Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Photos by Ma'atology
THE OUTCAM came through May 28 and May 30. Here is a long shot of the Pavilion where the event had taken place. Below are pics from the event in the sequence as it happened.


Event volunteer Natashia Griffin and her daughter who's holding up her Yorkshire Terrier.

African dancers

The crowd

There's 2009 Miss USA Missouri and talk show host Lesley Hunter with her mother who was a volunteer for this year.

Miss Hunter solo

Some patrons about to get some shea butter straight from the nut.

Patrons with vendors

Beautiful jewelry and statues.

More dancers

Ashay Ashay!

The gri-gri dancers dance with the crowd.

Reggae CDs at one vendor's area.

A young illustrator painting a portrait.

Patrons at a tee shirt vendor

A popular site was the Children's Village

Children gettin crafty.

Griffin;s daughter makin jewelry.

A jewelry instructor teaches participants how to make jewelry.

Baba poet Dr. Eugene B Redmond on stage

Redmond chronicled African lore in verse.

Some Afrocentric portrait paintings.

It was a matter of time that Pres. Barack Obama would be part of the black hero set for wall portraits with King and Malcolm (and on here Rosa Parks).

Vendors and patrons in the foyer.

One of the food vendors grilling up the meat.

ON Memorial DAy:

People enjoying the water from the cascades

This reggae band was the event finale on the main stage,.

The crowd spectatin

There's socialite Thurlester Robinson was in the cut givin a shoulder ride to a youngster.

This gentleman was feelin the reggae roots of the music all over the place--literally. LOL .

Another shot of the band.

A lady and her husky dog.

A shot of the female lead in the band.

This lady was decked out in African attire during the closing festivities. .

Youngsters gettin a dip in the water fountain.

A closing pic of the Pavillion.

NOTE: Overall great event. The weather was great. People of all ages and persuasions came out to this free event. And the biggest seller ad to have been the shea butter because it was at almost every other booth! LOL Kudos to organizer David A.N. Jackson and assistant Jason McNairy.

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