Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Photos by Ma'atologyA pic of both Stress Free Fridays and B Free Paparazzi members (front row from left): Mark Anthony Jones (SFF), Miata Lewis (BFP) and Mario Wayne (SFF). Standing is Teddy Blackett (BFP). Stress Free Fridays celebrated its sixth year anniversary and B Free celebrated its two year anniversary at Lola's last Friday.

It was jammed packed at time OUTCAM got there. Respective promotion members in the flick. Therre's Wayne socializing with his libation and Blackett with his paparazzi cam.

It was wall to wall in the teeny space.

Platinum Group promoter Jacque Land sharing a comvo with an attendee.

Featured entertainment included singer Erick Richardson (third from left) and backing instrumentalists (from left) Lamarr Harris, Michael Anthony Fitzgerald, Steve Reid from the Natural Band and DJ 76 Kid.

The crowd was a bit chatty during the Richardson set butthose who were attentive got a great neo soul showcase.

....especially the sista in the green short sleeve blouse and colorful skirt.

The Lola Menu.

Some lovely attendees making their way into the venue.

Jones (center) assisted with the 50/50 raffle that nite as he is seen with a bill in his hand.

Another shot of the entertainment performing and the crowd somewhat listening. LOL

The 50/50 raffle tickets.

The Stress Free Friday anniversary cake.

One of the attendees was socialite Shaikenya Williams.

The outside patio area.

STL fashionistas Miss Andrea and Valarie Johnson

Jones preparing to announce the winner of the 50/50 raffle with Lewis pulling out the winning ticket.

And the winner was a well known STL socialite in the black shirt and his name was:

Yemi Adewumni . He won over 70 bucks (and spent it all that nite. LOL)

Didnt get this sistas name but she made a statement bar none with flowery presence.

DJ 76 Kid in a profile pose.

Errbody socilaizin and thangs.

And thangs.

NOTE: People came through in droves to this double anniversary event (SFF was reserved in the back area with its clientele of celebrants). We think the crowd was attracted to the fact that it was FREE ENTRY into the venue but it was a fulfilling event with the music entertanment(from neo soul, to hip hop dee-jay and a jazz set). Other VIPs in the house wereLME's Otto Nichols and Tim Slater, SYGU's Eddie Hollman and Rhashad Whittier, real estate agent Nate Johnson, Close to Famous' Wayne Triky Haley, Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer, architect Charles Brown, I.K., DeMarco Davidson, and singer David Walker.


We checked out dee-jay Needles aka Nodzilla's Summer Madness Rooftop Series at Joe Buck's in downtown St. Louis. Here is the man himslef taking a cam break from his urban soul rock and pop mix.

A long view shot of the STL night skyline.

Another shot of the skyline with three onlookers looking into the OUTCAM.

The bar area next to the rooftop.

A mix of patrons came through.

SYGU's Rhashad Whittier (in white), who helped promote this event, was in talk mode with attendees.

Needles on the 1s and 2s and folk hang near his wheels of steel.

The mix of folk in cam motion,

Before we vamped, the whole rooftop was filled with party people as Needles mix of 80s pop rock jams turned to 90s hip-hop.

NOTE: This was a fun event. Most people who attended the Loloa's event came to teh event as well. It also was nice seeing all races at one event (there was flight when teh music rapidly changed, if you get what I mean.) . The area where the OUTCAM was was where a bev of sistas got their late 80s/early 90s dances on as they got more libationed. LOL> A Too Much Playin moment occurred when a white young lady did an ASS IN YA FACE to a black young lady while she was sitting in a chair, then sat in her lap!
Too bad when some folk returned to their cars, they were burglarized into and quelling their fun time .

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