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Photos by Ma'atology

People outside at Edward Jones Dome and across the street at Baer Plaza.

They were selling clothing and food.

Some of the pro-black tees that were on sale.

There were many University Arkansas at Pine Bluff out of towners in the STL last Saturday (dressed in yellow). Their football team was playing Clark Atlanta University in the Classic. UAPB has been in the STL Gateway Classic since day one.

Some Clark ATL supporters(dressed in red).

That's YOURS TRULY's shadow.

More vendors at Baer Plaza.

A vendee selling Classic tees.

A pic of one of the tees.

A long shot of the Baer Plaza.

The Dem Swagg Star Boyz.

UAPB band, The Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South, lining up to go inside the Dome. They performed earlier that day at the Parade that took place downtown.

A close shot of the band's uniform.

A close up of the band.

The band playing and walking into the Dome.

Goin in!

Gotcha! Some of the many STL cops on patrol that day.

Out of town Classic goers near the Dome.

A Presidential Suite trailer going down Broadway.

The security check point area.

YOURS TRULY's press box pass.

The Cub Scouts walked up to the 50 Yard line to bring out the U.S. Flag.

East St. Louis native R&B singer Phil Perry toe up the National Anthem.

A long shot high angle shot of STL jazz diva Denise Thimes.

Thimes sang the Black National Anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing."

The Clark ATL band coming into the Dome.

2010 Miss Gateway Classic Precious Taylor, who attends Central Visual and Performing Arts High,
on the field with STL comedian Darius Bradford (left) and a Gateway Foundation rep. Taylor was selected to throw up the Coin Toss.

Some of the team on both teams and one of the referees gather for the Coin Toss.

The Ref and the coin.

Taylor with the coin.

Taylor got enthused while throwing up the coin.

The coin drops. We didn't get if it were heads or tails or who won the coin toss.

The Flag Girl for Clark waves the flag.

The 16 Clark starters run to the field.

The Clark cheerleaders run to their side of the stadium to cheer their supporters.

UAPB Flagger and Pom Pon Sqaud.

The UPAB team on the field.

One of the UAPB players was down in the 1st Quarter and was taken out of the game.

One of the plays of the game.

YOURS TRULY was sitting at the press box with the press. The box is located wayyyyyyyyy up beyond the stadium seats.

The UAPB cheerleaders.

The UAPB band sitting and playing in the stadium.

The Half Time score was UAPB 14 and Clark 13.

Clark prepping for the Battle of the Bands.

Clark band ready to play.

They did several formations during their time on the field as they performed current songs, "OMG" by Usher and will.I.AM, "California Gurls" by Katy Perry and Snoop and "Love all Over Me," by Monica.

They formed the initails of their university.

And Clark's emblem.

UAPB also did various formations including one for Mizzou. The songs they performed were "Crazay' by Jesse Johnson and Sly Stone, "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce, "Shotgun" by JR walker and "Nothin on You" by B.o.B. and Bruno Mars.

A UAPB emblem.

The initials of the university.

The UAPB Drill team.

The band also did a formation of the city they were playing the Classic.

STL singer/producer Bradd Young also was part of the Halftime entertainment

Young on the Jumbo Tron. He performed "Lift Every Voice and Sing" and his hit, "Grown Man Lovin."

The final score was UAPB 35 and Clark 19.

A long shot of the teams congratulating each other.

Giving dap.

The award ceremony.

Award presenters including Gateway Classic Foundation prez Richard Gray and Platinum Group's Jacque Land. Pictured is a youngster who won tickets to the game and his mother.

Land presents an attendee award to Clark band leader, James Camp.

The Battle of the Band winner was UAPB.

The Defensive Player of the Game Award went to Clark's Linebacker Ricky Moore.

The Player of the Game award went to STL native and UAPB wide receiver Raymond Webb.

Webb shows off the trophy to his hometown.

The game trophy is presented to UAPB coach Monte Coleman (left) and his assistant


Outside at Baer Plaza folk continued their hanging. Here was a gent who had a Three Card Monty Game going.

Red Card Win--Black Card Lose--at $100 a round.

Folk who had $100 to play won and some lost big time. The card dealer told one young guy who said, "I got $20 on it." Then the card dealer said, "I haven't bet $20 in 20 years." LOL

The Too Much Playin moment occurred with this street peddler gettin his dance on for dollars.

He also had a partner.

And the question is, what type of "partner" was he? LOL He got pretty close up on him when he was dancin! And the lady on the left was colllecting the dollars. LOL

NOTE: Overall the game was exciting and both teams worked hard, but UAPB took over after a key fumble from Clark in the third quarter and UAPB getting posession of the ball and scoring a touchdown and a one point conversion (going from UAPB 14--Clark 13 to UAPB 21--Clark 13). Then in the fourth quarter Clark only scoring 6 points and UPAB scoring two more touchdowns with an ending score of UAPB 35 and Clark 19.

We didnt get a tally if how many attended the Classic , but it couldnt have been no more than 15,000. The stadium was quite empty. It seemed as though it was more poeple from UAPB than Clark based on the filling areas of the stadium.

OUTTOWN was in the press box area that is beyond the last seats of the Stadium. We've been in this area than on more than one occasion (2004 and 2005 at last count) , but this year, unlike the other times we attended, no comp food or drinks were served. We had to go to the Fish and Chicken and Shrimp stand after the game at Baer Plaza to get some grub.

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