Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Photos by Ma'atologyA promo pic of Kandi Burruss screened inside the Lumiere Place Theatre

YOURS TRULYs media pass

Rapper Murphy Lee and Seviin at Seven co-host poses with attendee Waukita Howard

Comedian and Seviin at Seven co-host Darius Bradford opened up for the speaker series.

Singer and host of Seviin at Seven Seviin Li performing on stage

Li sang and danced with ease

Seviin in a moment on stage

Li sang cover songs including "Pretty Girl Rock" and "Lazy Day" and her own tune, "Good Together."

The host of the speaker series was KSDK's Courtney Gousman

Real Housewives of ATL's Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks coming out to the stage.

Gousman asked the ladies how did they became involved with the Housewives show. Burress said she was told by her hairdresser about the show while pitching another show with BET her former Xscape member Tiny and Lil Wayne's ex Toya Carter. She auditioned, the deal with BET fell through and got chosen. Parks said she was at a party with Tiny and Toya and knew of Kandis and was a attorney rep for many of the stars at the party when she was approached while pregnant and was on a leave of absence of her job, Andy Cohen (CEO of Bravo), who was producing" Being Bobby Brown", a show whose stars Whitney and Bobby she subsequently repped, was creating the Housewives of ATL show. Kandis called her about being on the show and was hired as well.

A long shot of the stage and the crowd.

Parks also shared her journey of being the only African American female in a Jewish ran law firm, creating her own firm, buying her first home at 21, her independence and homelife her first meeting of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, and becoming inspired to get her mortuary license after doing many "bedazzled" funerals for her friends who passed. She also shared that both she and Burruss are actually best friends.

Burrus talked about her first days as a teen in the group Xscape and the importance of artist development that has lacked in the music industry, how to get in the industry through songwriting, what they say on their show is real and not scripted, and she doesnt drink alcohol nor experienced being drunk or tipsy.

Afterwards, there was Q and A with some of the audience members

This young lady who is an aspiring singer asked Burruss how she can work with her on a project.

This gentleman started off by saying that Burruss and Parks were the only classy ladies on the ATL show. Then he asked if Bravo Network goes to specific spots in Atlanta for sponsorships that influence where they go to film the show.

After the Q&A was the meet and greet of the ladies.

Li and some of the dancers pose for the OUTCAM.

Burruss and Parks sign pics for a fan.

Li's poster for her upcoming show March 22.

A fan gets a pic with the ladies.

Li and Bradford

Another fan gets his pics signed.

The line of people awaiting to get their pics signed.

This brotha in his VERY FASHION FORWARD attire in line to meet the ladies while talking to an attended.

A long shot of the line of people.

NOTE: Also attended was Welcome to Sweetie Pies stars Tim Norman and JR Dot, Derrty ENT's Blu Bolden and socialite Naretha Hopson.

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