Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OUT 812--BUD SELECT presents OPENING of St. Louis Fashion Week; PROJECT DESIGN@3rd DEGREE GLASS FACTORY Sept 7

Photos by B Free Paparazzi (first pic), Tim Schinsky (fourth pic) and Ma'atology THERE's YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, and my OUTCAM and new do at the opener of STL Fashion Week. Check out the action from pics below!

Outside the venue was a fire twirler...

...and a body painter

Inside, on the red carpet was Fashion stylist/designer Ola Hawatmeh in a Grecian inspired dress

Also there was 2010 Mr Couture Ryan Wenick in a laid back, motorcycle clad wear.

Ladies who attended the event dressed in sleek black.

The program

Some of the crowd.

Wenick gettin ready to watch the show.

The press.

Project Design producer Dwight Carter hosted the show.

Therre's actress/singer Nackischa Joseph in the crowd in multi pearls.

There were six finalists in the competition (cut from 26) that nite: (IN ORDER OF SHOW) Silvia Sonn of SSON, Roberto Mendes, Jane Zachritz of Jezebel, Kristin Archibald, Anna Friss of Blue Bird Denim and Julie Wheat of Cavortress. For advancing into the Top 6, they automatically received a high -end runway show, photo and video coverage of their fashion show, PR service to promote their design line and an appearances at Fashion Week. The winner of the six was vying for a fashion forward website, an Alive Magazine fashion spread, and $5,000 in dentistry work.





YOURS TRULY taking a self pic. LOL

We see ya Ryan! LOL


ST Louis Post's Fashion Editor Debra Bass (in black) and Alive Magazine Fashion Editor Jill Manoff (two sets down from Bass on right) were two of the six judges in the competition

Carter announced the event's first ever People's Choice Award where the crowd can vote for their faviorite designer.

The judges deliberating during intermission which were Bass, Manoff, Vital Voice Fahsion Writer Darin Slyman (next to Bass on the left). The others were Cha Boutique's Sarah Garlich, Zeizo 's Carol Crudden and Brown Shoe director Tracy Marklein as Carter looks on waiting for their decision.

Attendees purchasing drinks.

The Brown Shoe displays.

St. Louis Posts' Kevin Johnson chats it up with graphics artist/designer Chris Dunlap

The crowd networking.

The designers in a row.

THE POPULAR VOTE AWARD was given out first. And the winner WAS:

Jane Zachritz of Jezebel!!!

THEN, Reps from Brown Shoe announced the overall winner which was:


Sonn was all smiles!

...and so was Zachritz!

Sonn with judges Manoff and Slyman.

Therre's Wenick with promoter JoAnn Smith (left) and model JoAnn who was in the show.

NOTE: Overall the show went well. Only faux was when one Mendes' designs, a short brown dress that one of the models wore while walking down the runway ripped in the middle as she walked up the steps to get her picture taken. The audience made a shocked noise, but she managed to hold it together (her dress as well as her dignity) from the bottom of the dress and proceeded off the runway. . It was a quick save and the crowd cheered her on.

Others in the house were: Alive Mag/Corridor 40's Atillio D'Agistino, Louisflicks Tommie Choncie, Ms Patrice Renee, and model Christiaan Coffield.

Also, to the young men who had wore that AW-faux fur stole (one was a local designer) and carried a big full fleged COCHE purse on his forearm prancing around respectively was NOT that serious!

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