Tuesday, July 12, 2011

OUT 1022--GOT LYRICS @EXO July 8

Photos by Ma'atology Therfe's promoter Mocha Latte introducing herself to the crowd during her long running monthly poetry showcase GOT LYRICS (with DJ Reminise in the background) that was held at Exo.

One of the first poets to perform was Lisa Marie from Cincinnati

She put a different spin on the white girl lovin black men thang,

STL staple Xplicit rousing the crowd with his animated swag.

The ladies in the crowd were all up in his poems on relationships.

During Latte's "Five Minutes of Fame" segment where members of the audience talk about something positive that's has happened in their lives, B Free Paparazzi photographer Nicholas Powell got on the mic to talk about a photo gig he landed in Korea.

This lovely young lady was celebrating her bday that nite.

Xplicit talks to a new fan of his who bought one of his CDs that nite.

Mocha reads one of her pieces she write while at the J.O.B. about a love gone bad.

Mocha all up in it!

Poet Blackstone meditatin' during the event.

Poet X Blu Reign got on the mic speaking that seductiveness.

Reign didnt hold her tongue when it came to what she was speaking on!

In the crowd was MPAC's Mo Spoon and his lady Monica.


We got a pic of Latte with DJ Reminise


Latte with Reign.

After the break was poet Blackstone who was more Bill Cosbyish with his storytelling type of delivery

He also had a knack of metaphor and allusion to his pieces.

Some crowd members during the event.

NOTE: Although the crowd was very small and intimate, the talent was big and plenty!

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