Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology
The female impersonators included Alexis Principal

Kitty Litter

Passion Principal shocked the crowd during one of her later performances when she wore a see through bathrobe and exposed her makeshift vagina.! LOL


Tyler Simpson (ATL), Camille and Diamond Dynasty

Essence Maserati

Camille Simpson

Vickie Valentino and Essence

Regina Enye and Vicki

Event producer London Christian and the impersonators.

Drag king Christian Makaveli Valentino performed Charlie Wilson's There Goes My baby."

An admirer of her talent.

Kitty Litter was animated performing Cheryl Lynn's "Got to be Real."

Simpson workin the lingerie

Tionna Maserati

...was all energy during her performance doing splits and doing Tina Turner esque dance moves on stage and throughout the crowd.

Alexis in motion

Diamond collectin her dollaz

They worked those costumes!

Essence in an elegant dress performing a medley of Deniece Williams' "Silly" and Monica's "Everything to Me."

Host Otis Mack with a "mother" of the ball. Mack was choosing the Best Dressed man and Woman wearing red that nite.

The Bodyguard meets Thunderdome

Enye channeling Missy Elliott

Vickie in fierce mode

Camile was Ciara, Mary J (pictured here) and

Tina of the Jungle

Christian did a man's version of male drag. with a gosprl song.

Kitty in a gospel shouting vibe

Valentino showing her assets to the crowd.

A highlight was Passion Principals dead on imitation and performance of Rihanna in the "Rude Boy" music video.

...."like boom, boom boom."

Vickie as Anita Baker

Rock Star drag

Another highlight was Diamond who performed as Jennifer Holliday and famous lines to sista flicks like "Color Purple," and "Whats Love Gotto do with it," like a robot and....

Her emotional performance of Jennifer Hudson's version of "And I am Telling You," pulling of her wig and gettin into the dramatics of the performance.

As you see, she got up in a chair to do the final runs of "And I Am Telling you" as the crowd cheered on.

NOTE: Overall it was an entertaining show. I was surprised to have seem the majority of the crowd were straight females (Hmm, maybe its the dresses) as though it was a Body Blast event. LOL .

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