Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology, Mr Traxxz and B Free Paparazzi Former Rams player/current TV commentator and Super Bowl champ Roland Williams had his annual Night of Heroes Auction and Gala last Saturday where several hundred supporters came in support to raise funds for his Youth Lifeline Organization that help benefit underprivileged children.

The Super Bowl trophy.

Before entering the Mr Couture Squad took pics. Here is 2010 Mr Couture Ryan Wenick with his escorts Cerise Cavanaugh and 2009 Miss Missouri Lesley Hunter

YOURS TRULY chillin with Mrs. St. Louis Ola Hawatmeh of Makeover for a Cause, actor/director Joel P.E. King and Abesi Manyando, public relations agent

YOURS TRULY in the mix as actor Brian White talks with a guest.

Roland Williams takes a pic with his mother (left) and Ola Hawatmeh

White and Hawatmeh in the OUTCAM frame.

White and Roland's mom (OUTTOWN thought she could be Roland's sister!)

Manyando with Mr Couture Ryan Wenick

Wenick and his escorts Hunter and Cavanaugh

Entertainment was provided by Coco Soul and UG Project.

YOURS TRULY with Hunter.

Folks mingling near the open bar.

Folks mingling near the silent auction booths.

Football star Earl Little with Soul Stylz assistant/model Sarah Bryant.

Williams was at his most charming during the welcome then he became much aggressive during the auctioning portion. LOL

Folks all astute during the auction (Check out the guy with the Cardinals hat with his suit.! Gotta love it!)

Hawatmeh on stage. She auctioned off a makeover.

White spoke about the trip to the Virgin islands that the Youth Lifeline organization were going on later on this year.

NOTE: Overall the event was nice and schmoozy. A little scaled down from last year at Motorsports, but it was nice atmosphere as folk networked and mingled about. Some for the couple hundred attendees included Sterling Moody, Tom Hannegan, Keith Antone (who emceed), footballers Floyd Little and Earl Little to name a few. Oh and the Blues (Larry and Becky) got a big screen plasma for a 1,000 dollars during the auction.


We chedked out the after party which took place at Shivas on 10th and Washington. Here are some ladies partaking a sit with the swingout seats at the club.

Socialite Jerrod Jones up in VIP with Mr. Rob.

NOTE: The after party was actually much livelier than the actual event. People are more loooser with socializing and the comped vodka didnt hurt either. LOL . Most of the attendees came through and they were given a special makeshift section of the club which was roped off . Also spotted were Larry and Becky Blue, Michael Roberts Jr., singer Tydis, Liquid Assets Phil Assets and Ill Will and socialite Rob Kirk.

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