Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology STL promoter/artist manager Jackie Phillips takes a pic with her client poet Kels Da Poet holding her book, "Tatted Up" at he book signing.

YOURS TRULY was given a boxed gift of the book.

Kels greets her well wishers who attended.

Poet Brother Ting gives Kels a hug.

The book's graphic artist Tracey Lovin gives congrats to Kels.

Kels got a bit emotional but was able to hold off tears to thank the crowd for coming to her book signing.

Her well wishers get their book signed.

Phillips subbed as host until scheduled host promoter Mocha Latte arrived.

Aireez Darychuss started out the event with sing-song spoken word pieces including, "Ghetto Lullaby."

Comedian Tahir Moore, who currently live i n L.A. cracked jokes on subjects such as Twitter ("A cop pulled me over because I was following him on "Twitter"), the mortality of little people and skipping instead of walking.

Kels got on the mike and did classic suggestive poems from her book, "Tatted Up"

Kels reading from "Tatted Up."

Latte taking over the emcee duties. She ribbed comedian Moore who ribbed her for being late and said, "Tahir was shaking his man boobies up in The Label." LOL

Comedian El Thought on the mic.

Sir Earvin told the story of how and when he met Kels (at Lyric Lounge) ribbed a few people in the crowd before gettin into poet mode doing his signature piece, "I Stand."

Poet Knowledge expressed hie love for Kels' friendship and how they met ("I remember the first time I saw her at Got Lyrics, she spoke to me and said, "Could you please stop smoking, I'm pregnant." ) then got into a couple of poetry joints.

Mocha giving the intermission break.

In the crowd was Mo Tre member Santana (a client of Phillips) and poet Shareca "Shae" Pitts.

Mocha speaking with an attendee.

During the second act, poet/singer Robert Dillard performs with his accompanist Shawna Frazer . he did two pieces, "Pretender" and his classic madman piece, "Do You Remember?"

Next up was Phillips' client poet Oops who performed poetry including his piece, "Traveler Man."

Singer Theresa (who is also Phillips' client) performed two songs from her CD, "I Get so Lost" and "Stagnate."

Latte performed last one of her trademark pieces, "Love Jones."

Phillips gives Kels a gift, an enlarged poster of her book jacket.

Kels holds her poster with Latte and well wisher.

Kels poses with family and friends.

NOTE: To purchase a copy of Kels' book, "Tatted Up" email Jackie Phillips at


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