Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins, was part of the paparazzi at St. Louis native Ryan Howard of the Phillie's private party held at Lumen last Saturday. Check out who came through below

The celebrity baseball display that was near the red carpet area of the event. One of the balls was signed by comedian/actor Billy Crystal.

Another is actor James Earl Jones.

And actress Drew Barrymore.

The baseball display

The smoking area outside in front of the light display of some of the promoters and sponsors of the event.

People coming through the event and observing the display.

One of the early celebs that came through was Mr. Baseball Ernie Banks.

Socialite Michelle Johnson (right) and friends arrive.

Attendees Aisha and Irshad

Attendees Tiffany Crocker abnd Ryan Zimmeron

Ryan Howard's father, Ron attended.

Alive Magazine's Editor in Chief Attilio D'Agistino (right) and his guests.

Alive Magazine's Jason Nichols with Noelle Lopez and Jim Conannon

Sports agent Rocky Arceneaux
flocked with beauties Mahogany Ratcliffe (left) and Jennifer Rodriquez (right)

St. Louis Rams Will Witherspoon

Witherspoon gets interviewed by Brian Stull of 101 ESPN.

Chuck Stewart and Erin

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle is interviewed by 101 ESPN.

Oakland A's Sam Querrey (left) and guests.

Fitness trainer Deanthony Moore and date Beth Harris, who was one of the fashionistas in this number.

Actress Alyssa Milano stopped through in this casual number.

Ola Hawatmeh from Mom Me Makeover

One of the event's sponsors' Captain Morgan and his female pirates make an appearance.

Tracey J (right) in a sleek black number, and her posse pose for a pic.

James Moore and KDSK Jeff Small.

Party thrower St. Louis native Ryan Howard of the Phillies get interviewed by the press.

Howard and Danny, in one of the nite's glam dresses.

Howard speaking to the press.

Football players from left: Jacob Bell, Derrick Stanley, David Roach and a couple of Rams players (the one of the end was a fashion highlight).

Detroit Tigers' Curtis Granderson
gets interviewed.

Superstar baseball player Derek Jeter of the Yankees made an appearance.

Rap legend DMC of Run DMC stopped by the press to be interviewed. He also performed at the party.

DMC was all smiles.

DMC appears not to have aged in 20 years!

Baltimore Orioles' Adam Jones with his family.

Playmates Jessica Burciaga and Hope Dworaczgk

Red Sox's Josh Beckett and date.

The Pittsburgh Pirates Freddy Sanchez (right) and wife, Alyssa.

YOURS TRULY got on the carpet.

NOTE: We didnt get to go inside (only at the very beginning before it started), but from what we saw, it was a grand set up of a concert, sports setup (with the VIP upstairs) with staging with free food and drinks. Also in attendance were Barry Larkin (who passed up to tlak with the media), Mike Roberts Jr (who got totally duissed on the red carpet and literally pushed away from it) the Posts' Kevin Johnson and Debra Bass, STl-TV's Gilberto Pinella and FREETIME's Daryl Frierson.


We snuck a pic of the private party held at Lure (from outside looking the party from the sidewalk), put on by the Playboy Playmates and hosted by Ceren Vodka. Nelly, Ashanti and Cedric the Entertainer were in attendance at this event which was priced at 150 dolalrs and up for free food and drink all nite (Tables were priced at 3 grand). It was rumored that b-ball legend Michael Jordan was to attend, but he was a no show.

There were many luxury cars parked out front of Lure on Washington AVE that nite.

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