Monday, January 25, 2010


Photos by Ma'atology

The Notifi Radio crew holding up the Haiti flag. The crew (which includes its personalities Dwight Stone, left, who co-hosted, and program director Taylor J--next to Stone) planned and set up the event.

Before the event, reggae band Mo Fire performed downstairs.

STL singerFlirt, lead singer of Mo Fire, and Notifi Radio personalities Kiki the 1st Lady and comedian Jessie Taylor take a moment from the reggae music to take a pic. Flirt performed and Taylor co-hosted with Stone.

Miss Diva, attorney Daniel Brown and a other guests also were downstairs.

On the second floor in VIP were Alpha brothers dee-jay Doc Love and Platinum Group's Jacque Land.

Land up in VIP with Flo Valley students who were from Haiti.

Therre's singer Nikko Smith (center) chillin in VIP with his bodyguard (left) and partner Brad. Smith was scheduled to perform.

Two members of the group Juanita's Place, who performed that nite, David Walker (left) and BJ Rice (right) are all smiles in VIP with model Brittany.

Singer Bradd Young walking into VIP. Gospel singer JR in the background. Both singers performed as well.

Stone in hosting mode with the Haitian flag.

Stone and Taylor took turns hosting the show.

This sista helped sell Haitian flags for the event.

The first act was a moving a capella performance by Brave Age.

His performance was moving on the Haitian struggle.

Two brothers greet each other wrapped in the Haitian flag.

Next up was Flirt who sang, "I Believe I can Fly."

Singer Aloha in post-military gear and Geisha haircut in convo mode with Bradd Young.

Next on stage was rapper Nite Owl.

His set consisted of a rap involving his infamous experience with the DTP Madness Competition.

Some spectators enjoying the show from VIP.

Next up was singer Nikko Smith

Smith sang original songs, "Who's Comin Home" and "Another Hollywood Party."

STL comedian Hot Sauce bright on the jokes during his set.

Aloha brought on the fashion with her outfit as she performed with her music posse OUTsiders which included:

Jay Kidd during their cover of Journey's "Don't Stop Believin."

Kidd all up in it!

A lady waving the Haitian flag during the show.

Other Outsiders who performed Donnie Banks and Vega.

....and Bradd Young who sang a moving duet with Aloha of the gospel standard, "He Didn't Bring Me this Far."

Haitian students from Flo Valley spoke to the crowd in a moving speech about their homeland and this particular student said that she was able to account for all her family members in Haiti.

Land said that the students came to America for less than a year, didnt know English when they arrived and now have learned the language.

Another highlight was gospel rock artist JR

Who's style is In Living Color meets Kirk Franklin.

STL based gospel rapper/singer P Dub looks on from VIP.

Flaggin sexy in VIP!

Some of the crowd watching the show.

In the crowd was STl rapper Ebony Eyez (in black dress) who peformed that nite.

After JR was gospel artist Jai who sang her song, "Culture Shock."

Jai had Aloha and Stone revved up in her performance.

P Dub gave a testimonial about his journey toward being a gospel artist and gave snippets of his secular songs "when he was in his mess."

Then he talked about asking God which path should he travel with his music amd when he got saved and how the Lord sent him a wife.

Dub said that he was there to help someone else rebuild their lives.

Up next was band, Juanita Place.

Ebony Eyez pose with Taylor bnefore going on after Juanita Place.

NOTE: Although the crowd attendance was a bit light (due to a bad rainstorm that nite), the energy level at this charitable event was definitely massive. Also in the crowd was rappers Young Ro and T-Baby. Schdeuled performers rappers Chingy and Jibbs were no shows.

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