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This week we highlight athlete, Helen Herring Stephens.

Helen Herring Stephens (February 3, 1918 – January 17, 1994) was an American athlete, a double Olympic champion in 1936.

Stephens, nicknamed the 'Fulton Flash' after her birthplace Fulton, Missouri, was a strong athlete in sprint events - she never lost a race in her entire career - but also in weight events like the shot put and discus throw, and she won national titles in both categories of events.

Aged only 18, Stephens was sent out to the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

At the 1936 Olympics it was suggested that Stephens (and her 100 meters rival Stella Walsh, who was later proven to be a man under current Olympic rules) were in fact male. The Olympics committee performed a physical check on Stephens and concluded that she was a woman

There, she won the 100 m final, beating reigning champion and reigning world record holder Stanisława Walasiewicz of Poland (who an autopsy discovered was not female under then-current Olympic rules).[1] Her time of 11.5 s was below the world record, but was not recognised because a strong tailwind was present at the time of the race. Next, Stephens anchored the American 4 x 100 m relay team that won the Olympic title after the leading German team dropped its baton.

Stephens retired from athletics shortly after the Games and played some professional baseball and softball. She attended William Woods University in Fulton, MO. From 1938 to 1952, she was the owner and manager of her own semi-professional basketball team.

She was employed for many years in the Research Division of the U.S. Aeronautical Chart and Information Service (later, a part of the Defense Mapping Agency) in St. Louis, Mo.

She died in Saint Louis at age 75.

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STL socialite Spoil Danielle snapped this photo last Saturday nite of rapper T.I. and his wife, singer/reality show star Tiny checking into the Lumiere Place Hotel in downtown St. Louis. They were in town for a concert the rapper performed at The Ambassador. (CHECK OUT BELOW UNDER STL NEWZ WHERE OTHER CELEBS WERE SPOTTED THIS PAST WEEKEND)


Former Illinois governor and reality show star Rod Blagojavich’s public relations fete outside his house in Ravenswood Manor, on Chicago’s North Side Thursday(PICS BY AP).aka as his “public goodbye,” reportedly felt like a summer street festival:

The street was reportedly blocked off to accommodate the media onslaught, as well as more than 100 well-wishers and curiosity-seekers, some carrying signs (“Free Blago”), banners, and anything they could get the former governor to sign.

Cued to make the evening news of the local TV stations, all of which carried the event live, Blagojevich reportedly stood on his front lawn with his wife, Patti, and spoke extemporaneously for about 12 minutes.

He reportedly thanked his supporters and trumpeted his achievements as governor – free Metra rides for senior citizens and breast cancer prevention screenings, for example, that were familiar refrains in his defense during both trials. For him, he said, they brought “a sense of accomplishment” in providing services to “ordinary people who didn’t have a voice.”

“I never raised the income tax on the people. I take that with me on my next journey,” he said.

Without directly addressing his political enemies or the team of federal prosecutors who recorded hundreds of hours of his conversations with aides, Blagojevich, a Democrat, described his actions as “political talk” and said he felt that what he was doing, in regards to “horse trading”-related campaign fundraising, “was on the right side of the law.”

“I accept [the sentence] as hard as it is … this is the hardest thing I had to do, but it is the law and we follow the law and I will be doing that tomorrow,” he said.

At one moment, supporters reportedly tried to drape an American flag across the shoulders of Blagojevich and his wife, where it hung momentarily. Others tried to shove mementos in his hand. Chants of “free our governor” burst out intermittently.

Moreover, he reportedly acknowledged that he had trouble speaking the word “prison” out loud. He lamented the effect his absence will have on his wife and two young daughters.

He said that he felt “a tendency to focus on bitterness and anger” but that he had to fight himself “not to go there.”

“We are teaching our children that through hard times and in tears, you have to live through hopes and not your fears,” he said.

Blagojevich was reportedly joined by his legal team and said he was appealing his sentence and that he still has “great trust and faith” in the outcome.

His wife will not be joining him in Colorado. She is the realtor representing the couple’s five-bedroom, 3,817-square-foot home, which remains on the market for $998,000.

Before leaving, Blagojevich searched for an appropriate closing remark to leave the public until the next time – a long time from now – he’ll be before a microphone.

“I will see you around,” he said.

He is due to report to a prison in Colorado on Thursday to begin serving a 14-year sentence for corruption while in office. Blagojevich said through a publicist that he will speak on Wednesday afternoon outside the home where FBI agents showed up on the morning of December 9, 2008, and arrested him.

We think that Blago’s team staged this public goodbye as his last plan to make his last appeal still relevant by having the people in support of him. Was it a smart move? Probably not. It could backfire and thwart his plan to appeal his sentence.


President Barack Obama arrived with British Prime Minister David Cameron to attend the NCAA men's college basketball tournament game Tuesday between Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky in Dayton, Ohio (pic by REUTERS/Matt Sullivan ) The attending was, a gesture of goodwill during Cameron's official visit to the United States. With a president and a prime minister was sitting in the front row behind the basket. During the first timeout, photographers from the White House press corps reportedly went on the court to snap photos. The two referees on that side of the court shook the president's hand.

The Hilltoppers turned up their full-court press and overcame a 16-point deficit in the last 5 minutes on Tuesday night. Their 59-58 victory over Mississippi Valley State christened it as the tournament of comebacks.

Obama also kept with the tradition of filling out an NCAA tournament bracket on ESPN, the sports network he reportedly watches daily. His selections put Mizzou in his Final Four along with Kentucky, Ohio State and North Carolina

Obama filled out a bracket for the fourth consecutive year. He picked North Carolina to win the 2009 title -- and was correct.

The president has Baylor, St. John's, Connecticut and Notre Dame in his women's bracket.

We can’t imagine how the players were feeling with POTUS watching them play! OMG!!!

The Oprah Winfrey interview Sunday with Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina and her brother and sister-in law, Gary and Patricia Houston was a ratings bonanza for the OWN, raking in 3.5 million viewers.

By far the network's most watched telecast ever, the special managed to reportedly build in every half hour, improving between 9:00 and 10:30 p.m. ET.

The interview, announced on little more than a week's notice, marked more good news for the network which had ratings challenges at its launch. OWN recently posted substantial year over year growth in the month of February, growing an average 12 percent in primetime and 29 percent for the total day.

In the interview, Winfrey, who attended Houston’s homegoing , cleared up a lot of details about Whitney Houston's final moments during her interview with Bobbi Kristina, and Patricia and Gary Houston.

Well, if this is indication, we are sure this will be the network’s strongpoint: OPRAH getting much face time with celebs on OWN. As far as the suddenness of the interview after the singer’s death bares to question, but in this fast world of news and relevancy, Oprah just got in where she could fit in. And besides, The Houston Family contacted Oprah.

Cape Girardeau, Mo native radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh chided the National Organization for Women and its president, Terry O'Neill, on his syndicated radio show Tuesday, over comments she made at the group's convention in New Orleans.

"All of this outrage that they have been spewing for a weekhow horrible it's been, how uncouth," Limbaugh said. "Just listen to her describe it."

Limbaugh, whose show has lost dozens of advertisers in the fallout over his comments about Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke, then played a clip from O'Neill's speech on Saturday at the NOW convention.

"Right now it really seems like we've got this godsend named Rush Limbaugh who has dropped this thing in our lap," O'Neill said. "Which is just wonderful. But the road ahead is really not gonna be completely rosy. We've got to be very clear on what the challenges are, and very clear about how we can move our own agenda forward in the current political climate."

Earlier this month, NOW called on Clear Channel to pull the plug on Limbaugh's show in the wake of his derogatory comments about Fluke.

"I thought they were outraged," Limbaugh said. "I thought they were offended. I thought it was the worst thing they ever heard anybody say. [Now] it's 'wonderful.' What a political opportunity."

Limbaugh, who refers to NOW members as "Nags" (an acronym for the "National Association of Gals") continued: "A godsend! The Nags called me a godsend. So not only am I God's gift to Obama, I'm God's gift to women."

Fluke appeared on CNN Tuesday in an attempt to refocus the debate away from the controversy surrounding Limbaugh's comments about her testimony and back to the birth control issue.

"It's unfortunate that some folks have made it so much about me and my access, because that was not what my testimony was about," Fluke said. "I would encourage people to take a look at that testimony."

This has all become a media frenzy boon for both parties. And as they say, any quote can be taken out of context and with Limbaugh, any quote that may seem to be in his favor, he’s going to run with it. But the bigger picture is of women’s rights to get birth control from their doctors.


FLOTUS Michelle Obama is returning to the late-night stage. The first lady will appear on the "Late Show with David Letterman" on March 19. Mrs. Obama will discuss her Joining Forces initiative, which supports military families, and her plans for the program's one-year anniversary.

CBS, which airs Letterman's show, says this will be Mrs. Obama's first appearance on the program. But she has made other stops on the late-night talk show circuit to promote her initiatives and stump for President Barack Obama's re-election campaign.

Her recent appearances include "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and Jimmy Fallon's "Late Night" program. Both shows are on NBC.

Mrs. Obama also made headlines for that breathtaking off the shoulder Marches teal dress and beaded necklace she wore at the State Dinner for Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha Cameron this week!


Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose recently purchase of a $2.8 million, three-bedroom condo in Chicago's Trump Tower. There is also speculation that the contract extension Rose signed last December will have him pulling in around $100 million over the next five seasons of his stay in Chicago. There are reports that he recently signed a massive $200 million deal to stay with his preferred shoe company over the next 13 years. Lastly, Rose is on the bench because of a straned groin but his team was able to win Wednesday against Miami heat but his team won 106-102, without Derrick Rose in a charged showdown between the Eastern Conference's top two teams in Chicago.


According to Deb Peterson of, shock jock and "America's Got Talent" judge, Howard Stern, praised the talent at St. Louis' auditions for the show, but lambasted our fine city itself.

Stern took to the airways with his Sirius XM Radio show this week to talk about his weekend in St. Louis and the auditions at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Stern was in St Louis judging the talent pool with show co-stars Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.

He said the “acts they saw in St. Louis blew away what they had seen to date in San Francisco and El Lay.”

Stern then went on to say that “after being driven around the city all weekend, he concluded it looked dead and seemed to be in worse shape than Detroit.”

The showman said he “asked his driver if there was ever any traffic in town and was told that there is some occasionally when there's a Cardinals game.”

But disrespecting what he saw as the Stl's dismal downtown wasn't enough for Stern, who tossed in some jabs about our town's proud centerpiece, the Gateway Arch.

Stern said he “didn’t get it and thought it looked strange situated on the landscape all by itself. He and his radio sidekick, Robin Quivers, said they wondered if the Arch was a McDonald’s commercial gone wrong.”

Like Rush Limbaugh, Stern uses shock language to grab attention. As far as St Louis and its livliness, we can agree to an extent what Stern said. True, its not as “big city” like New York where he resides, but its far from being dead. St Louis is like a big town and it closes down if nothing is happening. What his driver should have done was take him to Collinsville Ave and Brooklyn where he can see where the action is! LOL.


Chicago native actress LisaRaye chimed in on the rumors reported by Star Magazine that actor Duane Martin came in between the Will and Jada Smith split with an alleged gay affair. The former first lady of Turks and Caicos Islands retweeted a blog link recently about Martin playing a role in the divorce of Will Smith and wife Jada along with commentary of her own : “Sounds very familiar.”

A rumor dating back to 2010 alleged that LisaRaye, who starred as Neesee James alongside Duane Martin on the television show ‘All of Us’ for four seasons and produced by Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment, walked in on her ex-husband, Michael Misick, receiving “oral copulation” from Duane Martin.

This is messy indeed and LisaRaye has added fuel to the fire on the allegations.


Chicago native singer Chaka Khan will have a charity concert and silent auction this Saturday that’s benefiting the great cause of education. Her special performance, “An Intimate Evening With Chaka Khan,” aims to raise money for the Agape’s Carl Anderson Scholarship Fund to help give students the dream of attending college.

The special benefit show, “An Intimate Evening with Chaka Khan,” will be this Saturday, Mar. 17 in Culver City, Calif. As a part of the program, she is auctioning off personal items in a silent auction at the conclusion of the show on, including:

A private dinner with Chaka Khan at the world-renowned Mr. Chow’s Restaurant of Beverly Hills; A burgundy Indian silk mini dress with matching overcoat designed by Rickie Cuffee, worn by Chaka Khan to the 2005 Clive Davis Grammy Pre-party;

A recorded birthday video greeting sung by Chaka; artwork created and signed by Chaka, who is also a visual artist; along with tickets to the Lakers and Clippers games and other special prizes.

“An Intimate Evening with Chaka Khan” will be live streamed over the Internet to computers and smartphones everywhere on Saturday, Mar. 17, at 8 p.m. PST for a fee of $9.99. It is the first time the R&B icon will live stream a concert. For ticket details and live streaming information, visit www.agapelive.



The fifth ranked, second seeder Mizzou Tigers won the Big 12 Tournament for the second time in four years against fourth seeded Baylor, 90-75, at Sprint Center in Kansas City, Mo last Saturday nite. Its star player Kim English (PIC BY capped a phenomenal conference tournament with 19 points and wound up 29 of 40 from the field and being named the tournament's most valuable player.

Mizzou drew a second seed from the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee on Sunday and was shipped to the West Regional. The Tigers (30-4), winners of the Big 12 Conference tournament, will open in Omaha on Friday against No. 15 Norfolk State. Tipoff will be approximately 3:40 p.m. on TNT.

The winner of that game will play the winner of Florida, featuring Chaminade High product Bradley Beal, and Virginia.

The West Region semifinals and finals will be played in Phoenix, Ariz.,

Also, Kansas, which won three fewer games than Missouri and was knocked out in the Big 12 tourney semifinals, was rewarded with a No. 2 seed in the Midwest Region. The semifinals and finals for the Midwest Region will be played at the Edward Jones Dome.

We were remiss to report that The Creighton Bluejays won Arch Madness over Illinois state last Sunday 83-79 at Scott trade Center during Arch Madness’s Missouri Valley Tourney.

St Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter;s neck injury is improving as indication Wednesday when Carpenter's reportedly played a few minutes of catch with teammate Jake Westbrook in Jupiter, Fla. There, Carpenter reportedly took a spot in left field, alternating throws from between roughly 60 and 90 feet with Westbrook off the flat grass.

There isnt for certain what the next step in his recovery from a sore neck caused by a bulging disc will be with the April 4 season-opener at the Miami Marlins.

"You're always frustrated if you can't play," Carpenter said after the throws. "I want to play, and I haven't been able to yet this spring. That's not what you're looking for, coming to spring training and not being able to get ready for the season. So there's always frustration. But you deal with it and move on and get ready to go."

Carpenter dealt with neck soreness last week, and was scratched from his first scheduled start of the spring on Monday because of the issue.

The St Louis Rams reached agreement on the framework of a deal with Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan (PICTURED) of a reported five-year, $50 million contract, one of the richest deals in free agency this offseason. The Rams were also working on another Titans free agent, defensive lineman Jason Jones

In other St. Louis Rams news, the organization released five players Tuesday. Cornerback Ron Bartell (PICTURED ABOVE)and defensive end James Hall (PICTURED BELOW) . Bartell, second on the team in seniority to Steven Jackson, suffered a reported season-ending fractured neck in the 2011 season opener. The injury did not require surgery and Bartell was given medical clearance to resume playing back in December. Hall registered seven sacks last season.

Releasing Bartell reportedly frees up $6.25 million in cap space; releasing Hall frees up $3 million.

The St. Louis Rams also released center Jason Brown, and defensive tackles Justin Bannan and Fred Robbins. The move frees up $9.55 million in salary cap room: $4 million from Robbins, $2.8 million from Brown, and $2.75 million from Bannan. Brown had been with the Rams since 2009 as a free agent from Baltimore. Robbins joined the team in 2010 as a free agent from the New York Giants. Bannan had just completed his first season in St. Louis.


This week’s “Doonesbury” comic strips that addressed the Texas law that requires women to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion was reportedly not publishing the strips in the St Louis Post Dispatch this week. Replacement strips were reportedly ran in the Everyday section. The Post-Dispatch reported that it rarely edit or remove comics from the paper. But after discussion, it decided the current “Doonesbury” storyline, was unsuitable for a section that is popular with young readers. A number of other papers across the country also opted out of running the strips.


According to stltoday,com, Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, brought his campaign to Missouri on Tuesday.

While Romney has made a handful of similar fundraising appearances in St. Louis, Tuesday's stop in Kirkwood on a picture-perfect day was his campaign's first 2012 public appearance in Missouri.

In a 20-minute stump speech, Romney took several jabs at President Barack Obama, but did not mention his primary rivals that will compete for support in the Missouri Republican caucuses over the next two weeks. Romney jumped right into one of Missouri's most arduous debates. The former Massachusetts governor was unsure whether to say "Missour-ee" or "Missour-ah."

"How many say Missour-ee, like I do?" he asked an approving crowd. "I think we're going to Missour-ah a little later."

Romney was also scheduled to appear at William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo., a suburb of Kansas City. Romney was introduced by former U.S. Sen. Jim Talent.

According to an article in, hundreds of fans of the hit NBC show "America's Got Talent " packed the sidewalks around Grand Center last weekend waiting to get in to one of two auditions being taped at the Fox Theatre on Friday and two on Saturday.

Show host Nick Cannon entertained the waiting crowd. Also there were the show's judges: Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and newcomer Howard Stern. Some of the fans waited two hours to get inside and security did not allow cellphones,

"We've been in three cities so far, and St. Louis has had the best talent," Stern said in an interview between Friday’s tapings.

The judges said they were equally impressed by the lively audiences at the Fox, which Mandel said were "super jacked."

This season marks the first time St. Louis was included on the show's audition trail. Producers visited in October to conduct preliminary auditions.

"People in St. Louis have been just wonderful — so welcoming," Osbourne said. "I think we've spent a lot of time in Los Angeles and haven't been to St. Louis yet, so people really seem to appreciate that we're here."

About 75 contenders performed in front of the judges and a packed house over the course of five tapings here this week. Scenes from the St. Louis auditions will be part of the early episodes of the show's seventh season, which is scheduled to premiere May 14.

Seventh-season auditions in front of the show's judges also have been filmed in Los Angeles and San Francisco.



Speaking of Nick Cannon and Howard Stern, Cannon was spotted shopping at the Walmart located on Hanley in St Louis. There, the workers knew he would be there but apparently no one else in the store recognized him. Stern and his wife were spotted checking in at the Four Seasons near Lumiere Place last Friday.. And as soon as his show at the Fox was over, comedian Mike Epps trekked to T.I.’s concert (which we hear started after midnite and it lasted 20 minutes) at The Ambassador and joined him on stage.


The 32nd annual Fair Saint Louis will feature three days of free entertainment on the grounds of the Gateway Arch. Featured headliners include Heart on Wednesday, July 4, Third Eye Blind on Friday, July 6 and Dierks Bentley on Saturday, July 7. Activities will also include two Independence Day runs in collaboration with the St. Louis Sports Commission, the 135th annual VP Parade themed “Parade Around the World,” air shows and more. Following the Fair, the party moves to Soliders Memorial for two weekends — July 13/14 and July 20/21 — of free music in the heart of the city at the Celebrate St. Louis Summer Concerts


Rapper Luke performed at The Loft last Saturday nite.


According to, There's now more fallout from a Friday night full of shootings at two East St. Louis nightclubs. The owner of Club Flava says he will appeal Wednesday night's decision to revoke his business license.

Club Flava is a non-alcoholic club that's been closed since a shooting there last Friday. During Wednesday night's hearing, Mayor Alvin Parks and the other members of the liquor commission agreed that the club has become a nuisance.

"There seem to be quite a few fights in and around Club Flava. Shootings in some cases that stem from Club Flava. Other illegal acts that have taken place such as marijuana on the premises, gambling and other acts that are clearly not in the best interest of the East St. Louis community," said Mayor Alvin Parks.

On Tuesday, the liquor commission fined Club 103 $1,000 and suspended its license through next month. That club was also the scene of a shooting last weekend.

To see the hearing go to


Kelia Cunningham, daughter of boxing trainer, Kevin Cunningham had her Sweet 16 Party last Saturday at the Polish Heritage Center. Chingy performed at the event and the lavish affair was filmed for a future episode of MTV’s My Sweet 16. Boxer Devon Alexander and promoter Mocha Latte were in attendance.


Two STL politicians will have fundraisers for their campaigns. State Senator hopeful Redditt Hudson will have a campaign fundraiser Thursday, March 15 at Café Napoli , 7754 Forsyth in Clayton. Starts at 5:30 p.m. For more info go to

AND Missouri State Rep hopeful Terry Wilson will have a campaign fundraiser THIS SATURDAY MARCH 17TH @ MVP BAR & GRILL 8021 WEST FLORRISSANT IN THE BUZZ WESTFALL PLAZA. Visit our website for updated details


David Marango, a senior majoring in biology at Harris-Stowe State University, received second-place honors at the recent STEM national competition in Atlanta. Marango's award came at the Emerging Researchers National Competition in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Along with bragging rights, Marango was awarded a $200 prize in the undergraduate level for his oral presentation in the Mathematics and Statistics category.

His research topic was: “Mathematical Modeling of Genetic Counseling with Application to Sickle Cell Anemia.” Marangoworked with his faculty advisor, Ann Podleski, a Harris-Stowe professor of mathematics. The project was supported by a portion of the $2.5 million National Science Foundation grant that the university got in 2009.


Kevin Costner & Modern West has been added to the headliners for the 24th annual Bob Costas Benefit for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center beginning at 8 p.m., April 21 at the Fox Theatre. Emmy award-winning comedian Dana Carvey was already announced as one of the benefit's featured performers.


The RFT Music Showcase nominating committee has made nominations this week in 25 categories.

Below are some of the noted nominees :

Best DJ*
DJ Needles
DJ Mahf
DJ Sir Thurl
DJ Uptown

Hip-Hop (Group/Collective)
Scripts & Screwz
Block Boyz

Hip-Hop (Solo)
Saint Orleans
Nite Owl
Yo Banga

Dave Stone
Dave Black
Hamiet Bluiett
Peter Martin
Denise Thimes

Theresa Payne
Kim Massie
Kenny DeShields
Helen Marie

For more info, go to


The 4th Annual Notice Me Awards unveiled its nominees during its Nominationa Party Sunday at Lola. The big nominee was model Ivie Damone with four nominations including Model of The Year. With three nominations were rapper Murphy Lee, and models Ashley Salazaar, Bea Pretti, Jazz the Azz, Snap Babei and promoter Cornell Boone. Other nominees were rappers Gena, Tiffany Foxx, comedian Darius Bradford, and radio personality Staci Static. The nominees were chosen by selected emailers. The winners will be announced April 1 at Plush Nightclub. It will be hosted by nominees Hot Sauce and Kym D.


Nike filmed a commercial at Malcolm Martin Memorial Park in East St Louis, Ill. this week.


Congrats to two STL movers and shakers fitness trainer Donta Wade and promoter Eddie Hollman They are fathers of new sons birthed by their significant others Louisa Maria and Aliah Baker Hollman respectively.

Singer Tank will be performing at Posh Nightclub March 22


3Some Thursdays is back with rapper Juelz Santana March 22 at Club Amnesia.

Tone Bone is also performing.This is a Liquid Assets production.


Nicholas Payton

When • March 28-31

Where • Jazz at the Bistro, 3536 Washington Boulevard

How much • $30-$35

More info • 314-534-1111 or


New Edition’s Reunion Tour comes to the Scott Trade Center March 29. SWV opens.


Peter Frampton March 30 • Peabody Opera House


Emmy Award winning Actor William Shatner will perform his one-man show "Shatner's World: We Just Live in It" at The Peabody Opera House April 12.


Emmy nominated comedian/TV host Bill Maher will perform at The Family Arena April 15.


Comedian Adam Corolla performs at Pageant April 20


Emmy winning comedian Dana Carvey will headline at the 24th Annual Bob CostasBenefit for SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center beginning April 21 at The Fox Theatre.


R&B group Kool and the Gang will open for rock group Van Halen at the April 29 atScottrade Center.


Pop music diva Diana Ross is set to headline this year's Dinner with the Stars on April 28 at the Peabody Opera House.


Comedian Kevin Hart comes to the Concert Club at Scottrade Center with a concert on April 13.


Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak, will perform April 14 at Lumiere Place Casino’s Lumiere Theater.


Comedian Adam Corolla performs at Pageant April 20


Bowling for Soup will perform May 1 at the Old Rock House.


Singers Howard Hewitt and Alyson Williams will be at The Sheldon May 6


Actor-comedian Aziz Ansari comes to the Pageant May 11.


Denise Thimes & Friends' annual Mother's Day concert will be. May 13 at the Sheldon Concert Hall. Saxophonist Tom Braxton will be featured.


Steve Winwood is at Peabody Opera House, in concert on May 14.


Rocker Daughtry comes to Peabody Opera House with a concert on May 16.


Grammy award winning Bonnie Raitt and Marc Cohn at Pageant May 18


Pointfest 30 will take place May 19 and 20 at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater.



A memorial service for former St. Louis Post-Dispatch critic Joe Pollack will be at 11 a.m. Saturday at The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis, 130 Edgar Road, Webster Groves. Pollack, 81, died last Friday after apparently suffering a heart attack or stroke at his Clayton home, according to his wife.

BLIND PICZ. Who was this sista that was at Chingy’s bday concert at Jumpin Jupiter last weekend?

BLIND DISHZ. Which former STL rapper is supposedly on the verge of suing his former line of employment for being fired?

HINT 1. This rapper is a male

HINT 2. The male worked at a fitness center chain in St. Louis

HINT 3. The male was once a member of a group

PRO-MO-CIAL-ITES (March 11-17) Which STL promoters and socialites got it in is week?

Nichol Stevenson (RIGHT). This lovely sista was just nominated for a Notice Me Award for Entrepreneur Female and her promotions group, Café Soul, is having its next monthly music showcase event this Friday at Plush. (SEE ONGOING BITZ LINK BELOW)

Mocha Latte (FAR RIGHT). The Queen of Promotions was just nominated for two Notice Me Awards for Entrepreneur Female and Female Host of The Year. Last seen at Kevin Cunningham’s daughter’s Sweet 16 Party at Polish Heritage Center, she will host a special St Patricks Day party at her weekly hosting gig at The Loft.

The Men of Hella Fly Promotions (King Kerry and Dano Johnson FAR LEFT). This swagged duo was nominated for a Notice Me Award for Promoter of The Year. This past Sunday, they along with Rockhouse teamed up with Liquid Assets for the Notice Me Award nominations party at Lola. They continued their promoting/hosting at Two Dollar Tuesdays at BSV Lounge, and this Friday, there will be a concert with Lil Flip at The Broadway where Dano will debut his new single, “Poured Up.”

Phil Assets (LEFT). This promoter mogul and CEO of Liquid Assets, had its nominations party for its 4th Annual Notice Me Awards at Lola. The rest of the week, it had its weekly parties Thursday and Friday (with a special Friday this week hosting rapper Tyga’s concert afterparty) at the Notice Me nominated Club Amnesia. And this Saturday, they are co-sponsoring Z Bailey;s fashion show at Plush and the after party at Club Amnesia (SEE EVENTZ BELOW)

Why did American Idol oust contestant Jeremiah Jones on live TV? Why is singer Stacy Francis trying to milk her story about the altercation with Whitney Houston?Why did Usher’s ex think he would give her money to pay her court fees on their custody battle? Why did Lil Kim get testy with 106 and Park co-host Rosci when she asked her about Nicki Minaj? Why did Howard Stern dis St Louis for being a dead town? Why does Blago think his publicity stunt before heading to prison would help his appeal his case? Why is there gonna be a sequel to Love Jones? And Why is Bobbi Kristina supposedly is dating her adopted brother?

HAPPY STL PIESCESians BDAZEs. News personality Leisa Zigman (PICTURED), DJ Krisstyle, promoterTerrence Moore, poet Robert Dillard,promoters Tatum Polk, Chris Creath and Michael Walton, singer Aaron Priest and socialiteConstance Johnson



5:00pm until 7:00pm

Culinaria Wine Bar, 315 N. 9th St.

Start the weekend off right with a unique happy hour at the popular Culinaria downtown. With a $5 donation at the door to National Multiple Sclerosis Society you receive a complimentary beer from Stella Artois, Leffe or Hoegaarden and a glass of featured wine. Appetizers from Culinaria will be provided. 100 percent of the proceeds will benefit National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Photographer Lance Omar Thurman will have a photo exhibit titled

"Nostalgia" at the 10th Street Gallery in downtown St Louis March 16 5p tp 9p. FREE.


Hal Holbrook will also appear as Mark Twain March 16 at the Touhill Performing Arts Center.


Everlast is at Lumiere Place Casino's Lumiere Theater with a show on March 16.


Rapper Tyga is at the Pageant at 8 p.m. March 16. After party at Club Amnesia presented by Liquid Assets


Kelly Clarkson March 16 • Fox Theatre



FRIDAY 3/16/12

Complimentary Entry: text GOOSE to 313131


Lil Flip is at the Broadway nightclub March 16. The concert will also serve as the single release party for Dano Damano’s “Poured Up” song.

Doors are at 9:30 p.m.

DJ Cuddy is spinning.

Call 314-685-0500 or 314-456-5976 for more information.

Hella Fly Promotions is presenting the show.


Liquid Assets will roll out the red carpet to host THE ZBAILEY PREMIRE NIGHT OF FASHION (FASHION SHOW) HOSTED BY KYSHA KA'IOR and KA'IOR COSMETICS. March 17 @ Plush 3224 Locust at 7 p.m. Its the launch of Zaneta Bailey (sister of national recording artist Chingy) clothing line. Also featuring D'Antonio and Bluebird Clothing line,Three Segment Fashion Show. After party at Club Amnesia.


Playwright and Performer Nilaja Sun, whose one-woman show

“NO CHILD…” is being presented by The Black Rep, opening March

16th running through April 1, are Thursdays 7pm, Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 3 & 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. Tickets are $20-$47, with student/senior discounts and other ticket specials available.

For tickets and other information, call The Black Rep Box Office (314) 534-3810,

or visit online at


Herbie Hancock and His Band

When March 18

Where • Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center, University of Missouri-St. Louis

How much • $40-$150

More info • 314-516-4949 or




Tasty Thursday Nights @ Jive and Wail W/DJ Deception and Arty J

Jewlenaire April



Rapper and TMA nominee Chingy drops his mixtape, "Jackpot Back,"

The first single from it is "Let It Go Get more information at




STL based visual artist Cbabi is promoting his campaign on Kickstarter. For the entire year of 2012, he will paint a new image of fatherhood every day, called 365 Days with Dads” depicting "present" fathers interacting with their kids. He is asking for people to pledge monies in order to distribute prints to communities, schools and support groups.

For more info go to



The Jewelinaire Fashion Show Model Casting Call

Sat Apr 07 2012 at 01:00 pm

Venue : Studio Nazz, 1409 Washington Ave, Saint Louis,



-looking for about 42 models altogether, lest the designers overlap in the choice of models

-model for both males and females must be height and weight appropriate

-ideally however the tall and slim and curvy models preferred

-models must be at least 18 years old

-wear clothes that fit to the casting

-ladies at least 5'7 (if you can be 5'7 in heels you are welcome to try as well) wear heels that do not show your toes

-no strapless heels

MOST IMPORTANT THERE IS A CASTING FEE OF $25.00 this is to help reach the charitable size donation given to The Saint Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness


Contact info:Ra'shaud Henley 636 296 1392


Hello Everyone if you have a teen daughter or know some women who need to learn more about Sex Education make sure you bring them to Harris Stowe March 15 for the Juice Box Dairies!! 7to10pm its FREE!!!




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