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Photos by Ma'atology and Arika Parr (first pic) Therre's YOYRS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins clowning around with Clear Channel/Majic 104.9 FM exec Arika Parr at Live on the Levee concert with Angie Stone. Check out the pics below from this event.

Singers Coco Soul and Kawanee sporting MJ tribute gloves that Kawanee made for their performance that day at Live on the Levee.

The STL steppin club Girls Inc walking down the Archgrounds. They stepped for at one of its booths.

A banner showing some of the artists performing at the Live on the Levee Concert Series.

Clear Channel personality Pam Oliver announced the opening act LeAndra to the stage.

Some of the early crowd braving the hot sun.

The St. Louis Police Department on patrol.

Girls Inc gave the early crowd a step taste.

LeAndra performed mostly cover songs including Alicia Keys' "Fallin" and "No One," Anita Baker's "You Brng Me Joy," "Sister" from the "Color Purple, a female spin on Musiq Soulchild's "So Beautiful" and Jill Scott's "He Loves Me."

Leandra and her band.

Parr taking a flick.

LeAndra also sang a Jackson Five's "Ill Be There" as tribute to MJ and couple of songs from her CD, "Little Things," including "Teardrops"

A deaf interpreter for the hearing impaired signs the concert.

LeAndra told the crowd that she hopes to get national distribution of her CD in the Fall. She is currently signed to Gutta Music.

After her set, LeAndra took pics with her background singers and her husband who is also her manager.

LeAndra talks with a fan.

LeAndra signs her CD for a fan.

Kawaree, Coco and singer Shelitha take a flick before hitting the stage. (Wow Coco did a curly do of her tresses in a matter of hours!)

STL Divas: LeAndra and Coco Soul.

Pam Oliver (second from left) and LeAndra with two of her background singers.

The crowd was filling up.

PEAK A BOO. This was an interesting couple.

Swirling about!

We aint mad at her or her outfit! LOL

Coco sang with band Soul Alliance at the concert. The band is also the houseband at her monthly showcase event Cafe Soul currently held at the Loft. Soul sang cover tunes for her set.
She started it off with Stevie's "All I Do."

Background doin their thang.

Soul also covered Chaka's "Aint Nobody," Aretha's "Rocksteady," Labelle's "Lady Marmalade," and Jill Scott's "It's Love."

Parr posing for the OUTCAM

Attendees enjoyin the show.

The highlight of Coco's set was her MJ tribute. Here she says a prayer after putting on the White Glove.

Her set included MJ classics, "I Can't Help it," Shake Your Body Down to the Ground," and an all out romp of "Wanna be Startin Somethin."

During her MJ Tribute, she said, "We miss him so your life to the fullest. Right now. Live each day to the fullest...We just lost E Lynn Harris...This generation needs you, old school. Children need you. I'm not old school yet but (laughter from crowd) old school from the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s. This generation needs you. I have a mandate on my life to pray and live my life each day."

The VIP area into the concert.

A VIP view of the stage. Soul closed out her set with Chaka's "Sweet Thing."

Soul leaving the stage.

Around 8 p.m. the lady of the hour, Angie Stone (seen in the background) walked up the stage . Pictured is one of her background vocalists.

Stone, walking up the steps to the stage.

Stone started her set with the jam, "I Wanna Thank You (Love is Gansgata)"

Stone, who has lost a tremendous amount of weight after her appearance on VH1's Celebrity Fit Club last year, said to the crowd, "I have a secrat, In 1979, I was with a rap group called Sequence (cheers from crowd) and St. Louis was my first time I ever performed before an audience this big. Then the band segued from "Love is Gangsta" to her 1980 hit with Sequence, "Funk You Up,' as the crowd rapped along.

Stone asked the crowd, "Can I take you back a lil' bit" (YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH) and sang a song from her 1st two CDs, her hit "Everyday" from her debut solo CD, "Black Diamond," and the album cut, "Easier Said than Done," from "Mahogany Soul."

The crowd enjoyin the show STAGE LEFT


Stone also did some sista testifyin for the ladies in the crowd. She said, " Where my Girls at? (CHEERS FROM LADIES), I want you to stand up and represent. Shake everything you got, This is for us ladies. How many of you have been in a relationship. They mess up. Leave us. We start kickin it with someone else and they wanna act a fool? I dont think you heard me (she repeats the question). Well, I been there, done that and wrote this for my sisters. Then she went into the song, "Pissed Off."

The crowd (can you spot Ms. Jo in this pic? LOL)

Stoen also sang the cover song, Gladys Knight's "Makings of You," and her hits "Baby," "Sometimes" (both from her last CD, "Art of Love and War," "Brotha," (She said before this song, "If you are a King, Stay a King.") "No more Rain"(crowd fave) and closed off with "Wish I Didnt Miss You."

The highlights were when she gave her background vocalists and band to shine (The band did an impromptu jam session of her hit, :"More than a Woman" and she chimed in with a few versus) . Someone also threw a male shirt out to her as it landed on stage. She picked it up, smelled it and asked, "What kind of cologne is this?"

Stone made several mentions about whether the VIP area was hyped.

Here is she is addressing that VIP area. Another highlight was her doin her girl talk to the crowd. In regards to God she said, "So many times we let a day go by that we dont tell each other you love them. we are nothing without the Creator. " Then cracked a joke about how men should flatter a woman saying , "If you cant afford a rose, please pluck one ou of somebdy's tree."

Stone also said taht she will be in a movie called, "Unexpected" that is coming out in the Fall. She said, "It's off the chain." near the end of ther set, Stone had the crowd to hold up their cell phone lights and most did.

Stone leaving the stage.

NOTE: Overall the concert was very entertaining. To have three women perform at a concert (Leandra, Coco Soul and Angie Stone) is historic in itself.

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