Monday, May 17, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology
It was jammed packed up in the Venue from top to bottom as they await to see the featured act, Dru Hill last Friday nite.

At about 11ish, the limo arrived which carried the group Dru Hill to the venue.

Sister Soul. These two ladies begged for OUTCAM to take their pic. we think they were blood related cuz they asked us if we take pics of family reunions. LOL

Host, Belle introduces the opening act Wildmann (PICS WILL BE UPCOMING THIS THURSDAY FOR ILLI MO BITZ) who did his thing but the crowd were mixed in their feedback with some YAYES and some BOOS. Before he got on , Belle told some booers that they need to support local acts plus Wildmann has travelled the world as an artist.

Thirty minutes later, Belle intro'd the main act Dru Hill.

They started off with their first hit, "Tell Me: while doing their famous side skip dance. Next up was their performing the remix version of "In My Bed."

Lead singer Sisqo was in his element with platinum dyed hair and Dru emblem on his mike.

They also performed hits, "Never Make a Promise: and "Beauty."

Newest member Tao also showed the crowd that he had vocal chops as well.

Member Jazz had em goin vocally too as the ladies let him know it!

The crowd below. The upper level had them huddling as well.

There was a solo moment for Sisqo in he show where he paid tribute to the late Michael Jackson by doing a Dru style interpretation of MJ's dance routine of "Billie Jean" from Motown 25.

The glittered cap was wowing!

Sisqo doing the intro part of MJ's "Billie Jean." dance.

The crowd went wild!

When he moonwalked, he put his stamp on it!

Sisqo gettin in the spirit while singing the group's biggest hit, "In my Bed."

Nokio had his moment when he performed a rocked out version of their hit, "How Deep is your Love."

Nokio was rockin a permo-hawk. LOL

This fan was a bit overwhelmed by the Dru.

The group also performed their newest single, "Back to the Future" from its upcoming CD, "In DRUpedence Day." Their encore was the crowd fave, the accapella radio hit "5 Steps."

After the show, both acts take a pic. Here Members of Dru Hill and Wildmann (fifth from left) and his crew had taken a pic with Majic 104.9 personality Darrel Eason (in purple shirt)

Two lucky fans got a chance to meet the group and take pics.

A fan gets her pic taken with Dru Hill.

NOTE: Overall, both sets were great. I felt a little sorry for opening act Wildmann, who had to fight for the ladies' attention span cuz they were "ret" for DruHill, but he was able to showcase his neo-soul/rock style before the boos got too loud. Dru Hill was on point. Surprisingly, there was no Sisqo solo set either (No "Thong Song" that nite) only the Billie Jean tribute which was, ironically enough, was the highlight of their hour set. New member Tao showed that he has some vocal prowess , but there was no question that the star power belonged to Sisqo. There were a few times when member Jazz had to take a break and go backstage to drink water (he called out for a vodka and cran while onstage sitting down wiping sweat from his brow with a towel) due to the group's energetic dance moves and his girth but the ladies didnt seem to mind. Another interesting moment was while OUTCAM was heading backstage to greet and take pics, there were several guys who were shouting out for Dru Hill and behaving just as excitingly as the ladies. Hmm. Guess Dru has that effect on both!


We had a second round of auditions for the upcoming MR COUTURE show at Carpenter Branch Library.

An audition hopeful gets questions asked by the first set of judges: (from left) Ms Nikki of M3 Models, singer/Cafe Soul host Tendai Morris and Best of the STL personality Gilberto Pinella.

Another hopeful is being questioned by STL-TV personalities Ivy Hartmann and Pinella (Ms Nikki was in this shot, but her attention was elsewhere at the time. LOL)

Volunteer Natashia Griffin (far left) poses with MR COUTURE co-producer and host Ola Hawatmeh of Momme Makeover, Ms. Nikki, Pinella and Griffin's children. Griffin and her children holds a poster promoting the project Mary Meachum Freedom Crossing (CLICK ON PIC FOR INFO ), a reenactment play Griffin and her brood are cast in.

NOTE: The turnout was OK. The ones who showed up for the audition consisted of callbacks and walk-ins and a few ambushes from the Mr Couture team. Three of the 12 finalists were chosen that day.

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