Monday, October 25, 2010


THERRE"S YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, in signature pose, standing next to Delux photographer Lawrence Bryant up in VIP at the King Magazine party held at the Loft last Friday. Check out the pics below from the two events we covered!

Photos by Ma'atology and King Tungsten (pic above)

FREETIME's Adrian Saddler, Raven Akrem, Daryl Frierson and Roy Robinson. Below are some of the early socialites who attended!

Valarie Johnson and friend.

LME's Tim Cortez and Otto Nichols and David Blair.

DJ Okay was on the 1s and 2s.

Socialites Nicole White and JoAnn Smith

NOTE: Although we stayed briefly, this event was nice. Complimentary food was a bonus.

LATER ON WE ATTENDED King Magazine Contest:

There's King Magazine model Tahiry posed with promoter/event host Mocha Latte (left) and Hot 104.1 personality Tony J.

On the 1s and 2s was DJ Cuddy

Mr 314 and comedian/event host Kym Dobbs.

The crowd packed to the space. Recognize anyone?

Also attended were St. Lunatic bandmates/ blood brothers and new STL TV personalities Kyjuan and Murph.

This sista was one of a few wearing her lingerie. Come to find out she was one of close to 40 young ladies who vied for the King Magazine Contest later that nite.

Kym D making her way to the VIP area passing by Mr Kyjuan.

Mocha on the mic rallying ladies to sign up for the contest.

Socialite/promoter Calvin Nelson (left) takes a flick with some members of STL rap group Block Boyz who performed later that nite.

A young lady signing up for the contest.

Mocha in mono pose.

More young ladies signing up for the competition to win $500 and a spread in King Magazine.

Short guy--Tall girl lovin. LOL

A pic of the young ladies who signed up for the contest.

Mocha introducing Foxxhole radio personalities Brandy Magee and Poetess (back turned). The Sirrius radio show and its personalities (minus Jamie Foxx who piped in via Skype) were in town earlier that nite to present a remote broadcast at Lola's.

Tahiry taking a pic with her best assets.

Another pic of Latte, Tahiry and Tony J.

Later on we caught special guest R&B heartthrob Tank just coming through the VIP area. Here, he's talking with Foxxhole personalities Poetess, and Magee. He also gave a performance for the crowd later in the event.

"How did you want me to mention you to the folks?" LOL. There's Mocha talking with 104.1 program director Mickey J.

T and T. Tank takes a pic with Tahiry up in VIP.

Murphy gettin the crowd hyped performing his mixtape hit, "St. Louis Nigga."

Kyjuan joined Murph on stage.

Featured guest Tank on stage as the ladies shout and scream for the heartthrob.

Tank had the crowd sing a long.

He performed his hit, "Please Dont Go " and his latest single, "Sex Music."

Tank in croon mode.

He teased the ladies in the crowd saying, "Man, its hot in here, I should take my shirt off." He only pulled it up half way to show his abs. And of course, the ladies went wild.

Some of the first called contestants (The sista pictured earlier was letti it all hang out as you can see.)

More contestants.

Another contestant.

Another contestant.

And another.

Mocha with the Top 3 contestants as judged by who judged, which included Tank.


Miss Ebony!

Mocha poses with Ebony.

"Can I be in your next video?" LOL. Ebony in VIP talkin with Kyjuan.

NOTE: This was quite an interesting event. Over 30 contestants participated in the contest which varied from tall, short, white, black, skinny and not so skinny. We were in the VIP area and it was quite interesting seeing all the action happening when Tahiry and Tank came through with their bodyguards and assistants. We spotted Tank and St. Lunatics' Kyjuan nd Murph exchanging numbers in their cellies and the waitors grabbing tables to put in VIP for the extra libations for Tank. An interesting moment happened right before the winner was mentioned involving a request from a mover and shaker and extra money directed at the Top 3 contestants (We will mention the hints in BLIND BITZ in our ILLI MO BITZ post on Thursday). Also spotted in the crowd were promoters Mo Spoon and King Kerry and model Kenneth McClure.

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