Monday, October 4, 2010


Photos by King Tungsten (first pic) and Ma'atology
THERE's YOURS TRULY (right), Ma'at Atkins, taking a pic with photographer Katherine Bish at her art display reception. Check out the portraits and who participated!

There's artist Natashia Griffin posing with Bish. Griffin was one of the muses for Bish's photograph displays.

From left: Post's Fashion Editor Debra Bass, STLTV personality Gilberto Pinella and Griffin. Pinella also was a participant in the display.

Griffin poses in front of her photograph that Bish photographed with her family.

ABOVE: Yet, the highlight was this live display of a sea creature representing the animals living in the oil drenched waters of The Gulf. RIGHT: Some patrons looking at the art work.

Poet/rapper Corey Black was one of the participants.

Also participating were (from left) Mayor Francis Slay, Pinella's pic (next to Slay's) and fourth pic stylist Godfried Addae



Slay (Hmmm, how ironic is his interpretation?LOL)

The outside patio.

Griffin explaining to patrons about her photograph.

More portraits. The drum kit was from a band that played at this event before OUTTOWN arrived.

More portraits.

The art display will run til Oct 31.

More pics.

Pinella getting interviewed by a local TV show about his participation in the project.

It was a decent crowd at the reception.

NOTE: The event was very nice. Free heavy appetizers and cash bar was included. It was a nice mix of people who attended and several paintings were sold that nite. From her Facebook page, Katherine Bish, exhibited the photos to raise public awareness of the ecological damage of the BP oil spill that happened this summer. Money raised will help charities working with the harmed animals.
Profits from the admission fees will be donated to one or more of charities working in the Gulf from the Saint Louis Better Business Bureau's approved "Wise Giving Alliance" list. Later, the exhibit will be posted on Bish's web site, along with the BBB's 'Wise Giving Alliance " list to encourage others to donate.

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