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The big newz story is Chicago native and Huntsville , Ala. bred Internet sensation Kevin Dodson who’s continuing to make newz with his Auto Tuned song, “Bed Intruder Song” taken from a WAFF-48 news report in Huntsville posted on Youtube this summer where Dodson asked for the alleged attempted rapist of his sister, Kelly,in July, in their former project apartment in Lincoln Park to come forward as he sang his plead.

Following the posting, it has had over $16 million hits, one of the most watched videos ever on the social networking site. To cash I on the frenzy, a mix music group called The Gregory Brothers (of Auto Tune the News) produced an Auto Tuned music score using Dodson’s interview (that also has the reporters and his sisters comments as well) titling it “The Bed Intruder Song” and it being sold on iTunes in August.

From this, the song has currently sold over 100,000 copies (and counting) and peaked at No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 (the only song to chart on downloads only) making Dodson an national (and international) star overnite. The band is splitting the money they make from sales 50% with the Dodson family Recently, Us Weekly reported that Antoine Dodson had made enough money from the song to move his family out of the projects to a better house.[15]

Dodson has a website in which he asked for donations to assist his family in moving "out of the hood" and [11] setting up a foundation for juvenile diabetes, a disease that has afflicted both his sister and his mother and wants to go back to school and also have a salon..

So lets do the math an iTune costs 1.29 gve or take. At 100,000 downloads, we are looking at close to1.3 million made. And if the profit is split 50 percent—the Dodson family got about $600 thousand dollars (300 grand with Uncle Sam’s take) . DAMN where is my rapist? LOL
To see the Auto tuned video go to

Several ILLMOians will be doing and have done guest stints on the TV tube.

Chitown based talk show queen Oprah Winfrey’s voice will be tagged for an animated segment on “Sesame Street” this fall. It will be called, “The O Show,” In the spoof, the letter O will host her own talk show with guests including Otto the Orangutan and Ophelia the Octopus."Sesame Street" debuts its 41st season on Sept. 27 on PBS.
In unrelated Oprah newz, there were reports that the talk show mogul was a bit skeptical about her buddy director Tyler Perry directing the screen adaptation of poet Ntozake Shange’s landmark piece, “For Colored Girls.” Also, if he could tell the story of the plight of black women from a male point of view. Well, after she and her gal pal Gail King, saw a rough cut of the film, they were reportedly pleased at what they saw. The film’s release ,which stars Whoopi Goldberg, Janet Jackson and Loretta Devine has been pushed up to November from Jan 2011 for award consideration.

Hmm, interesting that the film gets pushed for Oscar consideration after Oprah gave it a thumbs up. With her Tyler and O being buddies, and their having a push in the Oscar success of the film “Precious”, it makes perfect sense as to why she may have had some doubts, cuz we are certain she is going to push this film to the Oscar pundits. But then again, it is Tyler Perry who made all his millions dressing like a woman. Hello. LOL

Chitown based rapper Kanye West will be on the small screen in two popular TV shows starting next week. First, Kanye will star in the season premiere of The Cleveland Show, which will air Sept 26 on Fox TV. The rap star West will reprise his role as "Kenny West" in the debut episode of The Cleveland Show's second season. Kenny is a single dad and struggling rapper that Cleveland mentors after learning some surprising news about his former childhood basketball nemesis. According to reps for The Cleveland Show, Cleveland and Kenny have recorded a new hit single titled "Be-Cleve In Yourself," which turns into a hit for Kenny, who "leaves Cleveland in the dust." A few days later, Ye, will appear as the musical guest on the October 2 episode of "Saturday Night Live," which will be hosted by "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston.

Hmm, guess the SNL folk have voluntarily forgot his song, “Power” that disses them saying, "Fuck 'SNL' and the whole cast. Tell 'em Yeezy said they can kiss my whole ass.” But hey, SNL is smart. They know Ye is controversial and will bring in the numbers.

In unrelated newz, Ye is making folk wonder about his newfound personal assistant, former Yale student Cassius Marcellus Cornelius Clay (wow he got the original first and last to the the boxing great Muhammad Ali). According to, a popular blog called IVYGate has discovered that West has hired the well-to-do collegiate and fashion forward fashioner to also be his life coach after only weeks when they met while both were shopping this summer at a particular shop. The chance meeting supposedly resulted in Ye asking him to dropout from college to travel with him and be his personal assistant.

Hmm, it seems a bit strange that Ye would swoop someone up into his circle without really knowing him. Even strange for Ye—or is it?


St. Louis native and Emmy Award nominated actor Jon Hamm told NBC's Jimmy Fallon last Thursday that he'll return to "Saturday Night Live" for a third time, as host of this year's Halloween show on Oct. 30. His first time as host, in 2008, was also for the Halloween show. In related newz, Hamm is currently promoting his movie "The Town" with Ben Affleck, that was screened at the Toronto Film Festival last week and was released nationally in theaters coming in at No. 1 at the Box Office raking in 24 million last weekend.

ST. Louis native and Cincinnati Reds star Ryan Howard and St. Joseph, Mo native award winning rapper Eminem made cameos on the season finale of the HBO hit comedy “Entourage” recently in an episode titled, ironically enough, 'Lose Yourself,' the title of Em’s hit single. The episode centered on character Vince's drug meltdown.
And from looking at both of their cameos, one should concentrate on clenching the top spot in the NL Central Division. LOL

Chicago native and St. Louis bred author Jonathan Franzen is getting a second shot of being Oprahed. The talk show queen announced on her live show last Friday that she has chosen Franzen’s newest novel, “Freedom” , released in August, to be spotlighted on an upcoming Book of the Month Club segment on her show sometime in November (the actual date is TBA). She called is fourth novel a masterpiece.
"I am really betting that "Freedom" by Jonathan Franzen will end up being for you, as it is for me, one of the best novels you have ever read," Winfrey said on the live episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" as she announced her 64th book club pick. "When is the last time you heard that? I am not kidding."

Franzen’s “contempt” of the Oprah Book Club apparently has been lifted since he went on a tirade of sorts when in 2001, Winfrey picked Franzen's "The Corrections" for her book club. But then Franzen called some of Winfrey's book club picks "schmaltzy" and worried about his place in the "high-end literary tradition." But after he realized how powerful in numbers Oprah had on selling books, he backtracked his comments and tried to apologize saying Winfrey made some good choices and for "fighting the good fight." After his provocative comments, the Big O cancelled his appearance on her show.

OUCH. Its not nice to fool with Mother O. LOL

As a result of Oprah choosing his book, The Oprah Book Club logo will appear on new shipments of the novel. "Freedom"-which has already gone into a second printing, with 300,000 copies in print.

In related newz, Franzen was recently in a Time Magazine cover story, titled "Great American Novelist." He also spoke to Webster University students Monday, days after Oprah had chosen his book. He mostly talked about his experiences as a student at Webster U and his writing style. And from reports, he, as well as the students, did not talk about Oprahgate.

Another fellow ILLIMOian has published a book, too, this one in non-fiction. Kansas City, Mo native and Oscar nominated actor Don Cheadle, along with world activist John Prendergrast (who was interviewed recently about the book on John Carney Show on KMOX) wrote, “Not On Our Watch: The Mission to End Genocide in Darfur and Beyond” about the genocide occurring in the country of Dafur and strategies to solve the atrocity. He got the inspiration for the book was filming "Hotel Rwanda " in 2004 in the area as the crisis had already erupted in Darfur, in nearby Sudan.


STLians continued to rep the Toronto Film festival which wrapped up Sept 19 after a week of events. The film “The King's Speech," a drama about the stuttering British monarch who guided England through the unspeakable horrors of World War II, was named the People's Choice winner at the festival. The film stars British born and St. Louis bred Oscar nominated actor Colin Firth (PICTURED from film) . Also, behind the scenes, St. Louis native Michael Armbruster, who co-wrote the screenplay for director Shaun Ku's "Beautiful Boy," a drama about an estranged couple whose son goes on a deadly rampage at a college campus named his film the Discovery Award winner for debut feature.

Another STLian behind the scenes is Belleville, Ill. native Ken Kwapis who directed and executive produced the new office comedy "Outsourced," about a manager who is sent to India to oversee a staff of customer service representatives, will air after the hit sitcom “The Office” this Thursday. FYI, Kwapis has either directed or help produce several hit shows including "The Larry Sanders Show,” "The Bernie Mac Show," (which he helped to develop), “The Office” (the pilot) and "Grounded for Life. He also directed several films including "He Said She Said" (1991), his first, which was written by St. Louisan Brian Hohlfeld and co-directed by Kwapis and his wife, Marisa Silver, "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (2005) and "He's Just Not That Into You" (2009).
And speaking of The Office, the show’s Seventh Season will air this Thursday on NBC. The show has three STL natives: Emmy nominated Jenna Fisher, Phyliss Smith and Ellie Kemper.

In the reality competition world:

Former St. Louis Rams QB and city fave Kurt Warner and his dance partner, Anna Trebunskaya survived week one of the premiere of the 11th season of ABC’s ‘ Dancing with the Stars.” (David Hassellhoff was the first to leave) during results Tuesday. On Monday, he and his dance partner, performed a Viennese Waltz..


Rockford, Ill native Kayla Ferell (RIGHT) and Geneva Ill. native Alexa "Lexie" Tomchek (FAR RIGHT) survived Week Three of America’s Next Top Model that aired last Wednesday on the CW.


St. Louis native and current Venice, Calif resident model Jud "Fabio" Birza survived Week Two of “Survivor: Nicaragua “ and so did Kansas City, Mo native Yve Rojas. The show aired Wednesday on CBS.


St.Louis native and Beyonce backup singer Montina Cooper made the cut to be on NBC’s weight loss competition, THE BIGGEST LOSER. The show aired Tuesday. In unrleated newz, Cooper, just released her first single "Better," and is set to release her first CD, in November.

St. Louis bred rap mogul Nelly will be hitting the road performing starting today. On Thursday, the Grammy award winning hip hop artist is scheduled to perform at halftime of the Omaha Nighthawks season opener Sept. 24 at Rosenblatt
Stadium in Omaha. A few days later, he will headline the BayFest in Mobile, Ala on Oct 3. He had taken the place of rapper T.I who was scheduled but after his Sept 1 arrest on drug possesion, he was replaced. Nelly headlined the Bayfest in 2008. Fest runs Oct. 1-3 in downtown Mobile.

In unrelated newz, Nelly spoke out recently about groupie/Internet sensation Katt Stacks’ allegations of them hooking up and former St. Lunatics member Slo Down’s allegations of his ousting from the group.
To see the interviews go to
In other unrelated newz, Nelly’s comeback single, “Just a Dream” slips one spot from No. 7 to No. 8 on Billboard Hot 100 this week. But it still holds its bullet so the song still has legs to move up the charts . We predict the song will peak at No. 3 so we will still be looking on future charts to see how far the song will peak.

Speaking of the St. Lunatics, its member Ali, who is also President of Derrty Ent posted some blurbs recently on his Facebook Page in reference to Nelly’s new single and the STL hating on him and the Tics.

On Nelly’s comeback single: St.louis get ready..the city is about 2 be #1 again in about 3 to 4 weeks...also nelly is #4 on digital songs...almost a 1million downloads in's been 10 38 now..i dont think i can do this again, in the best shape of my life, new wife, new daughter, new house...FUCK IT 1more time...stl around the world.

On the Nelly/Tics haters: Y PPL aint mad @ Larry Hughes...D Miles..L Marony...jahidi white..anthony foxx..dick gregory...tina turner...jackie j kersey.....ryan howard...leon,micheal or cory spinks..chingy, huey, jibbs, jkwon & more...but they madd @ Nelly & the st.lunatics..SMH !!!
Here is one commenter on the last comment from

My question is, when is St. Louis gonna stop bein mad? How do we move beyond? Can we ever unite and present a united front... or at a minimum find our least common denominator? Serious, what would it take... I'm not being facitious, I really want to know. All of us have a vested interest in our scene.”

OUTTOWN thinks Nelly is only one man. And he is in the game just like the rest of the music artists. Folk hate on Nelly because he is successful and was the one only one (with the exception of Chingy) to really made a dent nationally so likely everyone else wants to be where Nelly is and wants to use him to get there. Mind you, Nelly and the Tics had to leave the STL to go to the ATL in order to get signed to a record deal. No one was feeling them—until they blew up. So to an extent Nelly has a right to exclude or include in his signing of acts from St. Louis. Could he do more. Of course. Is he obligated to do more? No. Now with the comeback going, let’s hope that record companies will get re-interested in the STL and the music acts that hail from here.
Speaking of Ali, his offices at Derrty Ent has been hit with death threats by unsigned STL rapper Rip The General from Pine Lawn. blogger B-gyrl sent a media alert in reference to this. The rapper is upset cuz Derrty ENt prez Ali reportedly didn't feature him on his mixtape. As a result, the rapper has been acting out in the city committing crimes on camera and bumrushing 104.1 FM radio station trying to be heard. He has been documenting his angst on various social network sites but none will touch it (other than Youtube).

We agree with that the rapper can harm the STL rap biz with his actions causing radio station to ban access to music for local artists.

In other Tics newz, band member Kyjuan will join in on the coin toss at this year’s Gateway Classic that will be held Saturday at the Edward Jones Dome, he will also do some interviewing as well for local TV.

Speaking of the Gateway Classic, there will be several activiteis going on leading up to the big game. One is the Classic battle of the Comedians put on by legendary STL comic Dick Gregory(ABOVE). Guests include Jeff City, Mo native and STLbred Cedric The Enetrtainer (FAR LEFT) and STL comic Arvin Micthell. The event will take place tonite, Thursday at Casino Queen’s Sevens Bar. See EVENTZ BITZ BELOW for more info.

The big STL story is: Lure Nightclub lost its liquor license in its hearing that took place Tuesday at St. Louis CityHall. The judge did find evidence of violence at the club and filed an order for the club to shut down Oct 17. The owners the Trupiano family was reportedly shocked of the outcome . According to a report from, Nick Trupiano said, “ You've got a city judge who works for the mayor's office, and serves at the pleasure of the mayor." The family feels that Mayor Francis Slay and his board was out to get them stemming from bad blood in the past. The owners reported that they will appeal to the 22nd Circuit Courts in St.Louis. In related newz, the RiverfrontTimes has a cover story about Lure’s ordeal in this this week’s edition.

Hmm, interesting accusations indeed. In the meantime, Lure had a month left to continue its special lnights including the reviving of Liquid Assets Red Hott Thursdays beginning tonite as well as their launch of Fusion Fridays which will be a pre kickoff to the Gateway Classic game and the spoken word showcase Love Jones on Monday Nites hosted by “rapoet” Corey Jones.

In sports, although the St. Louis Cardinals do not look as though they will clench the NL Central Division nor have a spot in the wild card ace, its home, Bisch Stadium, held its record for the seventh straught year unprecedented for over the 3 million mark in paid ticket sales for the seventh year in succession and 14th time in franchise history.

In other Cards newz, the organziation fired third baseman/short stop Felipe Lopez this week for tardiness at games.
Oh and The Rams are currently 0-2.


Several national recording artists and celebrities will soon be on an STL stage:

Legendary pop crooner Johnny Mathis will perform at the Fox theatre Dec. 17.

Hard rock legend/reality show star Ozzy Osbourne will perform Dec. 10 at Scottrade Center. Halford is also on the bill.

Rock star/reality show star Bret Michaels will perform in behalf of the USO of Missouri benefit at the Pageant Nov. 3.

Stone Temple Pilots Sept 30 concert scheduled for the Family Arena has been cancelled. The date will not be rescheduled. Fans can get refunds at the respective outlets.

Speaking of changes, Grammy award winning R&B superstar Mary J Blige is coming to St. Louis again. This time she will perform at the Fox Theatre on the tour” Music Saved My Life” (she was here in July for the Lilith fair Fest at Verizon Amp) Oct. 16. Opening will be newbie R&B singer and Grammy award nominee Jazmine Sullivan and R&B vet crooner El DeBarge who’s concert at the Roberts Orpheum on the same date was cancelled and moved to the Fox. Tickets for the Orpehum show will be automatically refunded to those who bought tickets.


Hip-hop duo The Clipse has backed out of opening for hip hop star Drake’s concert at the Fox Theatre Oct 12. Tyga will replace the Clipse. Drake’s last headlined the Superfest in July at Verizon Amp.

Legendary rock band Kansas will perform at the Family Arena Oct 9.


Actress Holly Robinson Peete will return as celebrity host of St. Louis Magazine’s annual Cadillacs Fever Fashion Show at the Palladium Saint Louis on Friday, September 24. Plus, Y98’s Guy Phillips will emcee a live auction of coveted items and experiences. To purchase tickets, call Erin at 314-918-3033 or
click here.

Raunchy hip-hop rapper Trina performed at the Ambassador last Friday.
Two MOians heavy in girth and talent who achieved big success on reality show competitions are performing in the Lou.


First up STL native comedian Lavell Crawford (PICTURED), who was 1st runner up on "Last Comic Standing" last year, will film a comedy show at Roberts Orpheum in St. for a future television broadcast Oct 23. Tickets go on sale Friday. For ticket info go to
Then, Sikeston, Mo native opera singer and America’s Got Talent winner Neal E. Boyd, will perform Nov. 5 at the Carl & Helene Mirowitz Performing Arts Center's /Jewish Community Center's Encores at the J Music series.

Grammy Nominated DJ / Remixer: DAVE AUDE will perform at Lure Nightclub sept 25 ADVANCED AND VIP TICKETS @


In the STLiterary corner:

Popular novelist
Terry McMillan read from and signed copies of her newst novel “Getting Happy” the sequel to her succssful novel, “Waiting to Exhale.” at Christ Chruch Cathedral in St. Louis. The evnt was sponored by Left Bank Books.

New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman, author of the newly released "The Food Matters Cookbook," will be in St. Louis on Oct. 7 to chat at a free event at the St. Louis County Library headquarters.


Eugene B. Redmond, the poet laureate of East St. Louis, recently got flowers and a personal message from his friend St. Louis native award winning poet, Dr. Maya Angelou for his recent participation in the fall Writer's Workshop Series sponsored by Southwestern Illinois College's Higher Education Center. Angelou, is a trustee of the Eugene B. Redmond Writers Club and has been a friend of Redmond's for 40 years.
In unrelated Maya newz, she is asking for everyone to wear something sky blue on the third weekend of October (15-17) to take a stand for “healing,” “psychological liberation” and “emotional freedom.” during the celebration of Community Healing Days, to raise awareness about the continuing effects of the myths of black inferiority and white superiority and to mobilize people to extinguish these myths “We are asking everyone to Wear Sky Blue,” Dr. Angelou said, “to show our collective determination to turn the pain of the blues into the sky blue of unlimited possibilities.” The celebration of Community Healing Days was launched in 2008 in New Haven, CT, by the Community Healing Network, Inc. where Dr. Angelou chairs on its board.

River Styx kicked off its annual
reading series this week with poets R. Dwayne Betts and Andrew Cox.. at Duff's Restaurant, 392 North Euclid. The rest of this year’s series lineup for 2010 are Rodney Jones and Katherine Min (Oct. 18)and Mary Troy and Ryan Stone( Nov. 15)

STL native singers Denise Thimes and Phil Perry will be honored at the Gateway Classic’s Lifetime Achievement Awards Dinner and Cabaret. A special tribute to also will be given The Gateway Classic founder and retired President, Earl Wilson, Jr. The event will take place Sept 24 at the Millennium Hotel at 6 p.m.

Former Crime Mob member Diamond will co-host (with 104.1 radio personality Young Dip) and perform at ALTER EGO, one of the afterparties for the Gateway Classic at the Jazz Spot Sept 24 (GO TO EVENTZ BELOW)

Exotic dancer Bam Bam will be the headliner for MAGNUM XL LADIES ONLY MALE REVUE at Escalades (formerly Hadleys) Oct 2 . For more info or tickets call 314-337-8436 TICKETS ARE $10 IN ADVANCE AND $15 AT THE DOOR (There will only be 150 advance tickets for sale )

Jazz and blues singer Kim Massie: The Sassy Miss Massie, will perfrm at the Carl & Helene Mirowitz Performing Arts Center's Jewish Community Center's Encores at the J music series Oct 8.

Six area choirs are competing this year in the How Sweet the Sound gospel music competition, taking place Oct. 5 at Scottrade Center. Competing in the Few Voices Category are:
-- Rezonate Choir, Leawood, KS
-- Tabernacle of Praise Seventh-Day Adventist Church Choir, St. Louis
-- Voices of Life, St. Louis
-- Voices of St. Alphonsus, St. Louis
Competing in the Many Voices category are:
-- Metropolitan Community Church of Greater St. Louis, St. Louis
-- New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church Chancel Choir, St. Louis
-One out of towner will be Voices of Praise, Evansville, IN
Choirs are competing for the title of Best Church Choir. They're competing locally for $16,000, prizes, and participation in the national contest in Washington, D.C., with a grand prize of $50,000 and more.
Join St. Louis Magazine as they unveil the 16 "Top Singles" in St. Louis and celebrate the launch of its November issue. Oct 11 at Lumen at 7:30 p.m. There also will be a fashion show of party attire from Blush Boutique. Dance music from A-List DJ Raven Fox. Tickets start at only $25 (purchase by October 11, $30 after) and includes a $5 donation to Stray Rescue and free admisison to the after-party at Pepper Lounge.
Purchase your tickets and read more here or call 314.918.3033.
Two media personalities have other projects going on in their worlds

St. Louis native and TV/radio journalist and musician Patrick Clark (FAR LEFT)has returned home to host and anchor KPLR’s first ever 4 p.m. news show. He is most recently known as the host of HGTV's "Offbeat America." He recently sang the National Anthem at a St. louis Rams game with the Vikings at teh Edward Jones Dome. And his band (The Patrick Clark Band) released their latest CD "Spiraling Towards Madness" in August.
Speaking of the KPLR show, singer Coco Soul , who is competing for the national title in Budweiser’s Battle of the Crown, will perform on the news show today.
Veteran radio personality Calvin King(LEFT) of Gospel 1600 has collected 100 plus various photos on his Facebook page of St. Louis Radio personalities of the past and present for a possible book on the subject. To view the pics go to

Stylist Ola Hawatmeh will have two fashion shows this weekend to showcase her Ola Style fashion line that was featured last week during New York Fashion Week. The first will be held tonite at 7 p.m. at Harry’s Bar located at 2144 Market Street. and the other will be an International Fashion Show that will be held Saturday, Sept 25 at 7 p.m at the Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s Casino in Maplewood. Admission is $20. Both events will benefit her foundation, Makeover for a Cause.


Rockhouse Ent Singer/producer Bradd Young performed Wednesday at the Kickoff of the Gateway Classic at the Quiet Heroes Awards at the Hilton at the Ballpark. He also will perform during Half Time of the Gateway Classic at the Edward Jones Dome Sept 26.

Sexy in the STL TV will debut on Fox 2 late Friday/early Saturday at 2 a.m. beginning this weekend The personalities, which include model Gbassa, will have a preview viewing of the show at Lolas' Friday night at 9 p.m. during the venue's Artistry series for zodiac sign celebraters (Virgos this go round) On the show will be YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins will be on the show during the interviews at Rison Icons when singer Melanie Fiona performed last month at the Ambassador.


STL Rapper/producer Playboy Ro is on a promo tour fo his upcoming CD, “Prodical Son.” On Thursday, he will perform at Liquid assets’ Redd Hott Thursday’s Final Four at Lure Nightclub, then on Sept 29, he will be a guest on the podcast Ashley On Air on Riverfront Radio at 10p.m., then on Oct 1 he will be a guest on 89.5 FM The Wave at 10 a.m., on Oct 2, he will have his listening party for his CD and a b-day celebration at Ozzie’s on 15th and Washington in downtown St. Louis starting at 8 p.m. and put on by Delux Magazine, and next Monday, he will perform at Moscoto Mondays at the City on 19th and Washington.

STL singer Crystal Haywood will perform at Robbie’s House of Jazz in Webster groves Oct 30. 8 :30 p.. $10.


STL model and Liquid Assets promoter Chelsea Dawn did a photo shoot for the St. Louis Post this week. It will be in the paper’s fashion section of the first weekend in October.

Back by popular demand, East St. Louis native actor/director Joel King’s hip-hop musical “Real Life” is returning to the Grandel Theatre November 21 with a 3pm and 7pm performance. Tickets go on sale Oct. 1. For more info, go to The show was staged there in August.

Poet Ms. Nterpretation(PICTURED) and promotion group SOUL U were the big winners at the inaugural STL Poetry Awards that were held last Saturday at Legacy Books and Café. Ms. Nterpretation won Poet of the Year and Most Influential Poet and Soul U , the organizers of the event, won Best Poetry Show (“SoulStage”) and Promoter of the ear. Soulstage host and poet Abbey (PICTURED) won Poetry Host of the Year and poet Floyd Boykin Jr was presented the Legacy Award. And speaking of Soulstage, there was none last Sunday, ironically enough, for Soul U is about to “kill” off the series with “Death of SoulSTAGE” this Sunday at a new spot Sweet Basil - 903 Pine St (Downtown). The reason Soul U is killing the series was to move toward a different endeavor(s) according to its Facebook page.

BDAZE Virgoians Week 2 . St. Louis Posts’s Kevin Johnson, comedian Hot Sauce(PICTURED), actors Kelvin Rolston and Corey Jones, and STL film fest promoter Chris Clark, former STL promoter Wordsmith


IN THE MIA FILE. Where is STL photographer Coco?


Who was this freaky couple at Cafe Soul's 4th year Anniversary event at the Loft last Friday?


Who was the brotha taking both celly and video cam footage of Case at Cafe Soul's event at the Loft last Friday?

BLIND BITZ . Which socialite/promoter told a national recording artist after their show here in St. Louis recently that they can hook them up with VIP seating to one of the strip clubs in East St. Louis? (Hint. The promoter oversees a popular publication who’s fist and last names start with letters that “makes up a measurement” and the recording artist’s name ends with a vowel tahts "silent" )

PRO-MO-CIAL-I-CIOUS—Which promoters/socialites are getting it in this week? Rap trio June Fifth and stylist Ola Hawatmeh (TIE) and The Men of Hella Fly Promotions King Kerry and Dano Johnson and Phil assets of Liquid Assets (TIE)

Ola Hawatmeh(FAR LEFT) . This lovely stylist and promoter is coming off of a whirlwind showcase at Mercedes’ New York Fashion week, was seen on Charter Cable 981 on a repeat broadcast of MISTA COUTURE Tuesday as one of the hosts of the event she co-produced. For her fashions, Ola will feature her Ola Style designs she showcased in New York with two events she is hosting in St. Louis. One will be held at Harry’sBar tonite and the other at Voodoo Lounge Saturday as a part of an International fashion Show (SEE BITZ ABOVE)

June Fifth (LEFT). This hot trio who released their mixtape CD, “Herstory” earlier this year and was last seen performing with Aloha at her CD release party last month at The Label, will host the second installment of their Red Bottom Girls Competition at The Label this Sunday where women can compete for CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Red Bottom heels. The event, which is a special edition of Rockhouse/Hella Fly’s Sexy as You Wanna Be, will be held at The Label. It will also double as a welcome party to students of UAPB and Clark for the Gateway Classic.

King Kerry and Dano Johnson. This mobbing and shaking duo is continuing his hustle as they start the weekend off with his weekly $4 Fridays at The Broadway. On Saturday, they, along with Big Tah and 3 GRAND FINALE will coordinate THE TASTE, a winery trip to Sugar Creek (SEE EVENTZ BELOW) in Defiance. Mo. Then on Sunday, their co-promotion of the weekly Sexy as You Wanna Be at The Label will be a double event with June Fifth’s red Bottom Competition and a welcome to the students of UAPB and Clark here in the city for Gateway Classic.

Phil Assets (FAR RIGHT). This handsome mover and shaker is continuing to promote as Lure Nightclub’s fate ends Oct 17. On Thursday, he will revive his popular Red HottThursdays at the venue, then on Friday, he, along with Greedy Genius will launch Fancy Fridays at Lure which will double as a fashion show and a special pre party for the Gateway Classic. Then, on Saturday, for the first time ever his group, Liquid assets will join UCME (St. Lunatics Kyjuan and Murphy Lee) a for The Gateway Classic official after party at Ozzies bar and Grill. (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

WORDZ TO THE WHYZ????????????????????????????????

Why does it seem as though Lure Nightclub was targeted to be closed down? Why did that man in Fairview Heights put his family and neighbors in danger keeping them hostage? And why did he want to start a race riot? Why did Bishop Eddie Long send pics of himself in muscle shirts and all to allegedly the boys he had sex with? And why didn’t he speak to the press as he planned to do Thursday? Why is Miss Jaye so subdued and laid back on the new cycle of America's Next Top Model? Why does it seem wrong on how successful the “Bed Intruder Song” has gotten? Why was Steven Tyler chosen as the replacement for Simon Cowell for American idol? Why did Denver wide receiver Kenny McKinley commit suicide? Why did the Florida parent had to go to jail for protecting his special needs daughter from the bullies on her school bus? Why did the The Acid Lady first say a black man assaulted her with acid then retracted her statement? Why did that lady call out Obama for not working faster in getting the country out of a recession at a recent speaking engagement? And why are we still debating on the Dont Ask Dont Tell ban in the military ?


HotCity Theatre
When • Through Sept. 25
Where • Kranzberg Arts Center, 501 North Grand Boulevard
How much • $25, with discounts for students and at some performances
More info • 314-289-4063;

The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis opens its new season with You Can't Take It With You at 8 p.m. Wednesday, September 8, on the Browning Mainstage of the Loretto-Hilton Center The play continues every day except Monday through Sunday, October 3
Ola Style FAshion Show
Thursday, September 23 · 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Harry's, Downtown 2144 Market St. 63103
7:30 -8:30 Cocktail Hour/ Drinks & Food.
9-11pm Fashion Show and after party
$10 a ticket (models can bring guest for only$5)
All proceeds go to Makeover for a Cause
Missouri Poet Laureate David Clewell will read a long epic poem called "Jack Ruby's America," about the assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald at the Foxhole at Atomic Cowboy on Manchseter Sept 23 at 8 p.m. $7 Admission. Dancer Lola van Ella and Dave Stone Trio will accompany Clewell

Comedian/actor Godfrey will perform at Comedy ETC Sept 23-25 in Fairview Heights, Ill.
Stress Free Fridays
Friday at 5:00pm
The Label
758 S. 4th Street
Saint Louis, MO
Gateway Classic Welcome to ST. Louis Pre- Party
with Liquid Assets, Lure and Greedy Genius present the launch of Fancy Fridays and welcoming of guests for the Gateway Classic. There will also be a fashion show showcasing some of St. Louis top designers.

Friday at 9:00pm -
Lure Nightclub
1204 Washington

Lure Nightclub along with Dejablu and Greedy GeniusPresentsFashion District .Also the debut .. FANCY FRIDAYSFANCY FRIDAYS AT LURE NIGHTCLUBWe're launching Fancy Fridays at Lure NightclubSo your Fancy huh? Nails done, Hair done Every thing big!

MPAC presents the Kickoff Gateway Classic Weekend withe the September Eye Candy Party.EVERYONE FREE TIL 11!2 for 1 Margarritas ALL NIGHT LONG!Friday September 24th @ The LoftShoe give away from1008 BoutiqueWho will be Miss September Eye Candy Model? She will win:*$500 CA$H* Free photo shoot* Featured on MPAC TV* Featured inSt. Louis American* Featured* Chance to be in the Eye Candy Calendar* Opportunity to travel* Interviewed on Hot 104.1.Ladies much register before 11!

Boxing legend Ken Norton was sheduled to appear --at the Argosy Casino Music Hall Sept 25. There, Norton will speak about his historic Norton vs. Ali Trilogy that will be rebroadcast and Norton will do a blow by blow presentation during the presentation.
Seems like the STL can’t get enough of singer/musician Lyfe Jennings who will perform Sept. 25 at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. He recently performed at the Ambassador and earlier this year at the Loft.

The Classic Battle of the Comedians at 7:00 p.m. put on by legendary STL comic Dick Gregory. Guests include Jeff City, Mo native and STLbred Cedric The Enetrtainer and STL comic Arvin Micthell. The event will take place tonite, Thursday 7 p.m. at Casino Queen’s Sevens Bar.
On Thursday, September 23, 2010, the Classic Gospel Celebration 2010 will feature Grammy and Stellar Award Winner Ricky Dillard and the New “G”. Joining them is St. Louis’ own Chris and Kyle with True Spirit. The spirit will definitely fill the 560 Music Center and you don’t want to miss out. Tickets are on sale now at Metrotix, Metrotix outlets, and The Edison Theater Box Office.
The St. Louis Gateway Classic Sports Foundation will host the First Ladies Luncheon honoring actress, humanitarian, and Grammy award-winning singer Florence LaRue. The 2010 Ladies Luncheon will feature keynote speaker Pastor JoLinda Wade. Ms. Wade is a pastor, author, and proud NBA mom and will share her message with the Classic Ladies of St. Louis on September 24, 2010 at the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark. Emceeing this year’s program is the esteemed Dr. Leah Gunning-Francis, Assistant Professor of Christian Education, Eden Theological Seminary. Tickets are $25 and available at the St. Louis Gateway Classic Sports Foundation. 314.621.1994 for tickets.‏
The Night Before jazz concert Jazz/R&B singer/guitarist JONATHAN BUTLER and STL based saxophonist TIM CUNNINGHAM will perform Smooth Jazz at the 560 Music Hall, 560 Trinity (Trinity & Delmar), Sept 24. at 8 p.m.

Alexander ONeal performs at the Ambassador Klymaxx room at 8 p.m. Sept 24. Wildmann will open.


The Classic Family Affair Parade
Create Classic family memories at the “Family Affair Parade” in Downtown St. Louis on Saturday, September 25th at 10:00AM. The parade will begin at the corner of 13th and Market and features over 100 bands, drill teams, floats, city officials and organizations. This year’s parade promises to be a highlight for the little ones.
Gateway Football Classic Sept 25 at 3 p.m. at Edward Jones Dome

Classic Victory Party : A Tale of Two Cities
Come celebrate the Football Classic Victory at Mike Shannon’s Outfield featuring DJ Needles. A Tale of Two Cities will unfold as Atlanta DJ Cas - D with Arkansas DJ Mike Deezy battle on the 1’s & 2’s to the unique flavor of Atlanta and Arkansas in St. Louis.
Saturday, September 25 at 9:00pm - September 26 at 2:30am
Mike Shannon's Outfield
620 Market St

For additional information, please contact Trina Claggett or visit

St. Louis Underground King" MCJBIGGS & "The Livest Spitta" SPACE DE CASHTRONAUTLive concert in The Duckroom inside of Blueberry Hill
Friday, Sept. 24th
Doors open @ 9pm
The Duck Room @ Blueberry Hill
6504 Delmar
Saint Louis, MO


Pigeon pooped Kings of Leon will return to St. Louis for a make-up concert Sept 25. The “free” concert is in response to the group canceling its show at Verizon Wireless in July after three songs when pigeons supposedly pooped in the mouth of their bass player
The "So You Think You Can Dance" tour comes to Chaifetz Arena on Sept. 25
Sean Anthony presents a Black Tie Affair Sat. Sept 25, the Official Upscale Event for the Grown and Sexy during the Gateway Classic. Its going to be at Neo Space 2801 Locust. Free cocktail hour 6p to 7p. Chef Keith Jones on hand preparing fantastic free Hor' dourves, William Robinson of the Soul Experience Live Band and a wonderful fashion preview presented by local designers

Ola Style and Tanked Party Promotions presents: International Fashion Show and International DJ's The French House Mafia. Fashion show will showcase Ola's international fashion designs and her new clothing line recently launched on the runway in NYC. Come enjoy high fashion and international house music @ VooDoo Night Club inside Harrah's Saturday, September 25 at 7:00pm doors open @ 7pm $20 to get in. For more info text TANKED to 94932Text the word TANKED to the number 94932 to get the latest text updates about this and all Tanked Party Promotions events. Tickets for the fashion show and after party $20



The debut of Happy Feeings Sundays at the new Comfort Inn Airport, 9600 Natural Bridge. 7 p.m. HappyHour; 8 p.m. live music by Wildmann and band Centro Groove, 10 p.m. DJ 76 Kid spins. $10
Ucme and Liquid Assets have teamed up along with Dejablu pro and Derrty Dj's for The Gateway Classic official after party at Ozzies bar and grill.Doors open at 9 $5 patron Shots, 2 for 1 Martinis $100 bottles of Ciroq and $125 bottles of Goose going to be amazing for bottle service and vip call (314)480-2912


Mocha is on the mic at the Label on 758 S. 4th ST

in downtown St Louis

at Open Bar Saturdays

Cool Summer Job!! Missouri needs 1000 "Outdoor Ambassdors" ages 17-24 pay is 7.25, thru Sept 30th 2010. Eligible for up to 240 hrs. Call 1800-592-6020 or send an email to

or go to


NEW: If you know of anyone looking for alternative or new housing arrangements, please pass the word. . looking for a tenant for the 2nd floor unit at 7049 Dartmouth in U. City. The apartment has 2 bedrooms and a sunroom that could be used as a third bedroom. We expect the place will be available by Oct 1. The rent is ­­­$775 per month. The amount could be negotiated
Check out Mocha Latte’s column COFFEE TALK in theEvening Whirl .

For more info on these items, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or


LMNOP hosted by Aireez DarychussDoors Open at 8:00 PMWednesdays atJesse's PlaceAddress:103 Collinsville Ave East Saint Louis, IL 62201


Rhythm & Words Wednesdays2nd & 4th Wed every monthMeshon's Bar & Grill410 N Tucker Blvd

ThundaGrownd ThursdayVariety Showcase
Final Thu. of every month
8:30pm - 10:30pm$5 cover


Big Moe's
1072 Tower Grove St
across from Sweetie Pie's

Word Therapy @ Club Paradise :Open Mic
Final Friday of the month

$5 cover first 10 on the sign-up list free
812 Martin Luther King Dr,
East St. Louis,

New CD "ThundaGrownd Presents

A.D. Fire & Adrenaline"MORE INFO on AireezDarychuss



Two New "Mynista" Songs Uploaded & Official "Devoted" Music Video!

This is just an invitation to an ONLINE listening & viewing session, this is NOT a physical event. Come thru the sites and be blessed!
My new album "Generations" is AVAILABLE NOW!-The Official "DEVOTED" Mu

Video (click on the link below/Youtube):

(click on the links to listen now! Lyrics will be added to my blog shortly)-

"Me and Her" (Ft. Dahn B.) -

- [Artist FB Page]
The Missouri History Museum continues sits Twilight Tuesdays Concert Series showcasing St Louis area music talent. This Tuesday the spotlight will be on East St. Louis native singer/songwriter Phil Perry. The free concerts take place at the Museum’s front lawn starting at 630 p.m. .


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