Monday, May 23, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology Cafe Soul host Tendai Morris on stage.

Tendai taking her diva pose during intermission.

Folk gettin their dance on, including actress Myah Maedell who was celebrating graduating from graduate school.

Folk got a Soul Train line going!

DJ C Note held it down on the 1s and 2s.

The Soul Train kept goin!

Cafe Soul background singer Nick Gordon got it goin on the train.

Tendai even got on the train.

Singer-guitarist Wildmann chatting about before gettin on stage. He was the headliner that nite.

Ms. Williams got on stage to perform a poem.

Mr Lamar performed a cover of Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get it On."

His sax man blowin notes during Lamarr's performance.

Tendai go ton the mic to perform including covering the Jones Girls' "You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else."

Tendai serenades b-day boy Stacy.

The album cover of Wildmann's new CD, "Signs Of a Gemini."

Wilmann on the mic along with background singers including Katrina Reese(far left).

A long shot of Wildmann on stage.


We checked out LooseCannon's event, the White Party at Exo, Part One of his weekend celebration of his 10 years as a promoter in St. Louis. The event also doubled as his b-day party. here is a picture of two sisters, the one on the left we hear is a famous porn star. We didnt get her name, but if you have seen her vids you know who she is. LOL

One of the early celeb arrivals was St. Lunatic member City Spud.

There's promoter Mocha Latte.

The second level had a bartender wearing a graduation cap. Uh ok. LOL

There's the lovely socialite Lanora Guy.

Latte shares a laugh with Evening Whirl photographer King Yella.

Better Family Life's James Clark also came through. Here, he talks with Latte.

Latte and Clark face forward.

Liquid Assets Phil Assets also came though making his appearance.

Hypeman and promoter Big Terrence takes a pic with some of the ladies at the party. He joked with us and said, "If you don't take this pic I'm gonna kill everybody in here." LOL

A long shot of some of the early attendees.

The SLIMobile parked outside of the venue.

National recording artist Olivia came through.

Yella asks Olivia for a pic.

Actor Pooch Hall came though incognito.

When the ladies discovered hall was in attendance, thet swarmed him for pictures with him.

Slim also arrived.

Slim gettin his slip on.

Singer Mashonda arriving as Slim teased her.

Slim on his celly in the makeshift VIP area.

Slim pointing to the OUTCAM.

Slim gettin his shout out to the videographer.

Hella Fly's King Kerry and Dano Johnson gettin their shout outs on to the videographer.

Big Terrence on the videography shout outs.

NOTE: We caught the second half of Cafe Soul at The Loft due to our attending Tyrek Stewart's graduation. We got there about 10ish and stayed for an hour then walked across the block to Exo for the White Party. Things started popping around midnite when bday gent Loosecannon Slim came through arriving in his SLIMobile. He walked to one of the VIP areas on the lower level where a makeshift celeb VIP was created with sofa chairs and security.

What was interesting is, the actual VIP was upstairs (which was $80 bones to have access--half of the general admission) , but no one was up there especially when the celebs arrived and joined Slim at the makeshfit VIP area. Of the celebs Pooch Hall was the more receptive with the fans taking pics with them (which was ironic because he was not actually scheduled to appear) .

Invited celebrity Wendy Racquel Robinson did not attend (We didn't get any info if she actually was in St. Louis for the event but did not attend or did not come to St. Louis and had a scheduling conflict). If we get info we will report it on what happened.


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