Monday, October 11, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology Comedian Jessie Taylor takes a pic with his family and friends in VIP party.

Taylor giving a kiss to a guest.

Taylor and a couple of his guests up close.

Up first on stage was comedian Maurice G.

G was animated as always with his joaning style humor.

A buffed out Taylor was the emcee of his b-day show.

Taylor did his observational humor mixed with some funny reality based humor about his family and friends.

A stage left long shot of Taylor on stage.

Taylor brought up a friend and his newly wedded wife on stage. He told the crowd that homeboy is always clean and coordinated when he goes out.

Taylor told him to show the shoes.

Taylor told the crowd they just got married.

Up next was poet Xplicit.

He did his clever wordplay and haiku for the crowd.

A long shot of Xplicit on stage.

One of the guests was comedian/event host Kym Dobbs

Up next on stage was comedian Jovan Bibbs.

He was moderate in his self wonder delivery.

Bibbs in comedy mode.

Taylor and his friends do a bottoms up toast to his bday.

Singer Aloha was not scheduled to perform as previously advertised, but in her place was singer Flirt who did an a capella, impromptu set of cover songs.

He impersonated singers Joe ("All the Things") , Whitney Houston ("I'll Always Love you") and R Kelly "(Bump and Grind")

Taylor even go in the act singing the Dells, "A Heart is a House for Love."

Headliner Chitown's Ray Lapowski on stage

He did his white guy observations on black people that always kill.

The crowd were definitely feelin his humor but it took him awhile to get warmed up cuz he said he was wasted. LOL

During the show, Taylor takes pics with friends and comedian Maurice G. in one of the lobbies.

Taylor and well wishers.

Socialite Nicole Griffin (third from left) and Taylor's wife Bridgette (next to Griffin) takes a pic with Taylor.

Taylor posing with two of his children, Jessie Jr (left) and Jerrell (right).

Taylro with his children and niece and nephew.

Fishnet blousin!

Folk gettin their jam on after the concert.

NOTE: Over 500 folk attended this event.

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