Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology and B Free Paparazzi Last Friday we checked out the grand opening of Sweetie Pie's soul food spot in Granite City. We got there around 7ish p.m. The restaurant.bar was giving away FREE food and FREE drink (yes, you heard) and the line was down the the strip mall area.

Folk waiting to get in. People waited for hours to get inside cuz of the FREE.

Inside, Monopoly Promotion's mocha Latte takes a pose with Sweetie Pie's proprietor Robbie Montgomgery. An original Ikette, Montgomery also has restaurants in Florrissant and Tower Grove

Latte with attendees socialite Mario and Free Time's Darryl Frierson

A celebratory band played while the folk ate and drank.

Montgomery thanked the crowd for coming and said that the crowd was swelling beyond her wildest dreams.

Some of the crowd. It had to have been more than a 1,000 at a time who came through to get a taste of soul food.

NOTE: We left Sweetie Pies about 1ish in the morning and people were still at the spot (It also doubled as a spot to celebrate YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins' bdays). Not as full as earlier in that day, but folk were piling plates to go.
On last Saturday, YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins checked out the new network event Ambience put on by Soul Stylz. It was where Atkins met up with some friends to celebrate the b-days. In the pic, Atkins poses with friend Tiffani Blackmore who came through to celebrate with Atkins.

Some of the crowd up in Ambience.

NOTE: Other STL Stars who came through Ambience and to wish Ma'at Atkins well (and some with drinks)were Mike Persons, Brian Cannon, Marlon Lee, Tiffany Bryant, and Big Terrance.

After Ambience, we hit the last hour of the Ed Hardy/Threaded Bones fashion show that was held outside in front of Sugars Lounge on 14th And Washington Avenue. When we got there, the fashion show was over , but the rock band Killing Vegas performed for those who stayed on to party.

Party girl !

ON LAST SUNDAY................

We checked out Good For the People's event Warm Up at Exo, one of the many All Star Game unofficial parties (most were private that were affiliated with the All Star Game) going on in the Lou last weekend. In the pic is Good For the People's Jerrod Jones and St. Louis native NFLer Will Franklin, of the Oakland raiders, who hosted the event.

Jeff Walton, Jones and former collegiate b-baller Bryant Chambly

Franklin and former high school mate socialite Maria Wilson.

Jones and his "sisters" take a pic at the patio area.

Folk inside partyin up.
NOTE: There were several lesser known young NFL and MLB (black guys only) who were up in the event as well. The highlight was the Soul Train line that was formed near the DJ area and people unbeknownst of the line cutting in the opposite direction and forced to go down the train line.

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