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This week, the St. Louis area based blog known as OUTTOWN authored by YOURS TRULY, Ma’at Atkins is celebrating yet another year in the blogosphere, the Year Number Six. The site that chronicles anyone or anything that occurs in the St Louis area as well reporting on personalities who was born in, born and raised in, lived in, performed in or visited the Illinois and Missouri area (the ILLI MO for short). Thus, people ask “What does OUTTOWN mean?” Just recently, someone asked me does it have to do with anything dealing with the gay and lesbian community (as in OUT town). I’ve heard this asked before, but to set the record straight (PUN intended), it is anyone’s interpretation as to where the name came from. But for the most part, the title OUTTOWN is a play on the Prince song, “Uptown” and an abbreviated version of the phrase “out on the town” or “going out on the town, or out of the city, the state, the country….”

Now you get it?

Now let’s get to the retrospect. OUTTOWN was created on July 8, 2005, two days after my born day, to chronicle the happenings going on in the St Louis area as an alternative to being just a freelance writer for hard copy print newspapers (St Louis American, the now defunct Flipside and West End Word ). I saw some cover story about blogs and googled up “blogs” and discovered Blogger, a free site for folk to create their own color by numbers website. So from that day, it was decided that I would do a blog twice a week covering events with diary styled recaps (and as the weeks progressed taking pics with the recaps).

And the rest is my story.

Below is the very first blog entry I published (it also has a Blind item that would shape the future format of my blog) —errors and all. LOL

FRIDAY, JULY 08, 2005

the haps around town

Hello people. Welcome to my blogger. From this day on, I will scribe my thoughts on the latest gossip and events I attend and maybe get ya'll to respond and get your feedback. I am a vet at special events in the STL area and beyond and I hope to continue this on until I no longer have breath in my body.


First off. I attended recently the Jazz Festival in Shaw Park last month and I must say I really enjoyed it. My fave was Peabo Bryson (still looks good after all these years in the biz), Everette Harp and Normon Brown (He is very energetic with that guitar). Brenda Russell unfortunately was not able to attend due to a minor operation. Hope you get better. The guys did a tribute to her by singing her penned gem, "Get Here" (that was covered by Oleta Adams). Peabo stole the show by walking out in to the audience of of women who wanted to wipe the sweat off his brow. I was waiting for him to take off that suit coat and show off his chesteses. LOL. Anyway, I saw many local celebs there like Portfolio Gallery's Robert Powell, Black Rep's Karla Goldstein, and CBS TV guy Russ Mitchell in the VIP tent. The following day, Roy Hargrove and RH Factor performed. I mostly stayed in the well air conditioned tent gettin my grub on with my friends Sonja Sheriff and Kameron. But from what I heard they were OK. They had one sista named Renee who was the def eye candy for the show. The attendance was kind of low for this one, but it seemed as though people had a good time while they were there.

Next off was the Woodie Awards at the Balck Rep. Intimate Apparel cleaned house swiping most of the major cateogories: Best Play, Best Actress (Linda Kenndedy, of course), Best Suppoting Actress and Best Director, Ron Himes. The celbs that were there were Ken Page, Glynn Turman (Still lookin good), Antonio "Huggy Bear" Fargas and Phyliss Yvonne Stickney. The festivities were nice, but the auction during the ceremony was kind of tacky, but I digress. The post party was very shi-shi with salmon and noodles and drinks flowing to the fullest. I had everyone talking with a balck sarong and pants outfit I had on. You had to have been there to see it.

Last July 4 weekend, I attended Steve Lacy's B Day Party at Seven. It was nice. Packed as always. No big celeb attended like Mike Jordon did awhile back at Seven for the Rams Party, but it was still nice. I'm glad I attended that and not Nelly's Black and White Party at Plush that was going on at the same time. I heard that Nelly did not show up and there was many fights that erupted there. What is really going people? Can't we all get along?

Last Monday I attended Darius Bradfords Comedy Jam at Plaush. It was $3 to get in with a special ticket that people got from Steve Lacy's Party. Now I now it was the end of teh holidays, but can we still be on time for stuff? The show was suppose to start at 9:30 p.m. Well I thought at least it would begin at 10. NOT. It started close to 11 pm. Now this was too TRIFLIN. They say it was the mike problem. But DJ Needles, for some reason did not have a problem with his amps on the 1s and 2s. Anyway, Darius asked the bar to give away $3 shots for an hour to make up the time. The comedians were OK. The first was Deandre. He needed to go back and learn how to deliver his stand up. My lil neph can get up there and do better. Then there was a sista who performed. Her name slips me. But she was actually good. She had a joke about her baby daddy kids stealing this mans CDs in his car and she said, "Boy, put all those CDs back in his truck. You can have two, but give the rest back. That was funny. Then it was Mr Whitfield. A comedy legend. He is TOE UP to the floor up. He reminds me of Redd Foxx. He is a blue comedy comdian. The joke with the mike hitting the top of women's heads simulated a DYCK was too hilarious. Darius, who was recently seen on P Diddy's Bad Boy of Comedy, had the laughs going as the host. He even brought up this sista from the audience who sang the hook to Nellys "Tipdrill". Bruh man had her in a headlock and demanded that she sing her verse so the crowd will know it is her. She refused and he continued to put her in a headlock. It was too classic.

Anyway, the show was good. It just needs to start on TIME. People like myself gotta hear the birds chirping the next morning.

Next week, Ill guive you my dibs on the Destinys Child concert and post party. And my skinny on the sneak preview of 1204, formerly Club Isis. An upcoming party is Joe Torry Basketball Game After Party at Seven July 16. It should be nice. I hear Soul Food's Rockmond Dunbar and Diffrent World's Dawnn Lewis are suppose to come through this year. I hope all the celebs show that say they are attending. We'll see.

FUTURE BLIND DISH: I just got word that in the next few weeks, some prominent big shots will get exposed about their hiring practices of AFRICAN AMERICANS. This has the potential to rock the world of St. Louis. Hmmmm. Be on the look out for that.

Until next time--see ya outside!


OUTTOWN has gotten the reputation of being at STL events big and small taking pics. One of the earlier events I covered was the bday party of model Christiaan cofeild that took place at Bar Italia in July 2006:

Above is model Christiaan Cofield (in orange shirt) surrounded by friends at his bday party in July 2006 at Bar Italia.

BELOW is the link to this party

OUT 60 Christian Cofelds’ bday July 6, 2006

Therre's Mocha Latte (right) with her mentor Loose cannon’s Slim at Lucky;s where she hosted her weekly event Sunday Shindig for the first time in July 2007

Here is a snippet of that blog along with some other intersteing tidbits that went down that week:


EVENT-VIEWZ. I, along with 400 peeps, checked out Mocha Latte;s spanking new weekly netwroking event Sunday Night Shindig at Lucky's (fomerly club Formula) that she is putting on along with 100.3 The Beat(hosted by Staci Static on air and Mocha off air) , Loose Cannons and St. Louis American. It was going to be interesting as far as the debut of the event because the competition was the Loft who claimed to have been the official After party of the Beyonce concert (their fliers said that they were right around the corner form the Scott Trade, but in proximity sake, Luckys was really around the corner and NO she did not show up to the Loft)

I hear 1st Friday creators Harry Michel and Fred Finley is about to open up another club in the St. Louis (the last was the former Club Seven on Olive) in the near future..

Early congrats goes to STL comedian Jessie Taylor who will be tying the knot with his longtime lady this Saturday (I wont hold the late invite in the mail against ya. LOL) ....I will be in a fashion show put on Geri's Heart held at Lane Tabernacle Church on Sat. July 14 on 910 N. Newstead that will benefit cervical and breast cancer. It will take place around 1o'clock...

To see the entire post go to:

TUESDAY, JULY 10, 2007


EVENT-VIEWZ. On Saturday, I checked out Free Time's event Uptown Saturday Night at this spot called savor located on Lindell and Boyle. Savor is what you call a neighborhood restaurant housed in an elaborately renovated historic mansion (I can just imagine how much a glass of water is in this spot!) .

The spot designed with a contemporary flourish (white table-clothed restaurant, bar and intimate theatre , regal rooms, and and outdoor garden patio)

This was my first time here and I must say I have never known this spot to be there (even when I was working at the St. Louis American for three years which is a few doors down from it) I was very impressed with the locale and atmosphere. Very chic and classy. Their comepetion was at the Loft (which was also free before 10) but I definitely wanted to check out Savor, a newer spot and where I havent been before.


Below are some ofthe newz ish that was happeNning in July 2008 and july 2009 in the STL area:

TUESDAY, JULY 08, 2008


Hello OUTTOWNers!

It is Wednesday

Welcome to The Beginning of Year Four of OUTTOWN!

Imbev buyout of Anheuser Busch.

Democratic Presidential nominee Sen.Barack Obama had to jet back to the STL Monday after his Midwest charter had a problem keeping the nose up on takeoff from Chicago.


The July 4 weekend was a fulfilled weekend for sure with Live Off the Levee, The AME Church Convention at America’s Center, Obama speaking to the AME’s and the Cards v Cubs series going on at Busch Stadium which the latter caused a bit of a strike beyond the dugout. Former Cardinal outfielder (ooops)....We mean Cubs outfielder Jim Edmonds spent his first few weeks as a Cub asking the media to stop referring to him as a former Cardinal.........


Below is another blog post of arts and entertainment newz in the St Louis area, one story, The Chuck Berry statue, that has culminated with the erection of it just last month.



It looks like St. Louis native rock legend Chuck Berry will finally get a statue of his likeness in his hometown. Last week, KMOX personality Charlie Brennan (who has been on the campaign for the stature for a few years ), along with Delmar Loop developer Joe Edwards are overseeing that the statue will be built and erected. It was reported that the statue will be between Fitz's andBrandt's in the Delmar loop. No report was set on when the first phase of building it, but donations have already been coming in for the project which is estimated to cost about 100,000. In related news, Berry will headline the “Three Stars Over the Garden” concert at July 24 atMissouri Botanical Garden’s Cohen Amphitheater. For tickets go to

Congrats to sexy R&B singer Ginuwine who has made a comeback on the music charts and scene. His St. Louis-based/recorded CD “A Man;s thoughts” debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums and No. 9 on the Billboard 200 Albums charts. The album is released on St. Louis record label Notifi Records, a first for the newly developed label. The CD’s first single, “Last Chance’ is currently No. 9 on the R&B/hip Hop Charts , his first Top 10 single in six years.

FOR MORE BITZ during that day and time go to :

OUTTOWN has also been out of the STL area to cover events and just traveling including visiting Los Angeles for the first time in the summer of 2006. One event we covered was in Chicago when we became a media sponsor for Cleons Fashion Show in early July 2010.

A pic of Chicago based actor/model Keeland Ellis who was one of the featured models in this art deco fashion show held at the DuSable Museum in Chicago July 2010.

Below is the link to this event:

MONDAY, JULY 12, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF SHOW)

Well, there you have it, six years of OUTTOWN. Will there be a seventh b-day? Only time will predict that. As I recall STL socialite Mark Anthony Jones asking me in 2009 how long do I see myself doing OUTTOWN. My response was, "I don't know."

The blog has gone through many transformations in titles starting out as The Haps On the Town to blog segments (from STL TIDBITZ to ILLI MO BITZ), content (from diary style to news style) guest writers (Senora Robinson, Rebecca Rodgers, etc), spinoffs (OUTTOWN Radio on Blog Talk Radio in 2009) and the quantity of posts per week ( a record 10 posts in one week in 2007), but one thing remains--the passion. I guess when I run out of passion for OUTTOWN is when I would stop posting it.

And I don;'t see it running out anytime soon--but I will let you know when it does.

Until next week--LET's GET TOWNED!!!

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