Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Photos by B Free Paparazzi (first pic) and Ma'atology There;s YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins backstage at the Pageant during SYGU's popular annual event TEESE where folk are required to wear graphic tees. Ya boy's tee was a black Fruit of the Loom tee with a flier of MISTA COUTURE taped on the front (one was on the back, too.) LOL . Check out the this event as well as others below that the OUTCAM caught while out!

On Friday, we caught some of Red Carpet Fridays at Lure. Pictured are co-promoters Dano Johnson and King Kerry of Hella Fly. The duo co-teamed with Liquid Assets on this event.

Liquid Assets event host Ill Will Fitz gettin it in.

Johnson with two beauties including model Tina J (right)

The crowd.

We checked out one of the anticipated events of the STL, Teese put on by SYGU at the Pageant. Pictured are SYGU members Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier(left) and Kelcie Shaw (right) and Mr. Daron (who had one of the creative tee slogans that nite--Enjoy Vagina like the Coke Slogan. )

Some tee-ers that nite

One of the four DJs that nite, DJ Reminise


Some of the artists backstage choppin it up before going onstage.

Another dee-jay there was Charlie Chan Soprano.

Some pretty tee-ers.

King Kerry and Dano Johnson of Hella Fly were there reppin.

Miss Tesha and Nicole Griffin.

More lovely tee-ers.

Hmmm, guess she saw more than his tee. LOL

Tee-ers gettin it in on the makeshift dancefloor.

Rap duo Tef Poe and Corey Black backstage and the Soul Tyde tee.

Event host AI Brown gettin his text on.

Say "Teeeeee"

All various tees were repped there at Teese.

Daron and his boy looks at a pic that SYGU member Darryl Gillespie just shot of the two.

More tee-ers.

Therre's breakdancer Nicholas Gates who made conversation with his gold studded boom box--Radio Raheim Style!

A long shot of the stage area with the dee-jays and photos and the Teese flier projected on screen.

Gates bout to get the break goin.

Spin King.

Oops on the Head!

Therre's rapper/producer Black Spade watching the action on stage.

First up performing as rap group Family Affair.

The group got the crowd hyped.

Next was Tef Poe and Corey Black who turned it out with their eclectic jams.

The crowd was into their vibe.

Some didnt have graphics but they wore tees. Two were graphicless were socialite/promoters Fred Finley of 1st Fridays and Keith Harris of Koncepts.

We guess he was what his shirt was. LOL

LME promoter Otto Nichols had his tee on and flier passin on his upcoming summer event, Summer Reign.

People gettin their party on. Ya'll see Darryl Gillespie in the mix? LOL

3 Way Promotions Big Tah was in the building tellin folk what his tee read. LOL

We don;t know what was up with dude in the red bomber jacket but caused no trouble in the graphic tee mix. LOL

Gates was err where up in the Pageant gettin his dance on.

Cuz Gates was even on stage showcasin.

A long shot of the hundreds who attended. It had to have been close to 1,000 folk up in there.

Needles X Nodzilla was the third of four dee-jays who spun that nite.

Singer Theresa Payne was in the building.

Big Kenny also was in the building with his tee.

Kanye Girl and her tee.

AI Brown and Gillespie on stage gettin spotlight time .

A long shot of the crew on stage .

Imperial Events' Meka Wilson and Ezekiel Obasi.

Stl Onfire's Darryl Luckett and Andrew Clark.

More tee-ers.

One of the turntables with a scratch mix record on it.

Raper Rockwell Knuckles also performed.

Do you see any tee-ers you know?

Rapper Vandalyzm also performed.

Black Spade got on the mic as well.

We can just imagine what was goin on here. LOL

Socialite Yemi Adewunmi showing OUTCAM what he is from his tee. LOL

These three sistas were ret for the OUTCAM!

A.I. minging with the crowd.

Wonder who the sista in the Run DMC tee was texting?


Socialite Valarie Johnson. Although it didnt show on the OUTCAM, but this sista had a shirt that lit up like an EQ frequency.

NOTE: OVerall this years; TEESE was the best of all the TEESE that SYGU has done since 2008. The hip-hop elements took it to another level with the four dee-jyas (the other was Stan the Man), performers and of course the hundreds of people dressed in their tees (and some who didnt get the memo).
Besides a few problems at the door and resolving matters on the guest list(Good looking out Shad and Kelcie) , YOURS TRULY had all access to the event and was glad I stayed to witness a event's revolution take place.
P.S. Who was up in there smoking that OOOOOWWEEE?

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