Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF EVENT) Here are members of STL Socialites: FROM LEFT: Steve Williams, Jr. , Keli Creighton, Shannon Creighton, Jameelah Chinn, Anthony "TJ" Adkins and James Robinson III. Not picture dis Rory Robinson. The group sponsored/promoted the event.

This young lady got OUTCAM in. Good looking out!

DJ A Flex gettin it in on the 1s and 2s.

Folk gettin their party on at the patio before the concert .

Folk inside.

There's the Greedy Genius Boyz.

Folk comin into the patio area.

This sista was one of the hype dancers as her and her shadow get it and her ASSets dancin. lol

The emblem to Farnsworth Bentley's CD, C.O.L.O.U.R.S.

Some sistas who wanted to get OUTCAMMEd.

"Excuse me, but, isn't that tie choking you?" LOl

Bentley and his backup dancers on stage.

He was all animated as always. he performed cuts from his CD including the hit, "Everybody."

He is mos def a performer.

Bentley also added some informative talk throughout his set. He began it by asking, "How many CEOs we got in the house?"

Bentley addressing the crowd while fixing the bowtie he put on.

One of his dancers doing the Jerome to Bentley's Morris Day by helping put on his tux coat.

They did some vintage precised Temptations moves up in there!

Bentley told the crowd during his fireside chat rap to raise their fists to the heroes of hip-hop.

NOTE: This was Farnsworth Bentley's second appearance in the STL in less than a month (following the Black Expo last month). When he finally arrived(which was after midnite) , he did add more flash and dash to his 40 minute set this go round adding more old school dance moves ala Temptations style and his version of a fire side chat segment where he first sat down in a sofa chair then stood up as he rapped about how black people had segregated water fountains back in the day and now living in a world of bottled water. An added touch was the footage projected on the wall of days when Black people were fighting for their civil rights in the 50s and 60s. Afterward, he took pics and signed autographs within the crowd.
Other VIPs in the house were I Am Boutique's Brooklyn, socialite Katrina Kerr and some of the players from the St. Louis Rams.

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