Monday, May 24, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology Loose cannon Slim with his colleague promoter Mocha Latte at Slim's b-day/White Party, a special edition of the weekly Friday Night Fixx last Friday at his spot, Karma where Latte is the venue's hype person. Check out pics below of the event (IN ORDER OF EVENT.

Latte in her white and black chic.

Latte poses with "Streetballers" movie producer and actor Craig Thomas.


Some of the attendees in white and off white.

A low angle shot of some of the attendees.

Sir Thurl at the dee-jay booth.

Event co-host during the 104.1. radio cast was Young Dip (Dang fam you gettin your swole on these days!) and Thurl.

Dip talkin with attendees.

Therre's Mykeia Coco Thomas who got creative with the flapper styled dress with jewelry studded top.

Thomas gettin some suga from 104.1. personality Tony J.

Three the DJ Way: Young Dip, DJ Sir Thurl and DJ Krisstyle up in the DJ booth

Folk upstairs.

People were errwere all over the club.

Latte gettin the club crunk.

Slim with VIPs.

Slim and his guests.

Slim takes a flick with some female attendees.

Slim with socialite/promoter Mr. Rodney

Latte and model Tina J

Tina J and her friends.

Slim got the mic and tried to get the crowd hype.

Above are socialite and Chingy assistant Niddy and rapper Spiffy.


This sista who dropped and shook it wagging about near the booth where Slim and crew were located.

Here's another view of her "doggy" pose.LOL

Slim announced free Patron for the crowd and asked the waitress t0 bring down a bottle and some cups.

They had the cups filled.

Rapper Luey V came through for the party.

Niddy and Spiffy and crew gettin it crunk!

The Committee's Calvin Nelson, Tina J and Karma waitress

The crowd

Mo crowd

NOTE: Overall the event was cool. Nothing unusual . Just another Friday Night Fixx with an added Patron shot provided by the b-day boy for those who wanted a cup of it.. It would have been nice if err one obeyed the white dress code at least (they did allow jeans), but hey, even the b-day boy Slim, didnt wear ANY white (not even a hat), but if you are the co-owner of the club and its your bornday you can do that. LOL There was rapper Chingy, who also didnt wear white, chillin in the lower VIP booths with Slim, and dressed in a regular shirt and jeans and no cap, very un Chingylike. LOL

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