Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology Chillin at the weekly networking event were event coordinator Nate Jackson and videographer /Webster U "Bodega" radio host Chris Phillips . Check out who else checked in and what else happened during this popular nite.

In The Absinthe Room DJ Nune was spinnin the 90s jams while playing drums and horns along with his band.

The tuba man blowing along with the spins.

The crowd enjoyed the mix.

Another shot of the Absinthe Room.

DJ Nune on the French horn.


On the Lola's side of the spot, people were beginning to come to check out the featured entertainment, cover band Dirty Muggs.

Dirty Muggs lead singer Justin Clay got the crowd going early with such jams as "This Is How We Do it," and "Yeah."

Clay along with bassist Boni and drummer Dirty Lynt engulfed with the dancing crowd.
Not shown is guitarist/founder Dee DeeJames.

Some party people enjoyin themselves.

Folk were gettin into the band's mix of live music with music tracks.

The crowd was paying $20 to enter.

Clay was gettin freaky up in there for a minute!

Clay gave the ladies a bit of abs candy.

Clay seranaded a lady in the crowd who was celebrating a b-day.

The large crowd up in there.

NOTE: Overall the experience in both rooms were very entertaining. A mix of live music with prerecorded tracks seemed like the perfect blend for the hundreds of party people who came through. Some of the organziers of the event came a bit later in the nite (Freetime's Roy Robinson, SYGU's Daryl Gillespie and Rhashad Whittier and Soul Stylz Cornell Boone and Tobi Colls) makin sure things were solid at the door . There was one incident that happened involving someone tryin to come in but we didnt get if it was dealing twith not being on the list or the dress code, but the matter was handled by the organziers quick and swiftly. There was a BLIND DISH that also had taken place involving a STL promoter (not involved with this event) that caused he and their significant other, who was a bit tipsy, having to leave after the significant other felt dissed by someone inside the venue, but we will talk about that at a later time, but for the most part the mix was great.

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