Kevin Johnson who was celebrating his b-day that weekend. Payne was in rare form and had the crowd raving for more.

Up next was Justin Hoskins who performed Marvin Gaye's "Got to Give it Up."

Another shot of Hoskins.

Wildmann performed an original "I Just Can't Live Without You," which he dedicated to his wife he recently married. One point in the song he told her, who was in the audience, that he would drink her bathwater. LOL. Later on in the show, he played bass with the band.

Another shot of Wildmann on stage.

Another highlight was when Shaneatha (fourth on right) and three singers (including Black Pearl--third from left) reenacted the School Daze video and song, The Ray's " I Dont Wanna be Alone Tonight."

Shaneatha sang the Tisha Campbell vocals.

Up next was Jamie Spencer who sang John Legend's "So High."

In the crowd was Delux Magazine's Keith Griffin (second from left) and his wife Carri Griffin (next to Keith) with their friends. Delux Magazine was a sponsor of the event.

A surprise of the nite was when Andrew came on stage and sang soulfully Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get it On."

Andrew was the one who got the crowd dancing near the stage.

Tasha B sang Jill Scott's" It's Love."

Blu sang her original signature song, "Bitch Didnt I Tell You (To Stay in the Car)."


Morris got the mic to hype the crowd as dee-jay Needles spun the 80s and 90s jams for the dance party on the dance floor.

Morris on stage doin a call and response with the crowd on the dancefloor.

The crowd gettin their groove on. Any familiar faces?

Folk up in one of the VIP booths gettin their groove on.

Promoter Mocha Latte came through during this time (even got on the mic to hype the crowd for a hot minute). She posed with Griffin on stage.

Morris also posed with Griffin.

After intermission, singer Nikko Smith got on the mike to sing.

Smith sang R Kelly's "Bump and Grind" and an original song, his newest release, "Speakaz Blow. "

Smith wailing one of his money notes.

Before Morris introduced singer Case, she brought comedian Darius Bradford on stage to crack a few jokes to the crowd. One joke he told was about his bringing back white girls and jellies shoes and Cross colors.

Then the headliner of the nite, Case was introduced.

Case started his set with the hit, "Faded Pictures"

Case engaging the crowd.

He also sang his hit , "Missing You."

Case gettin' comfortable on stage as he sang one of his latets hits, "Lovely."

Case had the crowd in the palm of his hands.
He said to the crowd, " When I found out I was coming to the Lou, I was figuring out what I'd sing." Then he went into one of his biggest hits, "Happily Ever After."

Poet Ill Skillz got a case of Case.

...and did she ever! LOL

Also, at one point in the show, Case stuck out his very long tongue in a suggestive way.

Case said, "Is it okay to hit you with some old school shit?" Then the crowd cheered YES. Then he went into snippets of the Gap Band's "Yearning for Your Love" and "Outstanding." Then he said, "I'm about to now perform a song from the King." Then he went into Michael Jackson's "Rock with You," which really got the crowd in his favor sounding uncannily like MJ.

Case ended his set with his first hit, "Touch Me, Tease Me."

As a token of their four years in the game. Daryl Frierson (second from left) gave the ladies of Cafe Soul flowers.

Promoter Rob Kirk Jr took a pic with Morris after the presentation.

Stevenson poses with a friend at the Heineken wall.

The ladies of Cafe Soul take a pic with Case after his performance.

NOTE: Overall, this event was great. It was good to see some of the Cafe Soul vets like Justin Hoskins and Theresa comes through to perform for this special occasion. Payne alone could have performed herself because she stole the showcase portion of the show (and, dare we say it, was
even a better performer than Case). Cafe Soul co-creator singer Coco Soul was not in attendance due to her sponsorship contractual obligations with the Budweiser Battle of the Crown Competition but she wished them well from her recent Facebook entry to the event. In the house were: Promoter Big Tah, socialites Larry and becky Blue, Katrina Kerr, Therron Joseph (who told us he just had his third child recently with his wife Angelique, and eighth overall) and Roger Macon.


Freetime had its 5th Year Anniversary celebration at Hard Rock Cafe at Union Station with neo soul singer/musician Dwele. Pictured are comedian Jovan Bibbs (left) a longtime supporter of Freetime and the faces of Freetime the co-creators Roy Robinson (second from left), Daryl Frierson (third from left) and Adruan Saddler (right).

Singer Dwele on stage. Although OUTTOWN was not in attendance. We can just assume what songs he performed from his repertoire (we were at another event) but we are sure some of the songs he sang included: "Find A Way," a snippet of his vocal on Kanye's "Flashing Lights," "I'm Cheatin," and his latest single, "Whats Not to Love" from his CD, "

Dwele wowing the crowd especially the females.

Dwele takes a flick with Teddy Blackett of B Free Paparazzi. (Notice the two sharing the Alpha Phi Alphi frat hand sign.)

FROM LEFT: Frierson, socialite Maria Maria Wilson, Freetime co-creator Allen Whitney, Saddler and Zee Lauren.

FROM LEFT: Keita Wheats all kissy face with Corey Clines, Freetime advisor Rachel Westerfield and rapper Vandalyzm.

The crowd.

NOTE: Also in the house were socilaites Valarie Johnson, Latonya Basse, Cora Drew and Patrice Renee.

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