Monday, March 12, 2012


Photos by Ma'atology

When we arrived:

Performing was rapper Lou Kane

Kane and the crowd

Kane and his crew

About 200 attended this event

One of the promoters of this event was Jackie Phillips (center) and she is flanked by Rockhouse Entertainment artists Aloha Mi-sho (left) and Vega

Also attending was group, Mo Tre

The crowd from the stage

Next up was G Man

In stage zone

Meanwhile, rapper Chingy, his mother and cousin, Young Spiffy was downstairs in the green room.

A small group of Chingy's family and friends gathered downstairs.

Some crowd members (We think th guy in the gray cap is affiliated with Jumpin Jupiter)

The young ladies in front row

Up next were KB and Roscoe

The guy in gray cap with two attendees, one being the Mad Hatter. LOL

Up next was Doughboy

Chingy's right hand man, Niddy at the DJ area setting up Chingy's music for his set.

Niddy introduces Chingy

Chingy started his set with "Paperman."

Chingy and his crew on stage.

Chingy also performed his newest song, "Let It Go" from his mixtape, "Jackpot Back."

Chingy also performed his older hits including, "Right Thurr," "Holiday Inn," "One Call Away", "I like That."

Chingy and Spiffy get it poppin.

The ladies loved them some Chingy.

Chingy in stage zone.

Spiffy also had his moment on stage

One of the ladies who got up on stage to dance with Chingy during his set.

Chingy also performed his hit, "Pulling Me Back."

Another lady gets stage time

Chingy and crew in flow mode

Spiffy and Chingy gettin it blazin on the mics.

Chingy thanked the crowd for coming to his bday celebration. He turned 32.

Chingy gettin it in!

A back shot of the crowd watching Chingy on stage.

A long shot of the crowd.

NOTE: Remrod the videographer was there to film Chingy's set.


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